4 Best Colleges and Unis in Naugatuck, CT

Naugatuck, a moderately-sized city, located in western Connecticut, can hardly be called a popular destination for students. The population of the city is only 31,625, and it is definitely not among the most well-known cities in the US. Still, it can be a perfect destination to consider for future students, and here’s why:

  • By its livability rate, Naugatuck is #45 in the state and #5,366 in the country.
  • The city is located right in the heart of Connecticut, which makes it easy to reach many big cities located nearby.
  • The area is incredibly picturesque and rich in historical and architectural landmarks.
  • The city is known for its incredible community spirit.
  • There are quite a few great universities and colleges in the area.

If it sounds good and you are willing to consider Naugatuck as your college destination, let us help you discover the opportunities you have here. In this article, we are going to tell you about the top four schools you can attend if you live or move to this area.

  1. Franklin University

If you are looking for a traditional, 4-year university in the area, then Franklin University is probably your best bet. This facility offers a blend of high-quality instruction, a wide range of degree programs, fairly affordable tuition, and a great community. So, it is definitely a good option to consider.

As for the admissions, Franklin University has a pretty high acceptance rate. But, of course, getting into it will cost you some time and effort. The majority of students say that writing an impressive admissions essay is the hardest part of the process. But, here is a tip – you can hire professional essay writers from EssayPro to write a winning admission essay for you. This way, you should have no trouble being accepted by this university.

If you are concerned about the cost, you need to know that the average tuition fee at this school is $9,577. This is a good price for a 4-year degree program. So, we can say that it is pretty affordable.

Lastly, one more thing you need to know about Franklin University is that it is considered one of the best picks for busy learners. The facility gives students an opportunity to tailor their education to their busy schedules. Moreover, all of the programs offered here are also 100% available online.

  1. Naugatuck Valley Community College

The next one on our list is a local community college where you can earn a 2-year associate degree. This facility has a number of significant benefits that future students will love to learn about. First of all, it is ranked #15 out of 32 schools available in the state, which isn’t too bad. This indicates that the quality of instruction here is fairly high.

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Secondly, another big benefit is the school’s open admission policy. This policy basically means that getting accepted to study here is not too hard. All you need is to complete an application and provide a high school diploma or equivalent, and, most likely, you will be accepted.

Lastly, the third big reason to consider this college is the price. The average net price of this facility is only $6,767, which includes tuition, accommodation, board, and other costs. Looking at this number, you can easily say that this facility is very affordable. But, keep in mind that the net price can change for different income groups.

Also, there is one more thing you should know. Interestingly enough, according to stats, the majority of the school’s students attend classes part-time. So, if you are considering part-time studies too, it might be a perfect option for you.

  1. Southern Connecticut State University

Another worthy higher educational facility in the area of Naugatuck, CT, is Southern Connecticut State University. According to the College Factual’s 2022 ranking, this facility is ranked #16 among the best schools in the state and also #865 among the best colleges in the US. The ranking is pretty high, which highlights the high quality of education you can get here.

Unlike the previous two options we shared with you on this list, Southern Connecticut State University is a bit harder to get in. The institution’s acceptance rate is 80%. On the one hand, this rate indicates that quite a big share of applicants gets accepted. But, on the other hand, it also indicates that this uni is a bit selective. Thus, if you want to study here, you will need to demonstrate good grades, good finals results, and prove that you are a good fit for SCSU.

The net worth of this university is also higher compared to the previous options. On average, students will have to spend around $20,763 annually on their tuition, accommodation, and other key expenses. And the final net worth also depends on the income group. So, be sure to check out how the price changes for people from different income groups to see if SCSU is a good option for you.

  1. Charter Oak State College

The last one on our list, Charter Oak State College, is also a great option to consider if you want to live and study in the Naugatuck area. This college has the highest rank among all options on this list – #656 in the US and #11 in Connecticut. The school offers a good selection of degree programs and extracurriculars that students will love. Also, it is known for a pretty diversified student body and a great, friendly community, which is also important.

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Admission to this facility is open. According to this policy, all applicants only have to submit basic documents (such as a high school diploma) to apply. And, respectively, the acceptance rate is pretty high, too. This is a good thing for students who are underperforming, non-traditional students, as well as adult learners who are returning to school.

As for the cost, the average net price of this facility is $10,724, which is an average indicator among the options provided on this list. But, it is worth noting that thanks to its affordability, only 29% of students of this school take out student loans. On average, their loans make $7,761 a year. That is, after they graduate, the total loan averages $31,044, which is not too bad.

The Bottom Line

Although Naugatuck can’t be called a popular city for students, it is definitely not a bad destination. Whether you already live in Naugatuck or are planning to move to this area, now you know that there are some good schooling options that you can consider for yourself.

The options we shared with you here are just a few of the many. These are the top four picks among the 13 higher education facilities in the area. So, there are even more options to look at.

However, please note that none of these schools are located specifically in the city of Naugatuck. The city itself doesn’t have any colleges or universities. But, the options from this list are the nearest facilities that can be reached in 15-20-drive from the city. So, if you are staying in Naugatuck, it shouldn’t be a problem to get to any of them.

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