3 Must-Have Steel Shower Door for your Naperville home

Steel Shower Door

Arguing over projects from work, running after kids at home, or just completing errands all day long can leave you stressed, and exhausted. There’s no better way to unwind other than a long, warm shower. Imagine worrying about frail shower curtains or water accumulation when you’re trying to relax; doesn’t sound like the relaxation you were looking for, does it?  A end shower should be nothing but a time to unwind. Here’s what you can do to ensure that: replace all your worries and old fashioned curtains with steel shower doors. If you haven’t looked at the benefits of using steel shower door for your Naperville home, then this might be the right time to do so! 

Steel doors add elegance to the interior of any property, but their use isn’t just limited to front doors, living rooms, or pantries. In fact, there’s an increase in the use of steel shower doors to help transform the interiors of bathrooms. Let’s move ahead by taking a look at all the benefits that a steel shower door has to offer!

Steel Shower Doors: The Right Choice! 

In addition to adding grace, and a mystic look to the interiors of the bathroom, there are other benefits that come with installing a steel shower door. Let’s take a look! 

Appears More Spacious 

Bathrooms can appear to be extremely clustered, especially if you have age-old shower curtains that make the shower space seem extremely compact. Installing steel shower doors make the shower area look twice as big, with most of its structure being comprised of transparent glass, the see through quality makes the space look larger. 

Once you install steel shower doors, you’ll no longer feel like you’re in a small space, therefore giving you the relaxation time you have earned for yourself! 

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Increase in Aesthetic Appeal

Even though very little people pay attention to the improvement in the interiors of a bathroom; those that do often choose shower curtains. While shower curtains may look appealing at first, they tend to lose their touch in a few days. For home enthusiasts, looking for a way to get rid of the shower curtains, all the while making their bathroom appear more attractive; opting for steel shower doors is the way to go. 

Installing steel doors is a guaranteed way to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. You don’t need to take a shower in a space with old, faded shower curtains when you can choose to do it in style. 

A Variety of Designs to Choose From 

Out of all the benefits, the one thing that sets steel shower doors apart is that they can come in a variety of designs that you can choose from. You can either choose from a number of available designs, or have a custom steel interior door tailor made for the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

Most of these designs would separate the shower area from the rest of the space, enhancing privacy. 

3 Must-Have Steel Shower Doors 

By now, we can all agree that the shower should be a place for unwinding and getting rid of the exhaustion. That’s only possible if you enter the space worry-free, and leave content. Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of getting a steel shower door, you might be worried about finding the right kind of shower door for your bathroom. 

It’s a piece of cake: there are a number of options you can choose from. Let’s explore a few types of steel doors that you can use. 

Hinged Steel Shower Doors

Hinged doors are one of the most common and age-old style of doors available. Despite the rapidly changing trends, these doors are still quite popular. Similarly, hinged steel shower doors are a classic, but great fit for your bathroom. 

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Hinged doors are traditionally attached with a frame, with the help of hinges and screws. The hinges allow it to swing open in one particular direction. So, if your bathroom has enough space, adding a hinged steel shower door will help put the overall look of your bathroom together. 

Sliding Steel Shower Doors

Did discussing hinged steel doors have you worrying about limited space? Don’t worry, there’s a great option for you too. Sliding steel shower doors are a popular choice amongst enthusiastic home decorators and interior designers. Sliding doors utilize limited space to the fullest, while adding appeal and grandeur to the overall design. 


There are a number of designs that you can choose from, including whether you want a single or double sliding panels. 

 Pivot Steel Shower Doors

Does the idea of a hinged door seem too simple for you? There’s a way to kick it up a notch! Pivot doors are similar to hinged doors; however, they can fully swing open in both directions. That’s sounds interesting, right? They look even better. 


If you’ve got the space, and want to have an innovative steel shower door, then pivot doors are the right choice for you. 

Steel shower doors play an important part in redefining the way your bathroom looks, but choosing the right one can be tricky. So, if you’re still looking for the right kind of steel doors to install in Naperville, then Pinky’s Iron Doors might be the place for you. They specialize in steel doors Illinois, iron wrought doors and windows. In addition to steel shower doors, you can also find a wide range of steel interior doors, entry doors, and steel pocket doors on their website. 

They excel in working on projects focused on door replacements, and execute brilliant ideas when working with steel doors. They also have a social media presence, where they share their experiences, ideas and inspiration regarding home interior designs.

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