5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Yeast Brink Keg

If you are a beer brewer, then your brewery needs yeast brink keg. It is a barrel that facilitates the process of yeast collection and gives the necessary control over its health, so that it remains viable longer.

Yeast is an important ingredient for beer production, as it helps to create the desired taste and pleasant aroma. In addition, yeast provides proper carbonization of the beer. Without yeast, brewers could not create so many beer varieties that are available today.

After reading our article, you will learn all about how to choose the right yeast brink keg and where to buy it.

1. Material

The best option is to buy yeast brink kegs made from stainless steel. This material is corrosion- and wear-resistant, so you can be sure of the excellent taste and quality of your beer.

2. Size

Most of these kegs are quite large, so you will need to consider how much space you have to accommodate.

We recommend buying a 15.5-gallon capacity –  it should be sufficient for the needs of small production.

3. Cooling

Yeast-edged barrels require cooling. It is possible to achieve the required temperature by placing the keg in a kegerator or special commercial refrigerator.

As for the cooling system, we recommend glycol chillers. The mixture of glycol and water provides faster and more accurate cooling, minimizing the risk of wort caramelization and slowing down yeast activity. The latter is important for their more accurate addition.

4. Cleaning and maintenance

To prevent contamination, the kegs must be cleaned regularly. Remember to keep the tanks in good working condition. You will need to carefully monitor the pressure inside the barrel and check for signs of wear.

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5. Price

The larger the size of the keg you choose, the more it will cost.

Fortunately, you can always find a profitable offer by visiting the online store of the Beverage Craft company. This brand has been specializing in beer equipment for over 10 years and offers the best yeast brink kegs.

Choose Beverage Craft products: With this collaboration, you can build your own craft brewery and produce a tasty fresh beer!

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