A Buying Guide 150w ufo led high bay light

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Lepro UFO LED High Bay Light is the best option if you’re looking for a high bay light suitable for industrial or commercial lighting. The qualities of UFO LED high bay light aside, Lepro’s products are fiercely competitive. First, UL and DLC certificates are included with the products. They are suitable for industrial and commercial use and cost-effective. Second, the used Lumileds LED has a 5-year warranty, and the quality of the final product is ensured. In addition, Lepro high bay lights might effectively reduce the cost of electricity by over 60% when used in place of conventional metal-halide lamps. For your varying demands, there are lights with a range of different wattages.

Make a layout first

When purchasing LED high bay lights, creating a layout should come first. This is due to the fact that various places require various kinds of high bay lights. A storage area, for instance, might only require a light of 30 foot candles. However, 50 foot candles lux is required in a warehouse to create a comfortable working atmosphere. To ensure that customers can see the merchandise they are purchasing, retail spaces must have very bright lighting (80 foot candles or more). Find out what each room needs in terms of lighting before you do anything else.

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 Establish how many lumens and watts you require

When purchasing 150w ufo led high bay light, you should consider lumens rather than watts. The total quantity of visible light that a light source produces is measured in lumens. New LEDs are produced that consume less watts to produce more lumens as LED technology develops.

Lumens, not Watts, are used to measure a light bulb’s brightness. Watts simply represent the amount of electricity a light source uses. For regular light, a fair rule of thumb is 2 lumens per cubic foot, and for intense light, 3 lumens per cubic foot (for bright light).

Consider where they will be installed when selecting LED lights for high bay fixtures because different wattages are advised for various heights.

 The quantity of lights required

The number of LED lights you require can be view on Lepro determined by calculating the distance the fixtures must have from one another in order to create sufficient light. A lighting plan can help you identify the number of lights you require and their optimal placement (or in case of an existing facility, using the existing light locations).

You can see how bright the light will be in the lighting design (foot-candles).

 Select the High Bay Lights’ Type

There are many different designs for high bays. There are spherical UFO lights and long, massive lights known as linear high bays. Large rooms are ideal for replacing fluorescent tube fixtures with linear high bays. In addition to being ideal for high ceilings, UFO high bays are also more durable than linear fixtures and most of them are IP (wet) rated. Wide angled linear high bays are ideal for applications with lower ceilings.

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 How significant are lumens per watt

A high bay uses fewer watts to generate the same number of lumens the higher its efficacy.

Which CRI should you take into account when selecting high bay LED lights?

A typical commercial or industrial high bay application would benefit from lighting with a CRI of 70+. Choose a higher CRI, such as 80 or 90, if your manufacturing processes depend on accurate colour rendering. Light quality is equated with CRI. When the quality is higher, you often require fewer lumens (CRI).

 Light Distribution is equally crucial to light levels.

Making sure your indoor environment is well-lit is crucial, but so is making sure the light is distributed evenly. Based on its specifications, how can you determine how well a lamp will spread light? Not at all. You must create a lighting strategy. We provide free, no-obligation high bay lighting plans as a result.

Upgrade  LED High Bay with light control

Motion sensors are the most popular type of lighting control for interior LED High Bays. Microwave and PIR sensors are the two most used types (Passive Infrared). For our high bays, Fireflier lighting supplies a microwave sensor.

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