What Do You Need to Know About the Beaver Felt Hat Womens?

the Beaver Felt

The beaver wool is collected and then processed into the felt. After that, the felt is used to mold and shape into a hat. The beaver hats are not only waterproof but also water resilient. Apart from that, the beaver-felt hats will always look dashing the outfit you choose to wear. As they are made of high-quality material, they will last for years. However, you need to focus on the care and maintenance process if you want your beaver felt hat to last for years. 

Carefully manufactured beaver felt hats will help you showcase your style and personal preferences. Many women wear the beaver-felt hats in events that help them to look classy. As hats are one of the most attractive and versatile fashion accessories, purchasing a beaver felt hat will never disappoint you. Here are some crucial things you should know about the beaver felt hats. 

A beaver cap is a cap produced using felted beaver hide. They were chic across a lot of Europe during the period 1550–1850 on the grounds that the delicate yet tough material could be effortlessly brushed to make an assortment of cap shapes (counting the natural top hat).Smaller caps made of beaver were some of the time called beaverkins, as in Thomas Carlyle’s depiction of his significant other as a child. Utilized winter coats worn by Native Americans were really a valued product for cap making on the grounds that their wear arranged the skins, isolating out the coarser hairs from the pelts. 

To make felt, the underhairs were shaved from the beaver pelt and blended in with a vibrating hatter’s bow. The tangled texture was pounded and bubbled more than once, bringing about a contracted and thickened felt. Filled over a cap structure block, the felt was squeezed and steamed into shape. The cap creator then, at that point, brushed the external surface to a sheen.

Can Beaver Hats Protect You From the Rain?

Even though beaver felt hats are made of premium materials, they cannot withstand harsh weather. The excess snow or rain might not damage the surface or materials of the beaver hat, but its better safe than sorry. Therefore, if you’re wearing an expensive beaver hat, it’s suggested to avoid these natural elements as much as possible to prevent any type of damage. 

However, you can wear the beaver felt hats in a light rain shower. This way you can protect your head from getting wet. After you get home, make sure you dry the hat as precisely as possible. Otherwise, the shape of the hat might get damaged. 

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Just like the felt cowboy hats, the beaver hats are not designed to withstand water for a long period. However, getting rid of the water from the cowboy felt hat is easier than the beaver felt hats. Nowadays, modern and high-end cowboy hats are made of beaver felt. However, how much felt beaver is present in the cowboy hats is still a secret. 

What Will Happen If the Felt Hats Come in Contact with Water?

As discussed earlier, the felt hats can withstand a small amount of rain, but you should not let them soak water for a long time. This is one of the worst ways to damage your felt hats. If you’re planning to wear your felt hats during heavy rain, it could cause the hat to lose its shape or shrink. Not to mention, it can cause additional damages to your hat. If you think that your felt hat is losing its shape, make sure you steam the hat so that it can retain its original shape. This is a great way to extend the longevity of your felt hats. But you will have to face severe consequences if you make mistakes while steaming the hat. 

There is a great method to waterproof your hat. You can use a sealant such as Scotchguard and spray it on the surface of your felt hat. This will prevent the hat from absorbing water and make the water roll down from the surface. This is one of the best ways to minimize any damages to your felt hat.  

Are Beaver Hats Still Popular?

Contrary to the popular belief, the beaver hats are still one of the most desired hats in the industry. The beaver felt hats are undoubtedly a great fashion accessory to add to your wardrobe. Nowadays, women are also adapting to the style and fashion statement of the beaver felt hats and they are pairing them with every type of outfit. 

One of the best things about the beaver felt hats for women is that they are incredibly versatile. Hence, you can wear them both at informal and formal events to showcase your taste in fashion. However, make sure you consider your face shape, as well as skin color before purchasing the beaver, felt hats. This will help you determine the perfect women’s felt hat. But keep in mind that the demand for beaver felt hats are high. Not to mention, it’s expensive than other types of felt hats. So, you might have to wait to receive the best beaver felt hat. 

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Can You Wear the Felt Hats During Summer?

Due to their versatility, you can wear the beaver, as well as wool, felt hats during any season. Despite the temperatures, the felt hats will always feel comfortable on your head. With that being said, there are a few factors you need to consider. You need to determine the thickness of the felt hats so that you can know how to receive the proper protection from them. Apart from that, the weights, as well as the materials of the felt hats, will also play an important role. If you’re planning to wear the felt hats in higher temperature areas, make sure you pay close attention while purchasing them. 

If you sweat or feel uncomfortable while wearing the felt hats during summer, it’s suggested to remove them immediately. Otherwise, you might experience a headache. But you will be exposed to the UV rays. As per BBC, UV rays can damage your eyes

Hat Etiquettes You Need to Know

This is one of the most common questions people ask while purchasing felt hats. When it’s relevant to wear the hat and when do you need to remove it? What hats are best for formal and informal occasions? Knowing where and when to remove and wear your hat is as important as choosing the right one. 

As there is a generational gap, most people struggle with the hat etiquettes. There was a time when everyone was aware of the rules of a hat, but then the hat became an obsolete piece of fashion accessories. As the popularity of the hats is increasing again, knowing the hat etiquettes will save you from embarrassment. 

Hats are removed to showcase signs of class and standing. Additionally, you can also show your respect towards someone while removing your hat. But keep in mind that the hat etiquettes are not the same for every type of hat available in the market. 


Make sure you pay close attention while buying the felt hats. If you have any confusion regarding the felt hats, comment down below and we will assist you as soon as possible. 

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