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Canada Lottery

Have you ever wanted to try your luck for a chance to grab jackpots worth multi-million dollars? If yes, you are at the right place. Canada Lotto 649 is a leading national Canadian lottery that offers amazing jackpots and an attractive secondary reward.

This lottery game came into existence on 12th June 1982. It was the first lottery game that allowed players to select numbers on their own. Players also have a fantastic chance to win even second-place rewards in six figures. Let’s take a look at the details.

Why should you play lottery Canada 6/49?

If we take a look at the data about Canadian Lottery 649 recent winners, we will see that every draw results in a millionaire in terms of Canadian dollars! There are 7 prize divisions including a prize draw that’s guaranteed. The guaranteed prize draw distributes a sum of CAD 1,000,000 twice a week alongside the main draw. The Canada Lotto 649 ticket price is around CAD 3.

How to play Canada Lotto 6/49:

First, you need to know that buying 649 online is super easy and convenient for players. To play Canadian Lottery 649, choose 6 numbers from a group of 49. These will be your main numbers. You will also need to draw a bonus number from the exact same drum from which the main numbers were drawn. This is a primary requirement for the 2nd as well as 6th prize divisions.

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The total number of prize divisions for Canada Lotto 649 is 7. Level 2 players have to match the bonus ball along with all 649 winning numbers. On the other hand, level 6 players need to match only two numbers along with the bonus ball. The seventh level is the last one which requires the matching of only the two main numbers for winning the cash prize.

How can I play lottery 6/49 from India?

TheLotter and the World Lottery site allow players from all over the world to play Lottery Canada 649 every week. Whenever you buy a ticket and scan it, you will be able to enter the draw on Saturdays and Wednesdays. 

Lottery Canada 649 prices and odds


Divisions Match Payout
1st prize 6 CAD  4,437,083.40
2nd 5+1 CAD  78,174.10
3rd 5 CAD  2,354.60
4th 4 CAD  78.90
5th 3 CAD  10.00
6th 2+1 CAD  5.00
7th  2 CAD  3.00


Divisions Match Winning Odds
1st prize 6 1:13,983,816
2nd  5+1 1:2,330,636
3rd  5 1:55,492
4th  4 1:1,033
5th  3 1:57
6th  2+1 1:81
7th 2 1:8

How to Check Lottery Canada 649 Results:

The total number of Canada lotto 649 winning numbers players need are six along with the bonus for winning the jackpot. You can check the latest results on theLotter app for Android, iPad, and iPhone free of cost. 

When you download the mobile app, you also get free access to 649 jackpot winning numbers, 649 Lotto result today, Lotto 649 winning numbers last night, and other relevant information about lottery games across the globe.

The platform also offers information about past results up to the previous 10 draws. Players also have the option to save their lucky numbers. Entering the next draw is super easy. You can do so with your smartphone regardless of your location.

Recent Canada Lotto 6/49 Results

22nd May 2021, Saturday

7 13 14 34 37 45 Bonus: 29

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Winning amount: $8,874,167

12th May 2021, Wednesday

30 35 39 42 46 48 Bonus: 38

Winning Amount: $27,505,450

Lottery Canada 649 Guaranteed Prize Draw

Every player who buys a ticket for Canada Lotto 649 automatically participates in the lottery Canada 649 guaranteed price drop. This happens in parallel with the regular draw twice a week. One lucky ticket holder gets a CAD 1,000,000 raffle awards prize.

All Lottery Canada 649 players get a unique code of 10 digits assigned to each line on their ticket. A two-digit trailer and an eight-digit number make up this 10 digit code. TheLotter checks whether the players’ ticket matches with the winning raffle code. If you win, they will notify you.

How to Receive Canada Lotto 649 Winnings

After they publish the results of Lottery Canada 649, if you win, your prize money will directly be deposited in your account.


What is the largest amount won by Lotto 649 winners?

According to Lotto 649 past results, the highest amount a player one was CAD 64 million. This Lotto 649 news is a ray of hope for all those who are entering the Canada Lotto 649 online to try their luck. 

The second-largest jackpot was won by a group of four people and it was worth $ 63.4 million. A group of 17 people won the third-largest jackpot worth CAD 54.3 million. They bought the lottery tickets as a group together. In October 2005, they shared their winnings with coworkers, even those who didn’t buy the tickets.

When will the Lotto 649 next draws take place?

You can check Lotto 649 draws on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Now that we know which the Lotto 649 draw days are, we can easily check when the next draw would take place. The local time is 21:30 CST. Players should take this into account if they are participating in Canada Lotto 649 from India. The same rule applies if they’re playing from any country other than Canada.

What are the taxes winners have to pay?

Both raffle winnings and lottery winnings are tax-free.

Is participating in the Canada Lotto 649 worth it?

Yes, absolutely! Lottery Canada 649 has made regular workers turn into rich people. If you take a look at the biggest jackpots we mentioned above, the chances of anyone winning the prize are really high. After all, when oil and gas plant workers can win millions, why can’t you? All you need to do is participate either individually or as a group.

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