Exploring the Benefits of Owning Dune Buggy Cars

The dune buggy is a versatile vehicle that provides extreme off-road performance. Its chromoly structure, Jet Trim seats, and Crow five-point harnesses offer safety and comfort for your entire team.

Its light frame lets you choose between a smaller engine and a powerful one depending on the terrain.

They’re Affordable

In a time when insurance companies and government regulations are starting to take their toll on classic cars, a Dune buggy can still offer fun and freedom. These buggies are usually inexpensive, efficient, and easy to customize. Many of them are also easy to maintain. When Bruce Meyers created his original dune buggy in a garage in California in 1964, he wasn’t trying to create an automotive icon. He was looking for a way to cart himself and his surfing buddies to the beach in style. The mid-’60s was a time when Southern California beach and surf culture caught on in a big way, from the music of the Beach Boys to the fashion trend of the bikini.

Dune buggies were an outgrowth of this carefree lifestyle. Meyers created an inexpensive and easily customizable car that could traverse dunes by taking a wrecked Volkswagen Beetle and swapping out its unsafe, stranger-looking metal body for a lightweight fiberglass tub. Today’s dune buggy cars for sale come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as simple as a single-seater model like the Meyers Manx, which is still sold in kit form and assembled at home. Or they can be luxurious with seating for four or more, roofs, lights, turbochargers, and V-8 engines.

They’re Fun

There’s nothing like blasting over a California dune, the wind blowing in your hair, and the engine roaring. You can only get these thrills from a truly fun and exciting off-road vehicle. Dune buggies have been around for decades, and they’re still a popular choice for beachgoers who want to enjoy the open air and the exhilarating ride.

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Often referred to as “sandrails” or simply as dune buggies, these vehicles can be anything from a stripped-down version of the Meyers Manx (the original beach buggy that Bruce Meyers created) to something that looks a little more like an oversized go-kart with a huge frame and an exposed engine. Some of these can even be fitted with turbochargers or other high-performance parts to get across the dunes faster.

People often started with old Volkswagen Beetles and adapted them into these go-anywhere machines. They’re inexpensive, efficient, and easy to customize. They exploded in popularity at a time when insurance companies and government regulations were starting to take their toll on performance cars from the dealership. While the popularity of dune buggies peaked in the 1970s, and they may never again be as common as they once were, they’re still a lot of fun. Today, enthusiasts can purchase them as kits and build them in their garages or at local car shows.

They’re Versatile

As the name suggests, dune buggies were originally created for driving on desert and beach dunes. However, they are so versatile that they can be used on any terrain. In addition, they can also be modified for racing or other purposes. A dune buggy is a lightweight car with a fiberglass body. Its chassis is either built from scratch or converted from an existing vehicle. The chassis can be made from aluminum, fiberglass, or steel. The wheels can be made from plastic or metal, and the engine is usually in the rear.

During the ’50s and ’60s, people started taking all sorts of vehicles to the beach and modifying them for better performance on the dunes. They would weld two wheels together in the back for better traction and use other creative modifications to help them go faster in the sand. Today, dune buggies are still popular for those who want to have fun on the beach or in the desert. They can be easily modified and are relatively inexpensive. In addition, they are street-legal in many areas. Consider buying a kit from a reputable dealer to acquire one of these unique cars. Many offer plans you can follow to build your dune buggy at home. You only need a large work area, welding tools, and mechanical knowledge.

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They’re Easy to Maintain

Whether you’re looking for a simple, affordable, two-seat buggy or something more luxurious and comfortable to take the kids out for a ride, there’s a dune buggy that fits your lifestyle. These specialized off-road vehicles can be driven through sand, mud, and gravel. They can also reach blazingly fast speeds thanks to their powerful engines. Suppose you’re looking for a way to upgrade your dune buggy’s performance and handling. We recommend starting with an upgraded brake kit with heavy-duty pads, conversion rotors, and calipers. Increasing your braking power will help you stop faster and reduce the risk of accidents. You can also add a roll cage to protect yourself and your passengers from injury, especially when driving at high speeds. These cages come in metal or fiberglass and can be installed easily by a professional.

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