From Parcel Piles to Organized Styles: Holiday Mail Solutions with Mail Bins

There’s no better time to prepare for the holiday shipping rush than now. A simple, clean, space-saving method of responding to sudden upticks in shipping volumes is to use light, durable mail bins.

Adequately sized, nesting mail bins are perfect for handling major fluctuations in shipment volumes. Whether a stack of parcels or piles of irregularly sized lightweight packages, keeping the proper nestable mail bins and postal totes on hand can mitigate even the most unexpected logistical challenges.

Why the Holiday Logistics Challenge Is a Problem Year After Year

In our modern society, expecting you’ll never need to adjust your logistics strategy over the course of a calendar year is unrealistic. On its own, awareness that the holiday rush is coming is usually not enough to make handling it any easier. The following variables will undoubtedly force any logistics company to adapt or change as the holiday shipping season approaches:

  • More radically fluctuating labor requirements compared to the rest of the year.
  • On-hand temporary storage requirements rise, then suddenly fall just after the holidays.
  • Many customers ship at the last minute yet will still fully expect their letters or parcels to arrive on time.
  • Influxes of shipping orders will come and go throughout and beyond the holidays. These influxes include the post-holiday wave of purchase returns, usually in the early months after the holiday rush.
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What Mail Totes Are Designed to Accomplish Logistically

But what makes specialized mail bins better suited to take packages from one point to another in a shipping facility? It comes down to their stackability & nesting ability.

In the logistics industry, Postal Totes mail bins serve the crucial purpose of optimizing storage space without compromising organization. This balance of features can be perfect for handling holiday logistics because it offers adaptability. Nestable totes can reduce space constraints during the holidays and are easily stacked and stored away during slower shipping seasons.

Types of Mail Totes

  1. Nesting postal totes are larger bins designed for easy transport, with high sides for holding large parcels.
  2. Nesting tray totes have shallower sides, taking up even less vertical space when folded open.
  3. Straightwall totes are reinforced, which means heavier parcels can be transported easily by hand and are typically stackable or cross-stackable.
  4. Check Box totes are perfect for easy organization and temporary storage of receipts, payment information, and other financial documents.

How Mail Totes Relieve the Core Issues Associated With Holiday Logistics

Mail bins are a smart investment for weathering shipping rushes because they:

  • Improve parcel organization. Color coding, in particular, helps workers in high-pressure shipping environments instantly identify which type of package needs to go where.
  • Reduce storage footprints, making them easy to keep around all year.
  • Save money in the long run. Totes are a clever up-front investment that will pay off for years.
  • Allow for customization. Mail totes come in many sizes and can be customized further for each business’s unique needs.

Choosing the Right Mail Totes for Your Logistics Needs

Every business is different, but any company can benefit by considering the following before ordering:

  1. Size, capacity, and stackability. Tall bins aren’t always the best option for transporting light, delicate parcels. Shallow bins might not be sufficient for more oversized packages with irregular sizes.
  2. Material and durability. Straightwall totes aren’t always the best option for every business, but they can be perfect for transporting large volumes of heavy packages.
  3. Compatibility with existing systems. Sometimes, the best solution is the one that fits with what’s already in place. Customization options can help businesses find the perfect match for their logistical needs.
  4. Overall cost. Choosing the right totes will save businesses money over time. Just make sure your first purchase fits safely within your logistics budget.
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Implementing Mail Totes Into Your Holiday Logistics Strategy

There are several basic strategies to follow when integrating specialized mail totes into a logistics process that’s already in place:

  1. Store collapsed, stacked, or nested mail bins in a space that’s easy to navigate to quickly re-supply the shipping floor.
  2. Sort color-coded bins based on their intended destination within the logistical paradigm.
  3. Cycle bins back into storage during shipping volume declines to keep your space uncluttered.

Training and Educating Logistics Teams

Training logistics teams to properly handle their new bins is essential. Demonstrate how to collapse and stack bins efficiently.

For more detailed information,  Postal Totes can provide guidance on how best to handle each mail bin type. These types include custom orders, which are designed with input from the customer.

It’s Easier to Integrate Mail Bins Into Your Shipping Logistics Than One Might Assume

Even the most well-tuned shipping centers need to make adjustments when faced with unexpected increases in shipment volumes during the holiday season. Aside from staffing shortages, there’s also the logistical issue of scaling up temporary storage spaces.

Postal Tote’s mail bins are designed to solve that very issue. Stackable, durable mail bins can be a game changer when the holiday shipping rush begins straining your logistics. Our bins take up less storage space and offer lots of logistical utility once deployed.

Choosing the correct mail bins can eliminate many of the worries associated with moving mail and parcels through a shipping facility. That process doesn’t have to be complex.

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