Importance of technology for future world.

importance of technology

Technology is not just a couple of words; instead, this term brings lots of changes in this world. When you wake up in the morning, your daily task starts with using technology. When you go out for work, there you also commence by using technology like transport. More or less, technology brings dramatic changes in education, business, transportation, and so on. Moreover, technology does not just remain the same; instead, it continuously changes. As civilized people, we can’t get the latest amenities when we have zero knowledge about the importance of technology.

 Besides, this knowledge becomes mandatory because technology touches every sector in our life. Hopefully, this article will notify you of how we benefited through technology this day—all you need to use a technique like a coffee machine to make coffee and read attentively.

Importance of Technology in Today’s World

Technology makes this world’s activity so fast. Today, we can do anything so quickly through technological advancement. Here on, we discuss the importance of technology in every sector of our life.

In Education

What do you see in today’s education sector?  A dramatic change than a few years ago. Today, you will see an iPad or tablet pc in the classroom, which makes the learning effective. Students can quickly find out their desired topics online. Therefore, learning becomes more comfortable than previously when people have to turn over the book page for information. You know the recent disaster named COVID-19 pandemic.

People have to stay inside their homes due to avoid this virus contact. Approximately 1.38 billion learners throughout the world become affected because of shut down of educational institutions. Thankfully, technology helps us slightly to continue the learning process of these huge learners. Therefore, students can able to keep their learning through online platforms like meet, Skype, Zoom, etc. 

Not only do students need to stay inside the home, but other professions people also follow the same. Here technology makes these people’s time fruitful slightly. For instance, Udemy, an online learning platform, here the enrolment for course surge by 425% in March 2020. In the following month, in April, the enrollment amount becomes 300%. You can easily understand that people don’t leave their time without doing anything rather increases their knowledge. Unlike the Udemy platform, you will find many free like Khan Academy, edx, etc. Today, YouTube has also become a great source to earn knowledge.

In Communication

In the bygone period, people had to use pigeons or horses for communication or exchange information. Over time, this medium has been changing dramatically, and the past method takes place in the museum. At first, we saw the telephone with a long wire; now we have wireless mobile phones. Today, various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. make people connected and social. Eventually, the past pen friend term becomes replaced by this latest technology.

Again we come to the COVID-19 pandemic when every institution has to shut down for a long time. But the activity doesn’t stop; rather, it continues through the online platform. People use Google meet, Skype, Zoom, etc. to do the official meeting, knowing other conditions, and so on. Besides, people can continue their official activity through Slack, Whiteboard, and mind mapping tools, and so on. Thankfully, in this pandemic, the doctor can provide a suggestion, prescription, etc. through the telemedicine service. People can’t think this in the last century when the Spanish flu broke out in 1918. 

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However, now, people can communicate beyond this earth and maintain communication in the space center. 

In Business

In the past, business seemed difficult for people because sourcing, selling is not easy enough. Today, a breakthrough idea named e-commerce business became so popular throughout the world. You may see some popular platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Walmart to buy and sell various products. Those who have products can easily open an account on any of those platforms and can start selling. Many online businesses could gain popularity among people like Uber, Airbnb, etc. 

In the past, a businessman only depended on TV advertisements, print media, or posters to notify about the products. But now, advertisement becomes digitized and named like social media marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, etc. Interestingly, the social media advertising market became double from $16 billion in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016. Moreover, you can easily target your actual audience and reach your product’s full details to them. 

Many software that is developed to boost up a business performance like ProofHub, Todo. Vu, StudioCloud, and so on. 

In Employment

Wherever you look, you will see the technology’s touch even in the job sector. The employer used to publish their employee seeking advertisements in traditional media like in daily, TV advertisements, etc. But where do you look for a job now? Today, 60% of people are searching for their first job online. There are many specialized platforms for searching for any job like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Upwork,, various social media, etc.  This platform became so popular among both job givers and takers. 

You already know that many online platforms help to increase skills. So, when you acquire any skills, you can easily find a job through that skill. You will find your skill related job on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Upwork, Freelancer, and etc. platform. In the Upwork, there are 5 million registered clients, and 12 million registered freelancers already exist. And, the annual job posting in Upwork becomes 3 million, which is equal to $1 billion. 

However, many new forms of jobs become popular like WordPress theme development, data scientist, virtual assistance, medical transcriptionists, etc. Interestingly, many businesses become digitized after this COVID-19 pandemic like Microsoft’s start e-commerce site for selling products. Whatever we say, one thing is clear that without soft skills, you may lag behind in the future job sector. 

In Transportation

Technology has a great influence on the modern transportation system so we can reach the destination so quickly. In the past, people needed to travel on foot, and it took a long time to reach. Also, there lie security issues such as being affected by bandit, losing the exact path, etc. But today, we have a GPS system, personal car, bus, plane, ship, etc. to reach our destination safely. Recently, scientists have worked hard to develop the hyperloop system. This system will make travel faster than the traditional system. In India, the proposed hyperloop train system will take 23 minutes to reach, which took three hours previously. 

Are you only traveling inside this world? This question seems peculiar in the past, but now due to technological advancement, people travel beyond this earth. Today, people see a dream to travel on Mars, which was unexpected for people in the past. Thankfully, Space travel became cheap when SpaceX invented advanced rockets and spacecraft. The day is not too long when the journey between spaces to earth becomes a normal phenomenon. 

In Security

You can find the importance of technology in the security arena. Tight security becomes people’s one of the must-have requirements. People need security in the office, home, traveling, and almost in all areas. Here technology plays a satisfactory role by inventing the IP camera, GPS tracker, surveillance software, and many more. Today no one has a fear of losing their path because of the GPS tracker. You may watch a 127-hour movie where a tourist accidentally got stuck in a stone and passed 127 hours. Hopefully, we don’t need to fear traveling or hiking because we can use GPS. 

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However, we mostly depend on computers and smartphones for many purposes. Here many antivirus software, security software comes to protect our valuable data.


Why is technology important in our life?

Technology is not just a name; rather, it has a great influence on making our life easy. Today, if you start counting your technology use from dawn to dusk, hopefully, it will become a big list. When we wake up and going to the washroom there, we use technology to fresh. In education, business, transportation, medical, security, job sector, wherever you look, you will see the touch of technology. Moreover, our tasks become so easy and comfortable with technology. After all, our life becomes so easy and fast with the technology’s touch.

What are the benefits of technology?

The benefits of technology are huge and can’t describe shortly. But here you will find the major one, such as-

  • Helps in distance learning.
  • Assist in maintaining communication.
  • Make the journey comfortable.
  • Helps in better treatment.
  • It helps to find a job easily.
  • Help to increase our skills through various platforms.
  • Increase efficiency in the workplace.
  • It helps to tighten the security of the home, workplace, etc.

Why is technology important in education?

Technology plays a great role in the education sector, and it makes the education available for all. Today, you may see people from Bangladesh can take USA degrees through online platforms. Student can increase their knowledge through many platforms like edx, Khan Academy, etc. Interestingly, if anyone wants, he can hear a famous lecturer’s lecture online.—many global degrees like ACCA, CIMA which anyone can do online. However, today printed books become replaced by digital books. Therefore, a student doesn’t need to carry a huge bag rather an iPad or tablet can fulfill the demand. 

What are 5 advantages of technology?

Advantages you will find many when you talk about technology. You could see technology’s touch in every sector. Whatever, let’s see 5 major advantages of technology.

  • Daily tasks become speedy, efficient.
  • People can store and share a huge amount of data for future use.
  • Now, we can easily establish a remote connection.
  • Technology brings automation, which will bring a new era in the future.
  • Technology makes communication so easy and cost-efficient.

Can technology improve our life?

Yes, technology has a great influence on our lives, and it makes our life cozy. Let’s see in the following of how technology improves our life.

  • Technology developed the distance learning process.
  • Maintain communication becomes easy with advanced technology.
  • Technology makes the journey comfortable.
  • Technology brings many facilities in the medical sector.
  • With the latest technology job, searching becomes easy.
  • People can increase their skills online platform.
  • Efficiency increase in the workplace.
  • Many advanced technologies help to tighten the security of the home, workplace, etc.

All those advantages can be possible with the latest technology as well as importance of technology

Final Thought

Technology word becomes common in people’s tone. This becomes possible due to technology becomes part and parcel of our daily life. Wherever we touch, we will see the touch of technology in there. Therefore, the importance of technology can’t express in a couple of words; rather, it deserves a big platform.

Whatever it is, it’s time to finish today’s discussion. Hopefully, the intention which reaches you in this URL, we can fulfill slightly. We finished by giving a message that excessive dependency on technology may create problems in the future. If you have any questions about the importance of technology please share your question in below comment section.

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