Free Live Tv Streaming Sites To Watch Shows, Sports, News

Free Live Tv Streaming Sites To Watch Shows, Sports, News

With technological advancement, the way of getting entertainment has changed dramatically. Today, we don’t need to only depend on cable networks for watching live TV channels. You know the use of the internet has skyrocketed, making the live streaming site viewing easier. To provide the live TV channel streaming service, many platforms are developed recently. Among those, some charge a small amount, and some offer free service. Today, we intend to introduce you to 10 free live TV streaming sites.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the main discussion. SO, let’s get started.

12 free live TV streaming sites


Our first selected free live TV streaming site is USTVGO. We picked this one due to having a user-friendly UI, category, channel selection, and many more. Users typically fear heavy advertisements while watching live programs on free streaming sites. Our selected USTVGO is free from this arena. Here you will find more than 80+ TV channels, and interestingly all the TV channels are premium. The most notable TV channels are:

Cartoon Network (CN) NGC, History Showtime
Science Fox truTV

The app of USTVGO comes with a very user-friendly video player. Interestingly, you will get a buffer-free streaming service and a quick-loading video facility, even though the internet speed is decent. In our final word, if you want to enjoy live TV streaming from the USA without paying any single penny, then you can choose USTVGO.

Let’s take a look at the features of USTVGO.

  • You will find more than 80 popular live channels.
  • The video player comes with a simple interface
  • You won’t encounter any pop-ups or redirects.
  • You can easily navigate the settings.

2. 123TV Now

Naturally, when we want to get any service from any free platform, we have to face registration, pop-up, and advertisement-related problems. Surprisingly, our 2nd selected live TV streaming is free from all those issues. To run this site, you need to choose your desired channel and then click on the button named Play. The using mechanism is similar to YouTube. Also, you will find the facility to schedule the upcoming and running shows.

Here you will find the US and UK-based popular TV channels. You can quickly get sports, news, kids, movies, and entertainment without facing redirects and advertisements from those channels.

However, let’s see some blissful features of 123 TV.

  • You don’t need to face subscription or registry-related issues.
  • Free from pop-ups, advertisements, and redirects.
  • Here lies a user-friendly video player where the video will load quickly.

3. UStream

Our third choice is UStream, where you will find more than 200 channels. All the channels are premium and based on movies, entertainment, sports, and so on. Although this streaming live TV site comes with some popular TV channels, you may encounter click ads or pop-up-related issues?

Surprisingly, you can use ad blockers to retard showing advertisements.

Note: While using an ad blocker, you may face the not loading-related problem, then you need to disable the adblocker. 

Now, let’s see which channels you will find on this live streaming site.

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ESPN USA Sky Sports Disney Jr
Eurosports TSN BT Sport

4. OK Live TV

Here is our 4th live TV streaming site, which lets you watch multiple streaming channels. To enjoy watching live streaming, you don’t need to sign up for a subscription; instead, you can start watching by clicking any channel on this site. Interestingly, it offers a simple video player along with less buffering time. One excellent point is this streaming platform isn’t legit, but here you will find multiple premium free TV channels. For watching those, you don’t need to pay anything.

This live streaming platform contains entertainment, sports, religion, documentaries, and so on related channels. Note: All the links herein may not work correctly, but the majority will work, hopefully. However, you can look at this OK Live TV whether it can fulfill your demand.

5. TVPlayer

Let’s introduce our next live streaming channel named TVPlayer. This live streaming platform has more than 80 live TV channels which can be watched on a mobile app or Web. Notably, this streaming site also has a premium version where you need to pay approximately $9 monthly.

After that, you can easily access your demanded channels by paying a small amount. Currently, TVPlayer offers its service in the UK market. Moreover, they work to cover the USA, Canada markets. Also, they intend to enter other European countries.

Now, take a look at the blissful features of the TVPlayer App.

  • You can enjoy UK-based channels.
  • You are allowed to record your proffered programs for later watch.
  • After getting the premium version, you can use that on 5 devices simultaneously.

6. Stream2Watch

You will find a good amount of resources on Stream2Watch. Interestingly, this live streaming platform is free to use. Here you will find various TV Channels from the US, Canada, UK, Russia, Italy, Spain, and so on. Moreover, you can easily switch to Sport related channels with a single click.

Another noted point is many channels may not run on this platform because it hosts channels from unreliable sources. Moreover, for a single stream, you will find more than one link herein.

Sad to say, you may face heavy advertisements while watching live streaming channels. But, that pain will allow you access to a good amount of channels without any subscription.

7. Sling TV

Our next live streaming platform is Sling TV which offers decent service. Moreover, this platform provides a customization facility, various channels. However, this streaming platform has a premium package that will charge you $15 monthly. After buying that package, you will get 31 channels.

Moreover, you will find a blend of news, sports, entertainment, and so on channels herein. Another package is called the Blue package, which will charge you $15 for 45 channels. Interestingly, you can get both packages combined under one package, which will charge $25 monthly.

8. TVCatchup

Now, we will introduce you to our next live streaming channel named TVCatchup. This platform contains all UK-based channels along with satellite cable channels. Moreover, here you will get free-to-air television service. Using this platform, you can watch some renowned TV channels like BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5.

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However, you will face advertisement-related issues, but it is subscription-free. Interestingly, this platform allows you to watch some popular UK-based channels using the mobile application. Another good point is you can use it to watch FTA channels from the UK without paying anything.

9. Pluto TV

Our next most popular live TV streaming site is Pluto TV which has millions of users throughout the world. You will find more than hundreds of live channels. Plus, you can easily watch your desired documentary, TV series, and so on for free. You will face advertisement-related issues herein, but you can choose content from a solid library. Another interesting point is this platform can be used by installing an app on multiple devices.

10. YouTube TV

Among the various available streaming subscription services in the US, YouTube TV is on the most popular list. Here lies CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, The CW, and so on. Interestingly, here you will find cloud DVR service without facing any storage limit-related issue. This YouTube TV contains over 80 US channels that can be watched directly using a PC or phone without any cable box.

Now, let’s see which channels can be watched using this platform.

Sports ESPN Network, FS, CBS RSN Channels, MLB Network, Golf Channel, NBA TV, NESN, Tennis Channel, Olympic Channel, etc
Entertainment BBC America, AMC, Comet, FX, FXM< FXX, Decades, IFC, Nat Geo, My Network TV, etc.
News Cheddar News, BBC, CNN, CNBC, HLN, Fox News, MSNBC.
Kids Disney, Cartoon Network, Universal Kids.

11. DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now offers more than 150 live streaming TV channels. AT&T develops this platform and already attracts huge subscribers.

That popularity comes due to its robust collection. Interestingly, you can easily choose your desired TV channel from its vast media library. Not only the live TV channels, but you can also watch TV shows and Movies.

An app is developed to provide this service, but it has some bugs that make the user experience not blissful. But, you can use this platform as an excellent way of enjoying various sports, entertainment, news, music, and other general channels.

12. Now TV

Sky plc brought a free subscription-based live streaming TV service named Now TV. This platform offers its service in Ireland, UK, and Italy. Though Sky plc develops it, here, you will find all Live Sports, TV Channels, and Programs offered by Sky Network. Therefore, you can easily access all Sky Network-owned live Sports Channels and other entertainment channels also.

You need to pay £9.99 monthly for the subscription fees. But, the authority offers 14 days trial sessions for free. After subscribed herein, you can easily access various entertainment sites. Interestingly, here you will find 10 Sports Channels. This live streaming platform can be run on more than 60 devices such as Smart TV, consoles.

So, let’s see what type of features Now TV offers.

  • It will support more than 60 platforms.
  • The service is available only in Ireland, Italy, and the UK.
  • You can enjoy 14 days free trial.

Final Words of free live TV streaming sites

Our above discussion is on some of the best free live TV streaming sites. Some of our enlisted sites are free, and some demand a small amount as subscription fees. Interestingly, using our enlisted sites is legal and won’t leak your privacy. But, you have to encounter creepy advertisement-related issues.

Last but not least, if you face any issues, you can freely comment in the comment section. Plus, if it seems to you informative, please share it with your friends.

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