How to Get Soft Hands With Three Easy Homemade Remedies

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Home Cures for Rough Hands

The skin on our hands takes the brunt of every chore—from taking care of the kids to washing dishes to weeding the garden. All of this daily wear inevitably leads to your hands looking as though they belong to someone older than you really are.

The soaps and other cleaning products we use today can cause your hands to look discoloured, wrinkly, and rough. Luckily, there’s no need to worry. Use these three easy home remedies to get back the soft, supple hands you once had!

  1. One-Minute-to-Soft-Palms Scrub

This simple hand scrub only takes a minute, but it will leave your skin feeling softer and smoother in just 60 seconds. After a long day of work, your hands deserve some pampering and refreshment. This easy hand scrub will give you the relief you need in just a minute.


  1. tablespoon olive oil
  2. tablespoon sugar


To make this sugar scrub, simply put the sugar in the palm of one hand and slowly pour the olive oil into it. Using your other palm, start rubbing the scrub into your palms and hands. Massage your fingers and hands with gentle squeezing and circular motions for about 30 seconds. Then relax your palms and let the scrub sink in for another 30 seconds. Now you’re done! Simply wash out your hands with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. So smooth, you can’t stop touching your hands, can you?


Wearing gloves while cleaning can help protect your hands from the harsh chemicals in detergents and dishwashing liquids. These chemicals can damage the thin skin on your hands, making them look dry, discoloured, and old. At the gym, wearing gloves while working out with dumbbells and other weights can help prevent your palms from getting hard and callused over time. During the night, we actually have six to eight hours of great opportunity to show some extra love to our hands.

  1. Overnight Treatment: Vaseline and Socks

If you want to give your hands some extra special love, try an overnight intense softening treatment using only two items! All you need is a pair of cotton gloves and some hand cream. Simply apply the hand cream to your hands before bed, and then slip on the cotton gloves. In the morning, your hands will be softer than ever!

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Wash your hands with gentle soap and dry them off. Then get a dollop of Vaseline and rub it into your hands. Take an extra 30 seconds to massage your hands gently. Then slip the socks over your hands and go to bed. Wake up the next day to supple, soft hands.


Ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat”? Well, it turns out that this adage can also be applied to your skin. Eating certain foods like avocados and nuts can actually help give your skin a natural glow due to the vitamins and nutrients they contain.

In addition to eating the right foods, it’s also important to ensure that you’re drinking enough water. Our bodies are made up of 70 percent water, so if you’re not properly hydrated, it will show in the form of dry, rough, and patchy skin. And remember, if you’re only drinking water after your lips crack, then you’re already dehydrated!

Finally, don’t forget to give yourself a massage. This will help improve circulation and promote healthy skin cells.

  1. Citrus Power: Lighten and Soften your Hands

If your hands are looking dark and discoloured, use citrus to lighten them and soften your palms.


The following ingredients are needed for this recipe: 2 teaspoons lemon juice, 2 teaspoons honey, 2 teaspoons baking soda.


Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. In a small container, mix together equal parts of all the ingredients. Now apply this mixture onto your hands, rubbing it in and massaging your hands for a minute. Allow the mixture to sit on your hands for five to 10 minutes. Finally, wash your hands in warm water. Do not use soap directly afterwards. Repeat this process at least twice a week to remove discoloration and promote soft healthy-looking hands.

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When you’re headed out in the sun, don’t forget to generously apply sunscreen to your hands! Many people remember to put it on their face but forget about their hands, which are just as susceptible to sun damage.

And don’t forget to reapply after you wash your hands. Hot water can be bad for your skin. Beauty experts will tell you that it can cause the pores on your skin to open wide, exposing it to damage. Washing frequently in hot water can dry out the skin and create wrinkles, so it’s best to avoid it if possible.

It’s important to note that the information in this article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge.

However, it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you’re pregnant or nursing, make sure to consult with a qualified healthcare provider on an individual basis. And if you’re experiencing a medical emergency, seek immediate help. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies can often have dangerous side effects, so it’s important to be aware of them before using any type of medication.

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