The Importance of Stable Internet In Modern Coworking Centers

Over the past 3-4 years, there has been a real boom in coworking spaces in the world, which was greatly facilitated by the pandemic and the general transition to online. Now clients of coworking centres choose a flexible office to suit their taste among many options, meticulously comparing them with each other according to many criteria. For example, a stable Wi-Fi connection is an important aspect of convenience for coworking space clients. Customers want to have access to the Internet at any time convenient for them, without interruptions or delays. In this article, you will learn about the amenities that a modern coworking space must have, as well as the importance of using 4G and 5G mobile signal boosters in the UK to ensure a stable Internet connection.

A Must-have For a Modern Coworking Space


Coworking spaces encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas among clients. To achieve this, it is important to have a reliable internet connection for collaboration, file sharing, and communication.


A modern coworking space must necessarily cover the main pain points of those who make up the target audience:


  • Freelancers choosing between working from home or coworking
  • Companies where employees work flexibly


So, in addition to seamless Wi-Fi, which allows workers to easily move around the workspace without Internet slowdown (you can improve the quality of your Internet connection, including 5G, using mobile signal boosters), an excellent coworking space has:


  1. Convenient location: close to the metro, transport stops, parking and bike racks.


  1. Division into zones: usually these are quiet, moderate, and loud zones.


  1. Meeting rooms.


  1. All necessary office equipment: printer, scanner, fax, etc.


  1. Kitchen area: coffee machine, cutlery, kettle, microwave, refrigerator.


  1. Reception with an administrator who will help with all questions or an automated login system and high-quality online support.


But this, as mentioned above, is the very minimum at which the client will not refuse this option at the selection stage. What else is needed to interest the client and make the coworking space stand out in his eyes?

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What Should Be Included In The Organisational Model Of a Coworking Space?


The organisational model of a coworking space determines the basic principles and structure of the functioning of a coworking space. Please pay attention to the following points.


  1. Specialisation. The first coworking spaces welcomed everyone – but as the practice has shown, the proximity of programmers who need silence and traders who need to make a million calls is very inconvenient. Without a clear idea of who the main audience will be, it is difficult to make zoning. Focusing on a specific niche allows you to select a design, take into account the necessary equipment for work, and create interesting events for the target audience, so the first thing you need to do is formulate a coworking concept.


  1. “Trial day” service. The opportunity for a client to try to work in a coworking space before concluding a contract immediately sets the coworking space apart from others. Firstly, this is a sign of customer focus. Secondly, this is the best way for the client to understand how a flexible office is suitable for them. Thirdly, live impressions of a day of work in a coworking space are much more important for a potential client than impressions from advertising photos on the website.


  1. Community management. Nowadays, creating communities that help expand your network of contacts, find partners, and develop soft skills is becoming an increasingly popular service. And coworking spaces have many competitive advantages in this matter: there is space for offline meetings (which have become even more valuable than before), there is an association of clients within the same industry, and all users have a fairly high income. But in order for coworking residents to become a community, you need to make efforts: to send newsletters, create interesting events, moderate, and develop common information channels. But in the long run, having your own community can be a significant competitive advantage.
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  1. Business support. An important competitive advantage can be the provision of traditional services for companies: accountant, lawyer, courier, registration of legal address. This is relevant for startups, and small and medium-sized businesses, which are the main clients of coworking spaces. A flexible office can completely close all back office functions – from the office manager to the accounting department, allowing employees to focus on key business issues.

What Should Be Included In a Coworking Space?


Filling a coworking space plays an important role in attracting and retaining clients, as well as creating a comfortable and productive work environment.


  1. Relaxation area. To work productively, you need to rest well, and the best rest is a change of activity. Therefore, an ordinary sofa will not work as a full-fledged relaxation area: you need something that will allow you to switch gears and relax. A ping-pong table, a game console, a veranda with an outdoor swing – it all depends on the imagination and capabilities of the coworking owners. It is the recreation area that can become that unfair competitive advantage.


  1. Ideal lighting. This is an aspect that you definitely shouldn’t skimp on. Many freelance specialists are willing to spend money on a coworking space precisely because it is more comfortable to work there than at home, and good lighting is an important component of comfort. Nowadays, a smart lighting system is increasingly being used, which changes colour and intensity depending on the time of day and the weather outside the window.


In addition, pay attention to the current design, availability of chargers, and safety in the coworking space.

Final Thoughts


Along with the specialisation and content of a coworking space, the quality of the Internet connection can affect the reputation of the coworking space. Today’s customers expect a high-speed and stable network, and this can be a factor influencing the choice of a coworking space. You can improve the quality of your Internet connection using 4G and 5G mobile signal boosters. This can be especially important for those coworking spaces where there are basements or walls whose material impedes the passage of the signal. We recommend contacting UCtel, which provides services to improve the signal of British operators.


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