Nutty Putty Cave Death Pictures Of John Edward Jones

Nutty Putty Cave Death

Are you looking for cheap custom canvas prints of John Edward Jones? Then this article is for you. A man who stuck head-down in a cave for more than a day died in the early hours of Thursday. Despite the efforts of dozens of rescuers, authorities said.

John Jones, 26, of Stansbury Park, died half an hour after midnight. Nearly 28 hours after he got stuck 215 meters (700 feet) deep in the cave known as Nutty Putty, the county sheriff’s spokesman said. Utah, Sergeant Spencer Cannon. Rescuers worked for much of the day. But Jones stuck in a small hole too tight to pulled out or even to reach; Cannon told the AP.

“They were close to him and were able to get close enough to see that he died,” he added. The 1.83-meter-tall, 86-kilogram (190-pound) caver stuck Tuesday night with his head at an angle below his feet. At one point, 50 people were working to free him.

They had able to free Jones from the rift at one point in the afternoon. But shortly after, he fell a few meters (feet) into the narrow space when a rope supporting him failed, Cannon added.

Pictures of Nutty Putty cave death of John Jones

John Jones left the entire United States terrified with his rescue attempt. The event that occurred in 2009 made the news, hour after hour, as dozens of rescuers tried to save his life:

John Edward Jones was 26 years old when his favorite hobby would take his life:

John loved caving with his family; his father frequently took him and his brother, Josh, on expeditions in Utah since they were children.

John and Josh learned to dive deep underground and squeeze into small spaces to explore the caves of Utah.

John, Josh, and their friends decided to go on an expedition in “Nutty Putty Cave,” this would be the last time they would see him alive:

“Nutty Putty Cave” is located southwest of Utah Lake. It a hydrothermal cave that received up to 5000 visitors annually.The cave not sufficient to control, as many visitors entered late at night. And did not take adequate security measures. By 2006, an area of ​​the cave was in danger of damage by its high popularity. They closed their doors. In early 2009, Nutty Putty Cave reopened, this time with “more safety precautions.”

The Nutty Putty Cave death pictures / Credit: Disclosure

Jones decided that he would look for the formation known as the Birth Channel. When he thought he had found it, he started trying to enter the narrow passage, which only courageous researchers over the years visited. He went headlong into the access, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that he had put himself in a severe situation.

Nutty Putty Cave Death

The adventurer moves forward with his hips, stomach, and fingers. When he notices that the place was extremely tight – that is, he could no longer go back and leave where he entered. Now, the only way forward, and he doesn’t have any idea what to expect on the way.

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The man kept walking, hoping that the path would widen and he could return. But he ended up falling into a crevice, standing upside down forever. Only 25 centimeters wide and 45 centimeters high. The passage completely traps John, and it seems impossible to get out.

John was married and had a one-year-old daughter:

John recently married a young daughter, studied medicine in Virginia, and returned to Utah to spend the holidays with his family. They all thought it was a good idea to reminisce about those times when they practiced spelunking in the caves of Utah, and they set off before celebrating Thanksgiving.

He wanted to go through the formation known as “Canal de Nacimiento”:

At 90 kilos and measuring 1.80, John no longer that boy who could get into any space inside a cave. But he decided to look for one of the best-known formations of Nutty Putty Cave.

The “Canal de Nacimiento” is a very narrow passage through which few cavers dare to cross, as they must be cautious with this small space.

The problem started when John mistook this formation and got into the wrong place:

John got into what known as “Bob Push,” a practically unexplored area. As it not “mapped.”That where John gets into, and that’s where he gets stuck.

His body was stuck; he had no room to turn around or to go back:

He tried to exhale to pass through space only 25cm wide * 45cm high. By the time John inhaled again, his chest swell again, and he stuck forever. His arms were under his body, and his feet were outside the small opening.

His brother was the first to find him and tried to pull his calves, but all to no avail:

By this time, John go down a bit lower and immobilized, both of whom realized that they would need help.It 30 meters underground and 120 meters away from the entrance. By the time Josh returned with help, it had already over an hour.

The first person who came to Joh was a female rescue worker, three and a half hours later:

Susie Motola came to the place; John had trapped for three and a half hours. And he could only see his sneakers coming out of the cave.”Hi Susie, thanks for coming,” John said, “but I’m really looking forward to going out.”

John spent the next 24 hours with more than 100 rescuers trying to save his life:

The plan was to use a system of pulleys and ropes to try to free him.Years before (2004), two Boy Scouts were in a similar situation (with one week difference between rescues), and the rescuers were able to help them with a complex series of pulleys. This took, in one of the cases, 14 hours of work. The difference that the young Scout weighed 63 kilos, and he was 1.50 tall.

The angle she was at was pressing on her organs and forcing her heart to work harder:

His body was at an angle of inclination of more than 70 degrees. The tension in his body caused his heart to work harder to continuously pump blood out of the brain because usually. When standing or lying down, gravity does the work, and the heart does not have to bear that burden.

The rescue team prepared the pulley system, but when the pulleys pulled as hard as they could, one of them failed and came loose at the anchor point, leaving rescuers with no other plan.

John endured 27 hours trapped until his heart went into cardiac arrest:

The 26-year-old was declared dead on November 25, 2009, shortly before midnight.

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Rescuers believe, reviewing the rescue years later, that there was no way to get John out alive and that they did their best to do so at the time.

The cave is sealed forever, and John’s body remains there:

Utah decided that they should seal the Nutty Putty cave forever, the risks of another incident were very high, and they didn’t want to take any more risks.

They never managed to recover his body, and it remains inside to this day, fearing that to remove it, some rescuer will lose their lives in the process.

In his honor they made a film entitled “The last descent”:

The film released in 2016 and told the story of John, his rescue attempt, and his family life.

Actor Chadwick Hopson plays John, and he highly discouraged for those who have claustrophobia.

Speleology is the study of the natural cavities of the planet. Such as caves, and their characteristics, both in their formation. And in the forms of life that inhabit their interior. John Edward Jones was an adventurer, an enthusiast of the science in question from an early age.

Nutty Putty Cave Death

The two were very excited to spend time together exploring the underground as they did for a long time as a family. But they were no longer children: John was 26, studied medicine, married, and had a one-year-old son. In addition, he did not live close to his family, which made the visit even more special.

But the situation was suddenly dramatic when the group broke up. At first, they explored a part of the cave known as The Big Slide but ended up separating to investigate areas considered more dangerous within the underground cavity.

Scene from the movie The Last Descent (2016) / Credit: Disclosure

The site already proving complex for him to remove.And the adventurer’s 1.80 m in height and 86 kg made the rescue plan even more difficult. Nevertheless, it mobilized more than 50 people to save him from the narrow passage.With the primary plan to tie him to a cable connected by pulleys and pull him.

According to Utah County Police spokesman Sergeant Spencer Cannon.He almost out of the crack, only a few feet below the ground.But the rope broke when one of the pulleys failed. The cave walls contained loose clay, which probably caused the tragic situation.

During this period of tension, Jones received water and food, but his physical condition worsened significantly. “They get close enough to check his vital signs and found he already dead,” says Cannon at the time.

The cave closed since 2004, when incidents took place inside it.And reopened in 2009, just a few months before John decided to enter it. With his death, Nutty Putty banned for public viewing forever. Jones’ body remains within the narrow cavity, which has become his eternal grave.

FAQ on Nutty Putty cave death pictures

  1. Who is John Edward Jones?

John Edward Jones was an adventurer, an enthusiast of the science in question from a very young age. In the state of Utah, in the United States, he always taken by his father. Along with his brother Josh, he observed the subsoil with a remarkable interest that grew together with John on fascinating expeditions.

  1. What happened to the body of John Edward Jones?

Sadly, one of the pulleys came off the rock, causing John to fall again. Unable to get it out, John died after being upside down for 27 hours, stuck in the narrow canal. He pronounced dead shortly after midnight on November 25, 2009, from cardiac arrest and suffocation.

  1. How did John Jones get caught?

His body was stuck. He had no space to turn around or come back: he tried to exhale to pass through a barely 25cm wide * 45cm high. By the time John inhaled again, his chest swelled again, and he stuck forever.

  1. How long John Edward Jones stuck in the nutty putty cave?

Jhon stuck in the cave for 28 hours. And after 28 hours in the nutty putty cave, he died.

Conclusion on Nutty Putty cave death pictures

The conclusion of this entire journey was as follows: Jones trapped 120 meters inside the cave and 30 meters below the Earth’s surface. Josh later found him in prison.But he could do nothing for his brother but try to pull him by the calves.Which soon turned out to a flawed plan.

They decided to ask for help. When the rescuers managed to get to the underground point where the man was.It had three and a half hours, and John’s health was getting worse and worse. Standing upside down in a tight spot made your heart have to work even more challenging.

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