How to Properly Care for and Maintain Your Human Hair Wig

When you invest in a human hair wig, proper upkeep is key to maintaining its lifespan. This includes regular shampooing and conditioning and storing the wig correctly.

Start by washing the wig with lukewarm water – not hot, not cold. Gently squeeze (do not wring or twist) the excess water out of the wig.

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Human hair wigs are a long-term investment, so caring for them is essential. This includes regularly washing, conditioning, and styling them to maintain quality. They also respond to the natural environment, such as humidity, dryness and rain, so protecting your wig by storing it in a cool place is important.

Before you wash your wig, gently detangle it using a wide-tooth comb or wig brush to avoid extra breakage. This is especially important for curly or textured wigs. You can use a moisturizing shampoo formulated for sulfate-free wigs to help keep your wig soft and healthy.

When washing your wig, fill your sink or bathtub with lukewarm water and mix in shampoo. Work the shampoo into your wig, careful not to rub or scrub. Once your wig is thoroughly saturated, run it under cool water to rinse off the shampoo and excess moisture. Rinse the wig from root to tip so you don’t miss any spots.

After rinsing:

  1. Apply a conditioner to your wig and gently run it through.
  2. Be careful not to overdo it, as this can cause the wig to feel weighed down and greasy.
  3. Let the conditioner sit in your wig for a few minutes before rinsing again with cold water.


A moisturizing hair oil or serum is a great way to keep your human hair wig soft, shiny and healthy. Especially on the ends of your wig, which are most susceptible to dryness and breakage, this will help strengthen them and prevent further damage. Argon, Jojoba, and coconut oil are some of the best moisturizing products available.

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Wash your wig periodically. Wigs should be washed at most once every 7-14 days, depending on how often you wear them. Washing your wig more frequently than this can cause the hair to become dull, dry and brittle.

When washing your wig, use a mild shampoo for color-treated hair and rinse it thoroughly with cool to lukewarm water. It’s important to avoid hot or warm water as this can cause the hair to be dry and brittle and damage the fibers.

Once your wig is washed, gently squeeze to remove any excess water or use a clean towel to press out the excess. Never twist or wring your wig.

Next, use a small amount of conditioner formulated for color-treated hair and gently, evenly work it through your wig, starting at the base of your head and working toward the end. Leave the conditioner on your wig for a few minutes before rinsing it off according to the product instructions.


Human hair wigs require added moisture to maintain their soft, healthy appearance. Using hair oils or moisturizers on your wig after every washing is a good idea, just as you would with your natural hair. A few drops of hair oil applied to your strands or the base of your wig will help keep it hydrated, preventing dryness and breakage.

Avoid brushing your wig while it is still wet. Hair is weakest when wet, and the teeth of a brush or pins from a comb can easily snag the cap and cause damage to your wig. Once your wig is completely dry, you can brush it, but remember to go slowly and gently. Brush upward from the bottom, making sure not to get too close to the base of the cap.

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If you have a lace front human hair wig, you must be extra careful when brushing this type of wig. The lace that makes up the front of your wig can be fragile and tear if you aren’t careful.

Always use a shampoo specially formulated for wigs rather than a regular shampoo. Wig shampoo is milder and will not strip your wig of its natural oils. If you use regular shampoo, use a conditioner specifically formulated for wigs to restore your wig’s lost oils.


Human hair wigs can last years longer than synthetic ones when properly cared for. They can also be easily styled for a wide variety of looks.

Avoid washing your wig more than once a week to keep it as healthy as possible. Wigs that are washed too frequently can cause the hair to lose its natural luster and moisture.

Wigs should also be conditioned at least every 6 to 8 years. Use a deep conditioner formulated for color-treated hair and apply it from mid-shaft to the ends of the strands.

It would help if you also tried limiting heat styling with your human hair wig as much as possible. Blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners can all dry out your wig’s strands and lead to breakage. If you need a heat styling tool, always use a heat protectant on your wig and only use it on the lowest setting possible.

Before you begin to wash your wig, it’s a good idea to give it a quick detangling using either your fingers or a tooth comb. You’ll want to do this before shampooing the wig because brushing it while wet can cause damage to the strands. Always use lukewarm water for washing. Cold water will dry out the strands, and hot water will cause them to become stretched.

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