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NBA refers to the National Basketball Association. This is a professional basketball league that consists of 30 teams. 2K is a video game developer and publisher that have seen the development of games from previous installments. With the NBA 2K series, the sports game simulation has evolved ever since and continued to improve more than the earlier versions.


NBA 2K17 is a video game simulation of basketball. The video game developer is called Visual Concepts. The 2K video games publishers are the ones responsible for publishing simulations games like; Top Spin, Stronghold 2, Ford Racing 3, etc.

NBA 2K17 first came out in September 2016 following the other franchise NBA 2K16. The first release was on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, and even PlayStation 3. The basketball video game simulation released two editions; the regular version and the legend edition. The regular edition has the cover photo of Paul George of Indiana Pacers as the cover photo. On the other hand, the late Kobe Bryant is the cover athlete of the legends edition.

After the release of the video game to home consoles, a version of NBA 2K17 was released for Android and iOS. The availability of this game on these platforms has proved to be a real blessing on so many people. Since consoles are enormous and cumbersome to carry around, you can easily install NBA 2K17 on your phone and play it whenever you want.

NBA 2K17 Apk contains all the same great features that are available on consoles. The gameplay is similar and even the career modes. The amount of content in NBA 2K17 so vast and the visuals are top-notch. The developers focused majorly on ensuring that the simulations looked the same; it would look in real life.

The one thing about NBA 2K17 Apk simulation is the fact that it contains many real life presentations like crowd animations. There is commentary, halftime, dope camera angles, post-game show, and even the lighting is so epic.



When NBA 2K17 Apk hit the market in September, it cost about $7.99 on Google play store. But the price tag put is out of reach to many mobile gamers. However, there is still light at the end of the tunnel now with the release of a free to play version in New Zealand. The free download version even features the same intuitive one-touch controls and the overall gameplay. The free download also comes with stunning graphics as those of the paid version. It also comes with more exclusive events that you can compete in for special prizes such as all-star players you can add to your roster.

To download NBA 2K17 Apk for free, you can head over to the Oceanofapk.com website and search for the NBA 2K17 in the search engine. Then click the download button, and immediately the download will resume, and the game will be on your phone and ready for installation. Once downloaded, turn off your WI-FI and mobile data while installing and turn it back on when the game is now working fine. You can follow the instructions provided on the website on how toon y install it. Once installed, you can now start enjoying the game and experience the excellent features that NBA 2K17 game offers.



With this installment of NBA  2K17 Apk, it generally aims at giving the player the real-life experience of what goes on in the National Basketball Association. There are several significant improvements to the game when you compare it with the previous installment NBA 2K16. The games feel more realistic as the players and the teams are what they are in real life.

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NBA 2K17 Apk also follows the same rules that they follow in NBA games. There also are commentators, who include the famous Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Smith and many more. Commentators are different depending on the arena you are.

The NBA 2K17 Apk has many real-life teams which include; Toronto Raptors, and Philadelphia 76ers. Also, there are historic teams like the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics. Also, there are EuroLeague teams like Real Madrid. The clubs available offer players a wide range of teams that they can choose and play.  The other significant improvement of the NBA 2K17 Apk is the availability of different game modes.




MyGM mode offered in NBA 2K17 Apk is a significant improvement. This mode is more steered to maintaining a reality team and making sure you impress the owner of the team. You also have the responsibility of managing the roaster and stadium facilities. Too, you coach the staff and make sure that you dispatch out the salaries are. In the team also players might have egos which you have to control to make sure that they are productive. You as the GM has to know how to handle certain situations like know how to deal with unhappy players or players with a grudge. There are several roles that MyGM does;



A player’s role is so vital in the team. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you correctly review and assign each player his role. Tasks can include; the bench warmer, prospect, sixth man, star, starter, and the role player. Correct parts for a player can boost their performance and their moral in the court, which can increase team performance.



A roaster helps you be able to determine each duty that every player does. The NBA 2K17 Apk roaster may contain the player’s salary, age, and even their contracts. It’s your job as a GM to always review and check on your roaster to determine the current state of your players. Roaster review ensures that you can promote players in your club to certain positions which can be vital.



As a GM, you have the responsibility of keeping your team performance high. This can only come if you keep looking and nurturing for new talents. The NBA 2K17 Apk selects the NBA has selected some players. Your main job is to know their playing positions, names and their performance statics to see if they are potentially ready.



GMs are the overseer of the whole team. This mode gives you a core responsibility of managing your staff accordingly. Staff can range from coaches etc. These staff members have positive ratings that they possess, and you have to decide on how you hire them based on their stats.



The other responsibility that you have as a GM in MyGM mode is the capability of managing players’ contracts either extending them or even terminate them. You can base your decision on their ratings, and resign contracts. Some players may also decide to walk out of arrangements because they may be frustrated.  Therefore, it’s up to you to decide whether to keep them or not.



In the MyGM mode also you have the responsibility of ensuring that you carefully buy or sell the players you want. Individual players may be in other teams, and you may want to buy; therefore, you are the one to execute these kinds of trades.



In My league mode, It’s the same case with MyGM code since you have ultimate control of your team and all the 30 teams. You still deal with several players’ complaints, and when the club owner is in frustrations, you still have to deal with him. There is a small difference in My Leagues because you don’t have to deal with meeting players and stuff that much. Also, My League offers the option of your Player lock that is not available in MYGM mode.

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The thing that gives this model an edge over MYGM mode is the ability to easily change and customize so much like how frequently to change trades and players’ injuries. Since you have control over 30 teams, that means you can easily take charge of another team when bored.



In My Team mode players are presented with the task of building the ultimate basketball team.  This mode is so awesome since the players are allowed to create the best player matches that they wish was in real-life games. This mode depends all up to you, and digital cards are the basis of everything. These cards are called trading cards that contain players from real teams. The players can then pool together the players of their liking to form an ultimate team. With the created team in My Team mode, you can then use to play against other online players.

In My Team mode, there is also a feature added of Dynamic Duo where you have to choose a player that can easily match with another player. This dynamic pairing can be an improvement in the performance of the squad. An example of Dynamic Duo cards available is Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. You have some trial cards that let you feel how the players will work together while on the court.

For one to get My Team card can be hectic, but these cards can come as rewards for completing some tasks. They can come from completing My Career mode or by purchasing a copy of the NBA 2K17 Apk game.



In My Career mode, there are a lot of features that have come in NBA 2K17 Apk. The Career mode has a storyline that is written and directed by the Creed movie director. The story mode also features Michael B Jordan, who is your teammate and even a friend.

The way My Career mode in NBA 2K7 is structured is pretty simple. You have to create a custom player in the style with whom you will then play. You will have to go through all the college games until you finally end up getting drafted in NBA. After the draft, you still again have to improve your stats by playing and practicing games. This stats improvement should see you becoming one of the best NBA players in the NBA 2K17 league.

The mode is pretty intuitive since all you do is managed on a calendar. The calendar dives your time into games that you have to play and the times you have to work out. Also, you have the time to meet friends and event sponsors. If you want, you can skip these parts in My Career mode.

The remarkable thing that has changed with the NBA 2K17 Apk is the introduction of event clashes. Your practice might clash with probably a sponsor meeting or even friends invite. You have to be critical in what you will choose to attend since that will affect your results negatively at the end of the day.


In conclusion, many things make NBA 2K17 Apk an exciting game that you must get. From the improved features that the game has, which include Dynamic Duos, friends with benefits and even the enhanced career modes that are available. The game also has a pretty impressive My Career mode and the prelude in NBA 2K17 Apk, which is so worth it. This is so close to real-life presentation of the NBA games, and it’s so thrilling to play this video game simulation.  Therefore, this franchise is a must get as it maintains and still improves so many game elements. Elements like how players interact in the court are nothing like we have ever seen before.


Also, the hassle you go through to get some cards in My Team mode is what makes it a must get.  NBA 2K17 Apk is a solid entry in the series with refined mechanics and improved single-player narrative mode. If you are a fan of the previous games in the franchise or a basketball fan or a gaming fan in general, then NBA 2K17 Apk is the game to get.


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