How to Build a Cohesive & Connected Multi-National Workforce

Connected Multi-National Workforce

With the exponential rise in remoteworking, and the huge shifts in terms of how companies operate and keep their employees informed and updated, there has been more and more demand for businesses to have a multi-national workforce.

As such, whether you and your business partners are now ready to start building such a workforce, or else you are focused on maintaining your already multi-national team, then you have come to the right place. 

Continue reading to learn how to build a cohesive and connected multi-national workforce quickly and effectively. 

Firstly, at the heart of a functioning, efficient, and productive workforce, regardless of whether multi-national or not, is a feeling of community and strong company culture and, as such, this should be one of the first things you strive to improve.

Luckily, there is a myriad of ways to improve your company culture, remembering, of course, that this should apply to the onboarding process for recruits just as much as your current employees. Specifically, for multi-national workforces, it would be stringent to embrace diversity, in terms of contributions, cultures, and customs, to promote open and honest communication across departments, and to encourage professional bonds between co-workers. 

  • Manage Time Zone Differences Effectively 

A major sticking point when it comes to managing and improving multi-national global workforces is the issues created by the many different time zones.

It is universally accepted that by far the best way to combat this problem is to choose to outsource your accounting and payroll department to a prestigious and established third-party company that is experienced in the provision of global payroll services.

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Not only will global payroll services result in a much stronger and tighter management of your team, but this will also be of immeasurable benefit to your customers and clients as well, who will experience a new, 24\7 customer service provision, which will in turn naturally boost your overall levels of customer satisfaction. Without this, you could face issues that are both time-consuming and counterproductive to your goals.

  • Set Clear Deadlines, Targets & Objectives 

You will already, presumably, be fully aware of the danger of too-many meetings scheduled into the work diary, to a point that you are unable to get any real done, usually through no fault of anyone – just the inability to see the wood for the trees.

With remote workers and multi-national teams, this issue becomes even more of a negative catalyst, and to combat this, you should, from now on, ensure that you keep the number of meetings to a minimum, and what is more, use this time as wisely as possible. 

With the differenttime zones, scheduling a company-wide meeting should be planned for weeks, and you should have a clearly defined itinerary to which you should stick. Furthermore, it would be prudent to have fewer meetings in the diary but have these meetings last for several hours and use such time to address serious business issues, developments, and plans only. 

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