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Sometimes, however, free spins come with certain conditions, so-called wagers. This may mean, for example, that you must first have played for a certain amount before you can pick out the winnings from a free spin. That means no risk whatsoever for you, you still get a free spin on a hopefully fun slot machine. Some casinos offer completely free, free spins which are free spins without any conditions. In practice, this means that the casino gives away money to its customers. Who said there were no free lunches in the world? The important thing is that you choose online casinos that are serious and can be trusted. On this page we have collected some of the most serious and best sites that offer free spins. 

Fast, easy withdrawals at safe & secure casinos are now a reality at more gaming sites than before! If you choose a casino from the list on this page, you will avoid the hassle and it will be as quick as possible to get the winnings on the account.  Offering fast withdrawals is one of the biggest signs of good quality at a casino and a great way for online casinos to show their customers that they really care and are serious about their business. In addition to the casino, there are some other things that can affect how quickly it is possible to withdraw their money from the game account to the bank account. On the one hand, it is about which payment method you use to withdraw money from the casino and on the other hand how large the amount is that you should withdraw. The fastest withdrawal method right now is Trustly where withdrawals can be made in under 5 minutes directly to your bank account.

The casino is likely to be strong and stable financially. In order for them to offer their customers direct withdrawals, the casino must have very large amounts of money deposited as a balance on not just one but on many different payment services. Casinos often have many different payment methods that they offer to reach as many customers as possible, sometimes it can be as many as 30 or more accounts on different payment methods that the casino must have enough balance on to be able to pay out money to all its thousands of players every day. The casino has good and high quality service. In order for the casino to offer fast withdrawals, it is required that they have qualified staff who can provide a high level of service around the clock, all days of the week. The casino is usually fair and very respectable if they can offer their customers quick withdrawals. This is in contrast to some casinos that instead try to delay the time as much as possible so that you get tired and eventually give up trying to get your winnings from the casino. Although it is not so common for casinos to behave so badly, it actually occurs at some rogue online casinos. All in all, it says a lot about the casino’s business whether it is a casino with fast withdrawals or not. If there is one thing you should look at when you decide to play at a casino, it is in other words how quickly you can withdraw your possible winnings.

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Different payment methods take different amounts of time to pay out money to their customers. The absolute fastest way in the past to not only withdraw money but also deposit money at online casinos was so-called e-wallets. E-wallets are services for payment over the internet and there are an incredible number to choose from, but perhaps the most common are the services PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. If you are looking for a convenient and good way to withdraw or deposit money at the casino, All these are great options to use. Credit and debit cards can be another good option that tends to be pretty quick for withdrawing money but the downside of these alternatives to e-wallets is that not all credit and debit cards allow withdrawing money back to the card. Bank transfers usually take longer, which of course is not something that the casino itself has control over.

These methods usually take between 24 and 48 hours from the time you request to withdraw money from your gaming account until the money arrives in your bank account. The same conditions usually also apply to checks, you may have to wait 1-3 days before the check arrives at your mailbox. Although if you request a withdrawal by check, the time it takes also depends on how far away you live from the company that sends the check to you. And of course you have to take the check to the bank before the money gets into the account, which in some cases takes the longest.

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In late 2017 and early 2018, casinos started using Trustly and other services that are directly linked to your bank account and where you can easily identify yourself with BankID. These services allow for instant deposits and withdrawals within as little as 5 minutes. That said, This is nothing to worry about if you play at a safe and reputable online casino. If you play at a respectable and fair casino with fast withdrawals, the limit on how much money you can withdraw at one time does not usually apply to large winnings such as jackpots and especially progressive jackpots. So if you play at a reputable casino and are lucky and, for example, win a 7-digit jackpot, you usually don’t have to wait too long before you can take the money from the game account to the bank.

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