How Much Sodium Does A Person Need Per Day?

how much sodium per day

Many of us may not be aware of how much sodium a person needs per day to get a healthy life. Sodium is a vital ingredient to make your body fit. You are struggling to consume a small amount of sodium. Or you are attempting to stop taking sodium for your better health. Besides, many of you are running from blogs to blogs and forums to exactly know how much sodium per day.

For this reason, you may somewhat be anxious about solving this hassle you are embracing. Now here is everything you should know how much amount you should need for your body to lead a healthy life. This is why you get connected to this content where you are going to have what you need.


What is sodium?

Many think that sodium means salt. But, what they seem about sodium is incorrect. Salt is a mixture of sodium along with chloride. There exists 40% sodium and 60% chloride. Sodium is a mineral, and it is in most of the foods we have. And the massive source of dietary sodium is found in sodium chloride or table salt.


How much sodium per day Sources

One of the most critical questions is, where does sodium come from? The most straightforward answer to the problem is that sodium is found in every food. If we establish a healthy eating habit, we will be able to have all the sodium that our body demands.

On the other hand, the sodium we are taking every single day isn’t occurring naturally. The way it is coming is a mixed salt, and it is a significant threat to our health. As a result, we should pay attention to the foods we are preparing by adding extra salt at home, at restaurants.



The thing we all have a sharp look at is on the processed foods, and they are: 

  • Anchovies
  •  Bacon
  •  Cheese
  •  Gravy
  •  Granules ham olives
  •  Pickles prawns
  •  salami salted and dried roasted nuts
  •  salted fish
  •  smoked meat and fish
  •  soy sauce stock cubes
  •  yeast extract 

These high-level demand sodium. Also, they result in an unfortunate consequence of our health when we are having this.


The amount of sodium you can take per day

 1/4 teaspoon salt is equivalent to 575 mg of sodium

 1/2 teaspoon salt equivalent to 1,150 mg sodium

 3/4 teaspoon salt equivalent to 1,725 mg sodium

 One teaspoon salt equivalent to 2,300 mg sodium

 Another eye-opening piece of information makes you conscious of consuming it. And that is that we are taking 70% sodium from the processed meats, canned goods, snack items, and above all, bread.


How much sodium per day and excess harm

Many people follow an excessive amount of sodium. As a result, they face long-term diseases. These are the risk of heart disease, stroke, heart failure, and kidney disease. Besides these, there are some short-term diseases. They are intense thirst, rise in blood pressure, water retention.


But, the list of diseases has a more severe impact than you ever think. It also increases stomach cancer, the threat of osteoporosis, kidney disease, kidney stones, and headaches. Apart from that, over sodium can impact your appearance. 


The way of decreasing over sodium intake


Here are some proven actions on how much sodium per day you should take. Besides, these must help you form a salubrious and low sodium eating habit:

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  1. Load your eating menu with fresh fruits and vegetables. Whereas fruits and vegetables are natural, and these have low sodium. And, these contain a lot of potassium that must help reduce blood pressure.


  1. Another better option to get damaging free sodium is lime juice, herbs, and spices. The first thing you can do is that you have to habituate these new tastes.


  1. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Every restaurant is prone to add more sodium. So be active in preparing food at home that gives you better access to keep your sodium consumption.


  1. You can also follow the eating habit of Japanese people, and this will provide you with a healthy pattern. What it means is, eat until you are 80 percent complete. If you decrease the amount of food you follow, then you will be able to mitigate the level of sodium intake.


What happens if you do not take sodium?


The most important question you have in this regard is, what is the function of sodium in our body? Sodium exists in salt together with minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphate, and potassium.


Our body should have some electrolytes. These electrolytes help nerve impulses. Besides, they coordinate all the body functions such as heart rate, digestion, respiration, brain activity, and blood pressure.



Potassium has an impact on regulating the fluid balance in and surrounding cells. Besides these, it controls nerve and muscle functions. Moreover, high-level sodium in our blood can hamper the fluid balance. It plays an active role in increasing high blood pressure.


Yet, low-level sodium can slow down blood pressure and disturb the activity of the nerve cells. This is because everybody should have the right amount of sodium every single day to maintain better health.


Is sodium helpful for bodybuilders?


Many bodybuilders don’t know whether sodium is helpful. In this regard, they may a little get confused about this fact. That’s why I am going to reveal the hidden mystery, and this will help remove their stress.



Bodybuilders try their best efforts to reduce the salts through heavy exercise. This way results in a decrease in water retention in the body. So, bodybuilders do not want to lose salts for bodybuilding. Less sodium intake reduces the activities of the builders to keep pace with the extensive workouts.


Since sodium plays a significant activity in maintaining the movement in the body, it assists in protecting the negative impact on the muscles and joints. These drifts influence building muscles and lubrication that make these recover from cramps and muscular strains.


By having an impact during our workouts, sodium in our diets also helps to get the uptake of protein. This increased amount of proteins is helpful in forming muscles. 

So, people should balance their sodium intake for the growth of muscle contraction and nerve transmission. That is why sodium is an indispensable ingredient for people who are willing to build up the body. Moreover, it spikes the uptake of protein in the body.


Is there any adverse effect of low sodium intake in bodybuilders?

The low sodium diets must result in loss of water and drift from the body. This has a negative influence on the hormonal imbalance because potassium and sodium control many hormones. This is how abnormal sodium intake can result in a low level of water in the body with sodium deficiency. 


So, sodium deficiency is considered hyponatremia. Yet, fewer amount of fluids in the body take a long time to heal the joint pain and cramps. Another important thing is, it also allows us to reduce energy during working out. So, there is a significant number of side effects of consuming low sodium for bodybuilders.

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Why is sodium intake important during pregnancy?


How much sodium per day for a pregnant woman? During the pregnancy period, every childbearing mother has to be more conscious of her health condition. As a result, paying more attention to the nutritious food ingredients plays a vital role to help childbearing mothers improve their physical needs. 


But are they conscious that taking low sodium can result in a severe cause for her or her baby? This is because I am going to show the importance of taking sodium during pregnancy. If any pregnant mother does not consume enough sodium now, her physical conditions- muscles, nerves, and organs- won’t function.


 As a result, this will lead her to fatigue and weakness. During pregnancy, every mother should enhance the body’ fluid because this process will help her baby grow. That’s why taking sodium plays a vital role in this regard. 


 Iodine is one of the most essential ingredients, and it will help grow the baby’s brain and the nervous system. · If a mother does not take iodine during pregnancy, then the deficiency of iodine will cause various challenges to the baby. 


These challenges are abnormal brain improvement, miscarriage, and many sorts of medical complications. Besides, less sodium causes low birth weight in babies. So, some medical specialists emphasize sodium intake at the time of pregnancy. 


So, consuming sodium during this time is significant for every childbearing mother. But, a disastrous situation will knock on your door. So, every pregnant mother should have enough sodium intake for getting a healthy baby.


How much is sodium per day safe during pregnancy? 

You have already known the significance of taking sodium during pregnancy. But a simple question can rise at your heart. And, the simple question is, how much sodium is helpful for a pregnant mother. From the proven source of medical journals and some medical advisers, we have gathered a piece of information. 


According to that, a childbearing mother should consume around 3.8 grams of sodium per day. But exceeding 5.8 grams of sodium per day may result in a severe complication. That is why every mother should follow the limited amount of sodium.


How much sodium per day one needs per day to lose weight? 

Most of them are not educated in consuming foods they are taking every single day. As a result, they do not know whether what foods they are taking is suitable for their health. In the realm of processed foods, many adult persons are anxious about their weight. 

Since most of the food items are overwhelmed with sodium, you should take a sharp look at the foods you are having. Because having no calories in sodium, it does not increase your body fat. But, packaged and fast food contains high sodium, and they help contribute to gaining weight.


So burning weight depends on having fewer calorie foods. You should know that a pound of fat is like 3500 calories. That is why reducing 500 calories per day makes you lose weight within a week if you try your best efforts.

The best way to achieve a comfortable weight is that you should consume fresh foods. Besides, these foods give you low calories that are helping you burn your weight.


How much sodium per day ending

From the whole discussion, you can realize how much sodium per day a person needs per day. Now, if you consume a lot of sodium, then you will have a possibility of severe effects on your body. , there must happen bloating, acute thirst, and a temporary increase in blood pressure. 


In some cases, it results in hyponatremia that can be harmful to health. In the long consequence, having high sodium diets must lead to a rise in blood pressure and augment the risk of stomach cancer, heart disease, and premature death. So, an extensive study needs to figure out how people can protect themselves from this dire consequence.


By following high sodium intake, some people must affect more than others have. Every person should drink a lot of water, eat potassium-enriched foods. Another important thing is, try to avoid foods that have rich in sodium.


If you think you have any questions about how much sodium per day, then feel free to throw a comment for getting your desired answer from the subject leader.

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