JCPenny Bankruptcy Store Closings And What Happened With The Company!

JCPenny bankruptcy store closings

Introduction of JCPenny bankruptcy store closings : 

JCPenney is one of the most ancient retail stores in America. And previously, it has made a success story for quite a long time. But then the misfortune came crossed its way. Indeed covid-19 pandemic has excellent effects on the economy and finance all over the world. Moreover, it has a deadly impact on America in particular. As a result, in May, JCPenny bankruptcy store closings filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Further, they declared 30% of their stores. Consequently, the employees working there have to face the consequences too. Since JCPenney was a significant and old store in America, its shut down is a grave story. But JCPenney is trying hard to avoid liquidating. So they are selling the major outlets. However, the JCPenny bankruptcy store closings were an unfortunate event indeed. 

The JCPenny bankruptcy store closings store:

The JCPenney store is ancient. So to know about it, we need to go back in time. It is the witness of many global revolutions. The owners established the JCPenney in 1902. And previously, James Cash Penney and William Henry McManus showed it. Yet it was a central shop at that time. However, till bankruptcy, it had 689 locations in over 49 states. But it serves only in America. Indeed it sold a considerable number of times. For instance, articles of clothing, cosmetics, and footwear.

Moreover, it sold jewelry, electronics, and housewares. Besides, it also sold furniture and toys. Notably, it had 90 000 employees working for it till January of 2020. However, the majority of outlets of JCPenney are in suburban shopping malls. 

Previously before 1966, they were situated in downtown areas. But shopping malls became trendy after the 20th century. Hence JCPenny started to shift in malls. Though in the early days it was very famous. Moreover, the other big stores like Walmart and Target were not there then. However, all of its glory was taken away. Resultantly in May of 2020, it filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Besides, it has declared to close 30℅ of its stores. Hence it closed over 150 outlets and plans to close 15 more outlets by March of 2021. All these unfortunate occurrences led to the JCPenny bankruptcy store closings. But there is still a piece of good news. 

JCPenny bankruptcy store closings before bankruptcy:

JCPenney was once an iconic store. Indeed its age defines its value. It recently celebrated 118 years. However, had a rough time for some years now. Yet it began perfectly. It had named the first store ‘The Golden Rule.’ Indeed the name was justified. Because it reigned for a long time, besides it extended up to more than 800 areas in the U. S and Puerto Rico. However, over the years, fashion standards and commodities had changed a lot. But JCPenney kept up with it all.

Moreover, it was actively engaged in philanthropic activities. But it mainly worked with the youths. So it helps kids to continue their studies and fulfill some basic requirements. In brief, the bits of help include clothing needs, programming the children, and career formulation. Besides, it won several awards for its outstanding performance too. 

Chapter 11 bankruptcy :

There are two types of usual bankruptcy in business. Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 are two forms of bankruptcy. Notably, the Chapter 11 bankruptcy helps the business institute to reorganize themselves. So it has another name, which is ‘reorganization’ bankruptcy. Later the court gives time to the institution to reorganize themselves. Hence it helps a business institute to provide a fresh start. However, they set the terms and conditions later. Besides, it depends on whether the debtors can fulfill the obligations or not. However, it is the most expensive form of bankruptcy. However, the process is not speedy at all. It is the last hope for a lost business. Indeed it is quite useful. 

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Besides, it lets the business ongoing and open during bankruptcy. But sometimes, the business owner is dishonest or fraudulent. Therefore, the court takes necessary steps against him. Hence the JCPenny bankruptcy store closings are an example of it. Not only JCPenney but also some other prominent retailed shops went bankrupt in 2020. And the ongoing Covid-19 can bear the burden because It had a worse effect on finance and the economy worldwide. And even specialists feared a near famine. 

Moreover, stores were closed at that time. Resultantly a lot of people lost their jobs. Indeed it made life difficult for them too. 

What JCPenney told about its bankruptcy :

Bankruptcy is a nightmare for all the business. And nobody wants to face it anyhow. Therefore, after the tragic bankruptcy, JCPenney announced some of its plans. Besides, it informed me that it would build some store optimization strategy. Further, it planned to close 200 of their stores. However, it would make some other plans for financial restructuring. However, all this time, it intended to create a sustainable and profitable move. But it kept the significant outlets for the customers. Therefore, customers can still have access to the products and brands they need. Consequently, they provided all this information in their blog. 


The JCPenny bankruptcy store closings indeed made a headline. Therefore it needed to take a tactical move to restore its fame. Besides, save jobs of thousands working here. However, JCPenney filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, the Brookfield Property Partners and Simon property Groups bought it for 800 million US Dollars in cash and debt. Thus, the store was saved. 

JCPenney Survives Going Bankruptcy:

JCPenny filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May of 2020. However, Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows a business institute to remain in operation. And also allows for restructuring the debt. Undoubtedly in September of 2020, Brookfield Property Partners and Simon Property Group bought it. Furthermore, in total, it cost 800 million dollars in cash and debt. And two months later, the U. S bankruptcy court for the Southern District of Texas approved it. Therefore, the JCPenney departmental store chain is back. But this time, it is smaller but more solvent. 

Conversely, it has now split the JCPenny into two halves. So one part is an operating company. And it is run by its mall landlords. 


Besides, lenders own the other half. And it is a property company. Consequently, court supervision has freed the operating company from chapter 11 bankruptcy. But the property group will require time. And they may need half of 2022 to organize everything. Therefore, through this fortunate event, thousands of jobs will be saved. Moreover, it will also preserve the iconic JCPenney. 

Do we need JCPenney:

The JCPenney bankruptcy store closings news was very upsetting. But it was good news that the JCPenney store did not go bankrupt. Though there remains a question. Do we need JCPenney?JCPenney is an old renowned store for quite a long time. But it lost its popularity over the years. Because the growth of other retail shops is very high. Moreover, in America, Target and Walmart have grown a lot.

 So the popularity of these two shadows the other retail shops. Besides, amazon and other online websites captured internet shopping. So after 118 years, it is predictable that JCPenney may not extend anymore. Though things can change, and let’s hope that things get in favor of the iconic JCPenney. 

The fresh start of JCPenney:

Even before the corona pandemic, it did not have a profitable business. It all began a decade ago. It started when sales and profit fell when CEO Myron Ullman was in charge. As a result, in 2016, there was a significant drop of 0. 4℅. And it declined more in 2017, which was 0. 1℅. 

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Further, this followed in 2017, and there was a significant drop of 7. 1%. Besides lastly in 2019, its net sale contracted from 8. 1℅ to 10. 7 % billion Us dollars. Besides, nowadays, people are more defective to specialty shops and online stores. Hence JCPenny had been suffering losses for some years before the pandemic. 

It has gone through losses continuously for some years. But now, it has finally made some changes to be still in the race. Even so, it has to be careful in many ways. Consequently, to get back its lost reputation, it needs to level up. Moreover, this is the age of the internet and online dependency. So it needs to grow. And it requires some method to gain back the trust of customers. So JCPenny Bankruptcy store closings should not happen again. And the stores left must be run systemically. Therefore this time, they need to ensure a firm base. 

Achievable Goals:

JCPenny bankruptcy store closings were grave news. Since now, it is saved from bankruptcy. So it needs to make some sustainable goals. Because they need to prevent such damages further, it needs to focus on stability more than growth. 

Most importantly, it needs to gain back the trust of the customers. And they need to take steps to attract customers. Chapter 11 was the only way through which they were saved. So they need to make a firm base. However, the mall owners of the operating company also won. 

They have a low-cost option on what they want to do with all the properties of JCPenney. Besides, there will be only 600 JCPenny stores left open. They need to make sure the company does not again go bankrupt. However, it is really for JCPenny to be ahead in the race. Because Walmart and Target have reached every corner. And Amazon has taken over the internet. 

Frequently asked questions on JCPenny bankruptcy store closings: 

Question: How many JCPenney stores are closing permanently? 

Answer: JCPenny reported to close 154 stores permanently initially. But this 118-year-old store will complete a total of 242 stores. And these will close by fall all over America. 

Question: Is JCPenney all bankrupt?

Answer: JCPenney filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May of 2020. But it got saved in September as Brookfield Property Partners, and Simon Property Group purchased it. 

Question: How much does JCPenney pay per hour?

Answer: There is an individual pay scale for JCPenney. Besides, one can quickly check it on their website. However, a lot of employees will lose jobs due to store closing. 

Question: Can one order from JCPenney online?

Answer: One can easily enjoy same-day in-store pickup for many of the items from JCPenney. The items include apparel, accessories, and many more. And it takes 4-6 business days to get delivery at home, office or anywhere within the country. 

Question: How can one track his JCPenney order?

Answer: One can easily keep up with the order by its phone number or customer care call. Moreover, one can register at JCPenney. com. And then check out there by logging in through email. So this is a straightforward way. 


Sometimes companies can bounce back from bankruptcy boldly. And make more profit. So we hope the same for JCPenney. JCPenny bankruptcy store closings were an unfortunate incident. Hence they need proper strategies. Then they can come back to business. However, some of the specialists are still worried about their progress. But surely they can level up. But they will need proper tactics. 

Moreover, they need to slash their expenses. Also, they must prioritize their debts. Therefore, in this way, they need proper regulations. However, the covid 19 pandemics made more businesses shut down. And it is complicated for the entire globe to cope up with all the losses. But we can work harder and try better. Thus we can meet up the losses. And the JCPenny bankruptcy store closings should not repeat. However, this bankruptcy may seem small individually. But overall, it has the worst effect on the economic balance. 


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