Cutting Your Own Hair

cutting your own hair

Cutting your hair: Definitive Guidelines

Your hair is going to be long day by day. If you want to avoid going to the salon, you have to cutting your own hair yourself.

You can cut your hair in the salon with your favourite barber. In another way, you can cut your hair at home. However, many stylists don’t recommend cutting your hair. As long as you aren’t getting too daring with your scissors, you can rid yourself of your dead ends. Successfully give yourself a bang trim without it looking like you stuck your head in the garbage disposal.


We have some parts in our body which need to maintain ourselves. Hair, nails, extra hair, rub our skin to remove dirt, these we have to look after our knowledge. On the other hand, it is a little bit tough to cut your hair. Different times will be additional measures in our hair.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you use your scissor roughly. If you can’t go to the salon right now and need to cut your hair badly, you can easily trim it yourself. Many of us think that it is an irritating moment for a little. The reason is we don’t have the skill of cutting hair. Is it possible to give a nice haircut of ourselves at the moment! I will say, yes you can do it personally. It is not a big deal to trim hair yourself.

Cutting Your Hair

Sometimes our hair is getting long for our unconscious mind. On the contrary, it is so crowded in the salon. In this Corona situation, we should maintain some rules strictly. We are having a hard time in this epidemic situation. It’s time to avoid people gathering, human contact from the contaminate of Covid19 virus. At that epidemical moment, you can cut your hair at home.

Hair Stylists will demotivate you to cut your hair. On the other hand, it is likely an excellent point to avoid extra unexpected problems.

To avoid contamination of germs.

Cutting your hair by yourself will help you to avoid contamination from salons. Salon’s scissors are used randomly. The scissors and razors can be used in your head when you will be in the salon. If any germs already contaminate these tools, it will transform on you quickly. So it will be best for you if you cut your hair by using your tools.

Scissors are an essential tool to cut Hair.

Scissors are an essential element to cut hair. They should be sharper and miss anything like fibre. Some people will think to use their kitchen scissors to cut their hair. Please, be alert about the cross-contamination between our food and fur.

The Key Processes are:

We have scissors, blades, and some more materials in our kitchen. These are not for use in our body. So we should avoid using these materials to cut our hair. It would help if you bought sharp scissors and blades for cutting your hair.

Many of the celebrities have given their haircut during this lockdown. Taylor Swift, George Clooney, Kim Kardashian, and many more stars are on this list why you do not participate in this run! Just aware of a sharper scissor before you start a snip of your hair.

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I can give you some smart tips for cutting your hair. Always cut less than your expected size. Remember, if you cut once then you never add back what you have already chopped. Also, cut hair still when it is dry. If you cut wet hair, it will be shorter when it dries.

It is different if your hair is curly or wavy. You can use a spray bottle for your straight hair to clearest and sharpest lines possible.

Keep These Tips in Mind

Now I am going to give you some tips. If you keep these tips on your mind, it will be easy to cut your hair.

Cutting your hair in the mirror can be tricky. If someone helps you to cut your hair, it may be better to cut it. Using multiple mirrors allow you to watch every side and cut sharp lines eventually.

A sharp haircut is hard enough. This is actual for thick, straight and healthy hairs. If your hair is curly, the mistakes will be easier to spot out. So it is best to use caution.
If you use a magnifying glass while cutting hair, it will help you chop nicely as you use it during eyebrows plucking.

It may look bad when you cut your hair horizontally. Just hold your scissors in straight up and down.

According to the length of your hair rather than across it just snip a little bit.

It is essential if you are doing it in bangs. Horizontal cutting is critical for removing length. Whereas snipping upright keeps your hair from becoming too blunt.

The Ways Of Trimming

Be protective about cutting your hair. If this is your first time, then don’t try to give a new shape to the hair. Just trim it consciously. If you feel doubt, you can book an appointment at the salon and cut by an expert barber. I am giving you some best trimming advice to help you. On the other hand, it depends on your hair size and texture.

Firstly, you need to wash and condition your hair. Then wait for it to shrink. It will help you to avoid removing too much. If your hair is stubborn, then you can spray it with water. Careful about too much damp.

Make sure the scissors and blades are your own. Use the clips to manage your hair in a part.

Rap a towel or a fabric on your shoulder correctly.

Follow the steps before cutting your hair. It will make it easy to start your cutting.

Long Hair Solution

You can use a clip easily on your long hair. Make a part among the furs and determine how long you want to keep it. Then chop the hairs less than you think you should be. Hence trim the long hair is more comfortable than the other types of hairs.

Short Hair

We suggest short hair to someone else do this job for you. Cutting short hair is a little bit troublesome. If someone else is doing it for you, it will be easy to maintain the shape. When cutting the hair near the ear carefully pass this side. It would help if you guided the shears where you want to miss.

cutting your own hair Solution

This type of hair is so troublesome to trim. Whenever you need to cut this hair you have to be careful about the length. The reason is that this type of hair is not the same length as you see. On the other hand, wet curly hair shouldn’t be cut. Just spray a little too easy to cut. Follow the size of hair and always to cut less of your expected size.

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Oily Hair Solution:

If you have an oily surface on your head, then you can roll on any good shampoo on it. Hence, this is the universal hack that fits every person. If you want to cut your hair generously, you will come across two ways: cut the hair more precisely using perfect oil or find obstacles.

Obstacles would be:

You won’t find any perfect cleaning shampoo which suits you perfectly.
The oily surface will dry up
Your scalp will react

While cutting your own hair make sure you have the right tool

There’s no law against cutting your own hair because that was never an issue. A salon visit is not mandatory when you have the right tool. A right salon tool when you come to your hand then you can do it your own selves. Many people find different types of tools but a tool that may solve all of their cutting would be a great trimmer. A trimmer is self-sufficient to bring the right haircut. As a result, you can find trimming in just using a trimming machine.

If you don’t want to go to the salon, then a trimmer can do it all by itself. The types of trimmer would come variably. For example, some of them would be corded and some are cordless.

The trimmer has some key functions, and you need to craft over the operation. More or less, every trimmer comes with so many sophisticated add-ons. So, you need to choose the right deal among the varieties.

Turns out, you should come to know what is your comfort zone to cut hair using different features out of those trimmers. For example, a trimmer may have a number of cutting scissors, they make a lot more differences so only select the default one.

Why Don’t You Cut your own hair?

Now I will give you some reasons against cutting your own hair. Barber will give you a combination of knowledge about cutting hair.

In the aggregate, cutting your own hair at home would certainly save you time, not to mention money. But there is a thing, stylists have so much training and expertise. They make any styling technique look simple. Their skills will help you to get a nice look.

Pro stylists only make this look easy. In fact, there are a number of subtle yet powerful methods you can use for a sublime home trim.

FAQs of cutting your own hair

How difficult is it to cut your own hair?

Ans: Short hair is incredibly difficult to cut by hand. If it’s short enough that you can use a razor with a guard to cut it, then it is pretty easy in concept but takes a lot of time and effort to make sure it’s even.

How do I cut my own hair?

Ans: Cut off the end of your hair. When you have thick hair, it may take more than one snip to get through all of the layers. Make sure you cut them all in the exact same place.

Don’t cut at an angle, or the layers will look jagged. Make sure you hold the scissors horizontally and cut straight across.

Is it funny for others?

Ans: Definitely it is not a fun fact. During the lockdown, people avoid going outside and avoid the gathering area. They may do it by themselves and stay in the safe zone for a long time.


Final Words of cutting your own hair:


Cutting your own hair may not be daunting, it facilitates you with so many benefits. The first one is to cut your hair remotely without even going to the salon. The second thing you can save your banks.

Here in this article, we tried to let you know every aspect of cutting the hair. Based on that, you can now make a move to start your cutting venture. If you get to see anything which you won’t come to understand, then you may make a comment below, our expert will reply accordingly.


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