Esports: A Cross Generational Pastime Here to Stay


Esports is a cross-generational pastime that is here to stay and there are many signs that this is going to be indeed the case. For starters, esports is already engaged with by over one billion people worldwide. The forecasts estimate that the so-called esports aficionados are on track to exceed that number in the foreseeable future. In the meantime, has been stacking its offering with hundreds of games you can actually bet on every day. And these games are watched, enjoyed, and shared by people in their 20s to people in their 40s. Why? Because esports is a truly cross-generational pastime?

We Are All Gamers at Heart

Once a gamer, always a gamer. Games are simple, they are easy, there is escapism in them, there is progression and the opportunity to do over. In fact, there is everything in games that we would love to see in life. Like good work of fiction, games imitate real life, but they elevate the experience themselves. That is why people who played World of Warcraft back in 2004 are coming back to the game in 2022 and experiencing the classic version once again.

And yes, World of Warcraft is an actual esports title that you may enjoy yourself. But more importantly, esports games, from Counter-Strike to Dota, are shared by different age groups because the premise is clear and you can perform well no matter what age you are. This brings people from different generations closer together and makes it a lot of fun and an enjoyable opportunity through and through. 

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New Esports to Take Place of the Old Ones

Even if people lose interest in one esports or another, there are more esports down the pipeline. This provides players with a never-ending variety of games to explore and enjoy on their own time. Over the past years we have seen several great games emerge and fill the esports industry, bringing some unique new titles to explore, including Valorant for one and even the Farming Simulator, a game that’s all about stacking haystacks that have proven particularly popular.

It doesn’t much matter where you stand on any of these games because the facts are that there is always something new and enjoyable to try first-hand. Esports is truly unique when it comes to the way they bring generations together. Whether you love Dota or StarCraft, there are tons of games that will ensure that video gaming is a cross-generational pastime! 

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