5 Benefits of an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Did you know Americans consume the equivalent of around 100 acres of pizza daily? That works out to 350 slices eaten every second.

According to the same source, around nine in 10 Americans — 93% — consume pizza at least once monthly with Saturdays being the top day for pizza consumption. Meanwhile, the U.S. pizza industry is valued at $45.1 billion.

While you might enjoy calling your favorite local pizza joint to order your favorite pizza or picking up a frozen pizza from the grocery store, nothing beats homemade. Once you find the right recipe, combine the ingredients, and place the pizza into an authentic outdoor pizza oven, you might never do takeout or frozen pizza again.

Continue reading to see why baking pizzas in an outdoor pizza oven beats buying pizzas from a retailer.

  1. Do It Your Way

When you create your own pizzas and cook them in an outdoor pizza oven, you can do it however you want. Whether you want a vegetarian pizza, a meat lover’s pizza, a Mediterranean pizza, a cheese lover’s pizza, or some other variety, you can have it your way. You and the other members of your family can have fun building the perfect pizzas before baking them. Considering that there are tons of ingredient combinations, you won’t run out of options.

  1. Cook It Faster

Cooking in an outdoor pizza oven also means your pizza will be done quicker than cooking it in your kitchen oven. Investing in an outdoor oven makes sense if you’d like a made-to-order pizza that’s ready to eat as quickly as pizza shops can accomplish using their industrial pizza ovens. Outdoor pizza ovens cook at high temperatures that ensure uniform heat to evenly cook your pizza. It’ll be cooked to your liking in a short amount of time.

  1. Simplifies Entertaining

Who doesn’t like pizza? There are so many ways to make them, so you can create the perfect pizzas for anyone on your guest list. You can make pizzas for even the pickiest of eaters — and you’ll surely delight their tastebuds by offering pizzas with their favorite toppings.

So, an outdoor pizza oven can be a godsend if you want an easy way to prepare food for get-togethers with family, friends, and co-workers. The food won’t take long to cook, so your hungry guests won’t be waiting long before they can sink their teeth into homemade pizza pies.

  1. Portability

While you’ll probably mostly use your online pizza oven on your property, you can take it wherever you wish. If you’re going on a camping trip, attending an event at someone else’s home, or going someplace else where you’ll want some food, you can take your outdoor pizza oven. It’s portable, so you can move it around on your property or take it elsewhere.

  1. Avoid Heating Up Your House

Have you ever tried baking a pizza in your kitchen oven when the outside temperature was really high? Unless an HVAC unit works non-stop, your kitchen might feel as hot as the blazing oven your pizza is baking in. Instead of cranking up your HVAC unit, consider using an outdoor pizza oven. You’ll get the food you want without turning your home into a sweltering sauna.

Getting an outdoor pizza oven for you and your family makes sense for these and other reasons. The chances are that you’ll be the only family on the block with such a piece of equipment, so your home will become a favorite hotspot for family and friends looking to hang out. It’s the sort of appliance that you’ll enjoy using almost as you enjoy eating the finished product.

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