How to redact pdf free- Know Before Spending $300

how to redact pdf free

You have sensitive, confidential information inside of a PDF file. You need to share the document with someone and remove all the sensitive data. What do you do and how to redact pdf free?

You will need an app that will help keep your important documents or sensitive matters confidential. You can also set the 6 digit PIN number as per your choice. Only whom you share can see, no one else can.

The simplest solution is to download an application that will allow you to redact pdf free for confidential information. This blog post provides five great options of applications that can help protect your personal or company’s security as well as make it easier for you to share important documents with your team members. In this article, we will discuss in detail. So, let’s get started.


Getting Know: How to redact pdf free in 2021


If you don’t know How to redact pdf free, then it will be a nightmare for you. It is not rocket science. So, you can do it by maintaining some easy steps. Let’s have a look. 


Download the free trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Open a document in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and click on “File” then “Redact”

Click on “Select Text to Redact” or press Ctrl+A 

Press Shift+Del to redact text from your document 

To delete selected text, press Delete 

Press Enter when you’re done redacting your text and save the file as a pdf



5 Best pdf software to redact pdf free


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There are five great options of applications that can help protect your personal or company’s security as well as make it easier for you to share important documents with team members.

In this article, we will discuss in detail these five applications and the benefits they can offer your company or personal needs. So, let’s get started!


#1 PDF Studio Pro:

The first application is called PDF Studio Pro which helps protect information that has been redacted by applying a black-out layer over   the information that has to be withheld.


The application is one of the most expensive options for this list, but it also includes some other great features like being able to set permissions on documents so they can’t be edited or printed out and a signature form which makes it easier for you to sign off on documents with your digital ID  if needed .


The PDF Studio Pro has some great features for protecting the information but at a price. It is also one of the more expensive options on this list so it may be best to try out another application before making your final decision if you are looking for something that is less costly.  However, since there are other benefits like setting permissions on documents. It prevents them from being edited or printed out. It is a digital signature form. This may be worth the investment if you are looking for these additional features.


For those who need to share confidential information with others such as employees but want to make sure they only see what is necessary, there are some great tools available online which can help keep this information private. One such application is called Redact PDF Free and it makes the process of redacting pdf documents easy for anyone to do with just a few clicks.


#2 PDF Expert 6: 

The 2nd application in my list is  PDF Expert. This application is also highly rated and has some great features to help you out when it comes to redacting pdf documents. You can use this app to do a few different things such as creating a new document, editing the content of an existing one or just adding text in order  create labels for your redacted information. There are  some other features that you can use with this application and it is all set up in a nice user-friendly interface.

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It’s also important to note that PDF Expert will allow you to export your documents as well so  they are not only viewable on the computer but shared or printed off as needed. Although I have used both of these  applications to redact pdf documents, PDF Expert is the one that I would recommend.


With a powerful set of tools, you can view and annotate PDFs with ease. You can also create new documents from scratch or convert existing files to PDF format. And because it’s an Apple product, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the latest iOS features like multitasking and AirDrop.


#3 PDFelement:

The 3rd app in our list is  PDFelement and it is another robust tool. This one also has a nice interface, but I found that its functions were not as intuitive or easy to use as the other two applications mentioned here.


“PDFelement is a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable PDF editor that lets you create, edit and share your documents in the popular PDF format.”


This app features advanced editing tools for working with images inside PDFs. It can be used to crop, rotate, resize and extract files from documents where  redaction is not required. It also allows you to add text and images from other files in the right-hand panels.


I would recommend PDFelement when your needs are more complex, or if information must be redacted without modifying content of a document (but it’s not as userfriendly).


With its intuitive interface, you can quickly add text or images to any page of your document. You can also easily change fonts or colors on individual words or lines with just one click. And if you need to make changes to an existing document, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping content from another file into the right place!


#4 Xodo Docs:

The 4th number application  I would recommend is Xodo Docs. It has a more limited number of features than PDFelement, but it’s free and easy to use – even for beginners!


You can redact pdf documents by adding text or images over the top of existing content on any page. You can also apply different levels of transparency so that you are  only able to see the black text or image you’ve added.


With Xodo, you can also add and remove pages from any pdf document on your computer, import new content from other files (even Office documents!), create a blank document with just one click, and more!


Xodo Docs is a new and revolutionary way to store, share, and collaborate on your documents.


With the ability to create folders for different projects or clients, you can easily keep all of your files organized. You can also share with others by sending them an invite link or inviting them as collaborators in order to work together on a document. The best part? All of this is done from within the app!


If you’re looking for a new way to manage your documents that’s easy-to-use and intuitive then give Xodo Docs a try today! It’s free so there’s nothing holding you back from giving it a shot. And if it doesn’t work out for you then no worries because we offer 30 days money back guarantee!


#5 PDFpen:

The 5th  best PDF editor is PDFpen. It is one of the best editor in my list. I personally use this app because of its all perfect features. 

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PDFpen is the best way to create, edit and share PDFs on your Mac. With features like commenting, highlighting and drawing, you can easily add annotations to any document. You can also convert documents into different formats for easy sharing or editing with other apps. And it’s all done in a single app that’s simple enough for anyone to use!


The time has come for you to stop using clunky software from another era and start using modern tools that work better than ever before. PDFpen is a powerful and easy-to-use Mac app that lets you view, create, edit, annotate, fill out and convert PDFs. 


You can use it to open any PDF file from your computer or the web. It also allows you to work with many different languages including English, French, German and Spanish. The interface is clean and intuitive so anyone can get started right away.


#6 Foxit PDFMobile:

Are you looking for a way to read PDFs on your mobile device? Foxit PDFMobile is the best app for reading, annotating and editing PDF files. It’s fast, reliable and easy-to-use so you can focus on what matters most – your work. You don’t need any special skills or training to use it. And with our intuitive interface, it will be second nature in no time at all.


With Foxit PDFMobile, you can take advantage of all the benefits of using a desktop application like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Pro without having to install anything on your computer! You also get advanced features that are only available in desktop applications such as commenting tools and document signing capabilities. Plus, there are many more features waiting for you to explore!


With Foxit PDFMobile, you can read and annotate your documents on the go. It’s easy to use and it works with any document type – including scanned paper! You’ll be able to take notes in real-time as well as highlight text and make comments. Plus, there’s no need for an internet connection because everything is stored locally on your device!


#7 PDFfiller:

PDFfiller is a free online document editor that allows you to create, edit and sign PDF documents. You can use PDFfiller for anything from creating your resume or filling out an application form to signing contracts and agreements. It’s the perfect tool for anyone who needs to work with PDFs on a regular basis. And it’s completely free!

Signing up takes less than 2 minutes and once you do. You can start using our service right away. There are no limits on how many documents. You can create or edit so go ahead and make as many as you want! We never ask for any personal information like credit card details or email addresses. Everything is 100% secure here at!

 PDFfiller’s drag and drop interface makes it easy to build beautiful, interactive forms without any design skills or technical knowledge. It’s perfect for small businesses that need to collect information from customers. But don’t have the time or resources to hire a designer.

With PDFfiller, you can quickly and easily create powerful marketing tools that will help you grow your business. From surveys and quizzes to order forms and event registration – we’ve got everything you need! And with our intuitive dashboard, managing all of these different types of form becomes easy as pie.

Final word 

We’ve made it easy for you to redact PDFs with our free online tool. Simply upload your document. We will automatically remove sensitive information like social security numbers, credit card numbers. The other personal data from the file in seconds. You can also use this service to protect your own privacy by removing any sensitive data. Before sharing or sending an email attachment.

In this article, we were trying to give information on how to redact pdf free. We were also trying to give 7 best pdf software, so you can easily use this and do your work. 


If you have any questions let me know via email or comment below the post. Thanks for your attention.

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