Plug N Play Spa – Tips for Selecting the Best Hot Tubs

After a long day, a relaxing shower may be soothing, but soaking in a hot tub may be just what you need. Unlike a bath, this gives your body soothing relief while also relieving your pains.

A hot tub is a large tub filled with water that is used for hydrotherapy, relaxation, and enjoyment. It also has features that can be used for massage. It is different from a typical bath in that it can accommodate multiple people at once and does not necessarily require the use of soap.

There are several benefits attached to a hot tub, especially if you are using a plug n play spa. A ‘Plug and Play’ spa simply requires you to connect the plug into a standard household electrical outlet in order for it to work. If you want to add this facility to your building, you’ll find that obtaining a dependable brand isn’t always easy. However, if you live in or around Columbus, you can easily find a good plug n play spa in Columbus with the right guide handy.

This article will also outline relevant tips to guide you in selecting the best brand.

Types of Hot Tubs

Here are some options to look out for: 

Swim or Workout Spa

This is usually constructed in a separate room and is large enough for swimming and exercise, making it ideal for working out and staying in shape. Due to its bulky nature, it requires a sturdy base where it can easily be placed. It is, however, costly and requires a lot of room. This sort of spa has a high operating cost due to the amount of water needed to manage it and keep it at the proper temperature.

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Portable Tub 

This option is available in a variety of sizes, colors, seating patterns, and features. It can be readily moved from one location to another, but it takes a lot of effort. They are also more long-lasting, energy-efficient, and perform better than other options. It does, however, necessitate the use of a specific pad to support its weight and maintain it in place.

Rotationally Molded Hot Tub

For hydrotherapy, this tub is an excellent alternative to a swim spa. It isn’t as powerful as others, but it is durable and inexpensive. With its plastic appearance, some people may find it less appealing but it is not less durable. It is made of a single-piece material that can barely be destroyed because it has already been sculpted into shape.

Features of a Hot Tub

Here are some features to look out for: 

Massage Jets 

Without a doubt, a hot tub helps you relax, but a brand with a massage jet helps you relax more by massaging your aching muscles. The jets may simply be manipulated to treat muscle aches and pains. It also provides a fun way to keep the water flowing. Getting a massage offers numerous health benefits, some of which are listed below:

Holders for Drinks

Some brands come with built-in drink holders, while others require you to purchase and attach them. This feature is ideal for individuals who want to relax in the pool while sipping a drink. The drink is safely held in place by the holder, which prevents it from spilling.


While there may be light on your terrace or roof, illumination in the tub is more thrilling and also useful when the Jacuzzi is located in a dark area. It may tempt you to spend a lot of time in it, so make sure you get one with lighting.

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Keeping devices near water is risky because they can easily be damaged, so a hot tub with built-in speakers relieves you of the worry of having to carry your phone or radio close to the Jacuzzi to listen to music. The speakers are engineered to withstand damage even if they are exposed to a little amount of water, making them ideal for music enthusiasts.


Bugs and leaves are kept out by the cover of your facility, while also maintaining the heat in the water. Hot tubs that do not have coverings have to work for longer periods of time to re-heat the water, resulting in higher operational costs. Purchasing one that includes a cover saves you the money and time it would take to purchase a separate lid.

Health Benefits of Using a Hot Tub

The following are some benefits attached to this facility:

Lessens Insomnia

After resting in the tub, research has shown that one is more likely to have a tranquil and undisturbed sleep. Hydrotherapy has also been shown to enhance sleep quality, particularly in people with fibromyalgia. You can also read this article for other methods to treat insomnia.

Enhance Your Cardiovascular Health

Immersion in hot water can help you lower your blood pressure while raising your heart rhythm. Passive heat therapy can also help people who are unable to exercise reduce their cardiovascular mortality or risk.


If you are looking for ways to relax after a long day, then adding a hot tub to your building will certainly be a great idea. This article outlined tips to help you choose the best brand to serve your needs. 


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