Main tips before launching your site

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What to focus on when launching a site? What are the most important points? A professional opinion is here!

When launching a site: point to focus on

Your website is at the heart of your communication; it is the center of your presence on the web. It is important not to leave your site abandoned once created and launched; it must evolve continuously. So don’t stop at its launch and keep growing it!

You have created your website; everything is ready. Before publishing your website, you must check some details in order to be completely ready and launch a perfect site! Well, let’s take a look at the recommendations of SECL professionals.

1: Provide several ways to contact you

First of all, you need to provide people with some tips on how to contact you.

Social networks for your visibility

Social networks are now an integral part of the life of a very large majority of the public and have become essential for companies. To do this, as soon as you have created your website, be ready to interact with all interested people. Therefore, creating a profile on different social networks is important, whether it’s a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or other social networks according to your interests and target.

An email address for your credibility

It is essential to create a specific email address. This address will be useful for users of your website who want to contact you by email. This solution gives a much more professional and credible image of you.

In addition, it allows everyone to contact you, even those who do not have a profile on social networks.

A contact page on your website

This page is essential on any website. It allows users to contact you easily in case of a problem or a positive remark, of course! Creating a contact form is therefore necessary on your website to allow easy and fast contact between you and the user.

Make sure your information is correct, without mistakes, and is present on all site pages. You must therefore check all the contact information you enter on your website (email, phone, social networks) before putting your site online so as not to miss any messages!

2: Determine a framework for your website

Then comes the framework.

The structure of your website

It is essential to understand the structure to get a clear and easy-to-use website. It is important to facilitate paths for access to information, so the user does not get lost on your website. Otherwise, people will leave it after a few minutes.

Check the content

This may seem like it could be more useful, but checking the content before going online is essential!

First of all, check that your content sticks to your brand image in order to convey the right messages. It must be relevant; ask yourself this question: what is the user looking for first? It is important to put yourself in his shoes to understand his needs.

Content containing spelling errors will make you lose credibility and is not pleasant to read for the user.

3: Specify the personas

Defining target customers is no less important.

Create marketing personas

If you know who you are talking to, it will be easier to find where to announce that your site is launched, then interest visitors and retain them. To do this, do not hesitate to imagine, create an avatar, find a photo of the people you are targeting.

In short, create your marketing personas. They will allow you to know your customers (or future customers).

Adapt your content to the target audience

Once you have imagined your target audience, it will be much easier for you to offer them relevant and interesting content. So adapt your content to your marketing personas to please everyone!

4:Test your website

Testing matters, so you should never neglect this step.

A responsive website

Before presenting a site to the world, test its responsiveness: PC, Apple, Android smartphones, tablets, etc. Your website must be responsive. Nowadays, people often use their mobile phones to browse websites. Therefore, it is important to check that all site pages are responsible.

Test before launch

You can also ask people around you to visit it to evaluate the ergonomics and design. You will be able to collect different opinions from different age categories, for example. This will allow you to test your site on different targets and see if it fits with the image you want to give and the users you want to target. We can’t plan everything, but we can limit our worries.

5:Think about the details

You should also consider such things as SEO, security, content, etc.

Think about the SEO

A poorly optimized site in terms of SEO will have a lot of trouble gaining visibility. First of all, it is important to take care of your title (the “title” tag): it must be attractive and not too long so as not to be cut in Google results.

Then, think about the meta-description, i.e., the short description that appears under your title in Google results. It is important that it takes up the keywords and makes people want to read the rest of the page.

Your URLs must also be short and representative of your content. 

Secure your website

It is also important to check that your site is secure. Especially thanks to the HTTPS protocol and the SSL certificate. The HTTPS will encrypt Internet users’ data and ensure them perfectly secure browsing.

Organize the contents of your website

It is necessary to organize the content on your pages. The content must be fresh, clear, and separated by titles. A good organization of your content will make it easier for the user to read and make him want to stay longer on your website.

Track the data on your website

A little more, we advise you to utilize Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This will subsequently allow you to track your website’s returns and data!

These are the main points to consider when launching a site. Hopefully, now everything is clear. If you are still hesitating, ask professionals to help you!

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