How to check the live status of the train by where is my train app

where is my train app

Where is my train is an exceptional train app that displays live train standing and up to date programs? Without needing GPS or Web, the program can work offline. It is also filled with characteristics like speedometer and destination alerts. It is the premier rated travel program in India.

Get real-time prepare standing of Counsel anytime, anyplace else. Whenever you’re traveling on a train, then this attribute might work without GPS or the internet since it works by using cell tower advice to obtain the positioning. 

You may share the present prepare location with friends & family via the share function. You may also set the alarm to wake you up at a time that was predetermined just before your railroad channel comes. 

Therefore, here in this article, we are going to look at how to check the live status of the train by where is my train app. So, let’s start: 

What is Where is My Train?

Whenever a passenger travels on the train, they frequently possess the question into their minds” where is my very own prepare” And so it will become essential to track train standing. 

Can it be? By which individuals can follow the railroad managing status to every single, sigmoid Labs have provided excellent software. It’s not confined to tracking train, so it’s a great deal! Continue reading if you prefer to learn much more!

Within 8 to 10 minutes of their rail crossing or arriving out a channel, the updates with this dwell train standing of the particular train could be found.

It is seen a shift is at the railroad status. Thus passengers will want to examine those generally. It is the prospect of that passenger to know inside their prepare status by mobile devices.

How to spot the train with Where Is My Train?

Below would be the best way to view your train? But together with merely a few clicks, you’re getting to become in a position to where is that my railroad track route you are educated online to get the answer. Adhere to the Measures

Measure one

Click on the running status tab.

Measure two

Enter your five-digit rail number or your railroad.

Measure three

After You Go into the name of your train number by the box, then you will get an update about the station of the train

Bear in mind: Together with the current place of your education, the forthcoming timings in other channels while still from the travel history may also appear up.

Once you take a look in the provided screenshot, then you can easily see where is your train with all one other sought after information like space, arrival, passing and platform/halt, etc.. You need to scroll directly to assemble all of this vital data.

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Be aware: to find the latest just scroll or you are earlier through the’rail searches’ Stick with these aforementioned mentioned measures to see that you are educating anywhere. Several train hunts that are very now popular are already available on the webpage.

We hope this thorough description has cleared all your doubts concerning how to master, “Where is my train’ is. .So, precisely what are you waiting for? Prepare a trip and reserve a railroad ticket right away! We are given by because of traveling by railway.

Features of Where’s My Train App

Sigmoid Labs have begun with an application while from the title where’s my railroad program,’ which is helpful for the travelers. You may get upward to date programs from Railways and railroad position offline.

It’s far superior compared to the NTES program. Where is the rail application is associated with all and many capacities, these are cited beneath.

Correct recognizing of Train — This is but one of the characteristics of where’s my train program. Bearing this, you can know the remain railroad track of any train everywhere and anyplace. 

That isn’t any requirement within this while as a way of the information concerning the cell-tower vacationing of the internet or GPS knows the positioning. It will be potential to split one’s train’s present spot with family members and your friends as effectively as just a feature is in it.

Getting train Schedules Offline — The schedule of Indian Railways along with IRCTC about where’s that my train program is now offline way also. You need to enter the title with the preparation or a unique quantity.

Info About Platforms quantities and mentor Design boarding the prepare that the advice about the coach situation and seat design is available for you personally with all of the support with this App. At a specific instance, the stage figures for intermediate and also traveling channels are available additionally.

PNR Status —

Where is my train program is in knowing concerning the PNR status useful. Now you want to go into the App as well as the SMS can be scanned by the PNR out of IRCTC on your cell phone. Whenever there is any change in PNR position and teach schedules, the App provides.

Benefits of Chair and Fares —

This App is beneficial in checking access to the preparation of fares and seats.

Small application dimension, potent in figures Battery and Utilization — Where’s that my train app works outline without even needing GPS or both the web and so it’s an efficient program for battery life and information utilization. 

Also though You will find excellent information regarding the railway on this particular specific program, the size of this is simply not limited.

With the capacities, it’s become among the greatest. The search my prepare app is exceptionally beneficial to procure a remedy for your issue i.e., discover where’s my train, which is consistently out of the minds of the passengers traveling by way of the train.

What is upgraded in this App

Because this program is climbing and becoming highly popular, hints could be known from Google engage in’s dangerous part. And consumer satisfaction is something. It will be the main point where the program is upgraded, considering user evaluations and issues. So this is what improved in Where’s My prepare App 6.1.8 on 20th September 20-19.

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– Automatic PNR extraction in the SMS part is expunged in accord. Where is my train you’re ready to talk PNR SMS?

– Critical insect fix for Lolli soda apparatus

– Invalid Technique amounts can not be entered in customer Any-more

– PNR from SMS option improved for equipment conducting MIUI

– You can provide the opinions point information to help travelers

– Portable tower mode along with important Alarm bug-fixes

– Homepage UI for Increased efficacy

– Latest programs

– Notification clicks mess to fix.

Now, you are aware of what has shifted while within the newest edition of where’s that my train program, let us take a peek at this program for Android devices’ process.

Download Where’s My Train in Android!

Where’s my train program? Where’s my encounter APK can be downloaded onto Android devices, There is the stepwise style in which.

The measure is always to show specific advice on your android unit. In the event the internet can be found, the downloading of the apparatus might be rapid.

For where’s my train program opens up, Google engages in search and keep. It can demonstrate the App in almost no moment at all.

Now click on the installation button and then await that a couple of seconds might need to place in it.

After put in, then launch the program. For this particular, you are going to have the ability to utilize every one of these features on this App.


It would not be erroneous to state that where is that my rail app is simply one of many absolute very of use apps by Indian Railways of one. This is one application that everybody should own inside their cell phones. 

It creates tracking get ready running status. I hope we have supplied information about exactly where’s my train app. 

So, that’s all on how to check live status of train by where is my train app. Do follow it carefully and make the most of it! 


How can I understand Where’s my train?

To inspect your train’s position, where is your train, and understand into the ixigo trains App and then earn use of the controlling Status’ characteristic. Put in the telephone number of your train and know the status of your train.

Do I assess my education’s point number?

To look at your train’s point amount, download the ixigo trains App and earn use with this’ method Locator’ operation. Put in quantity or the name of one’s train and also be aware of the channels’ platform numbers it would render out of.

How can I know it throughout SMS?

Where’s your train today as a consequence of SMS, to understand, send an SMS out on your mobile using the following text: place or track right down seriously to 139.

How can I know whether my teaching was not?

To check whether your train’s been if or not, then go to and simply click on the train data’ drop-down menu. Click trains’ right here whenever you’d like to check on, and choose the day. Then click on the’Search’ button.

How to know if my train is close?

To check if your train continues to be not, go to and simply click on get ready data’ drop-down menu. Click trains’ the following you want to inspect into and select the day. Click the’Search’ button.


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