Alex Eubank Height, Weight, Bio, and All You Need to Know

Alex Eubank Height, Weight, Bio, and All You Need to Know

Ever since Alex Eubank flaunted his herculean bare body on his social media account, the world went crazy. Millions made a silent wish to get a body like his. Alex Eubank height, weight, muscles, and fitness routine became the talk of the town.

Meet Alex Eubank, a fitness enthusiast, fitness trainer, social media star, fitness model, and businessman. Let us walk you through his incredible journey from being a fitness freak to a Greek God. Here is everything to know about Alex Eubank.

Alex Eubank height, weight, and bio

Alex Eubank rose to fame with his fitness videos on TikTok and YouTube. His chiseled body and dedication to fitness caught the fancy of people across the globe. Today, he is an established social media star, fitness trainer, and entrepreneur looking for a footing in the entertainment industry.

Let us know more about Alex Eubank height, weight, age, net worth, relationship status, occupation, date of birth, and other details.

NameAlex Eubank
Nick NameThe Greek God
Date of BirthMay 23, 2000
Age23 Years
Zodiac SignGemini
Place of BirthBaltimore, Maryland, United States of America
Current ResidenceBaltimore, Maryland, United States of America
OccupationTikTok Star, Social Media Influencer, Fitness Model, Fitness Trainer, YouTube Star, Entrepreneur
Height5 Feet 9 Inches (175 cm)
Weight174 lbs (79 kg)
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBrown
PartnerHailey Backos (ex) Abigail White (ex, from 2022 to mid-2023)
Current Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$2.5 Million

Childhood and early life

Alex was born on May 23, 2000, in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States of America. The name of his parents is not known. All we know is that his father is a businessman, and his mother is a homemaker. He grew up with his siblings in Baltimore. As of now, he is 23 years of age. He practices Christianity.

Alex studied at a local high school and later went to a reputed university to pursue higher studies. He was into fitness from a very tender age. He used to participate in various sports activities in high school.

Entry into the world of fitness: How it all started

Alex embarked on the journey towards health and fitness quite early in his age. A bad physique and lack of confidence motivated him to join the gym, and the rest is history. Unhappy with his body, he joined the gym to reinforce body positivity.

He started working out at a very tender age. He was 16 years of age at that time. Gradually, he started gaining muscle mass, which brought about a big and positive change in his physique. Filled with confidence, he started posting his pictures and videos across his social media account, which got him a lot of attention and fan following. Soon, he became an inspiration for many people.

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He decided to carve a career in fitness. He is motivated to motivate people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and get the chiseled bodies they dream of.

From nobody to somebody: His journey to stardom

Alex Eubank began his career as a bodybuilder and fitness trainer. After attaining an enviable physique, he started posting pictures and videos from his workout sessions online. He created a TikTok account and started posting his workout videos. Majority of his content revolves around his fitness regime, fitness tips, and diet. His short video grabbed the attention of other fitness enthusiasts, and soon, the number of followers on his TikTok account began to rise.

Later, he started a self-titled YouTube channel dedicated to fitness and started sharing more details on health and fitness. His popularity rose, and he became a social media star.

Today, he has millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel and consistently posts videos related to health and fitness. Apart from these, he also posts lifestyle and travel videos.

Looking at his massive popularity among the classes and the masses, many brands joined forces with him for their brand promotion. He also has a website, where he sells his branded merch, skincare products, fitness programs, apparel, and supplements. Some of his endorsements include YoungLA clothing, Celsius Energy Drink, ALPHA LION, Fusion Nutra, Elucidblends, Helimix, Elysium Athletic, and RawGear.

Alex attributes his success to his parents.

The possessor of a Herculean body

Alex Eubank is a Greek God in many senses. He doesn’t just have a tall stature and muscular frame but also a face to die for. His sharp features complement his chiseled body, making him look like a Greek God.

Let us now tell you more about Alex Eubank height and weight. He is 6 feet 9 inches (175 cm or 1.75 m) tall and weighs 174 lbs (79 kg). His broad chest is 44 inches, and his waist is 30 inches. His biceps measure approximately 18 inches.

He has blue eyes and brown hair. He often dyes his hair blonde. His shoe size is 12 US.

Personal relationships

Alex, aka the Greek God, is tall and handsome. No doubt, he has a massive fan following among the opposite sex.

Alex dated Hailey Backos. He posted many pictures with her on his social media accounts. But the couple parted ways due to reasons unknown. Later, he dated Abigail White, a fitness model. The couple made their relationship public on social media in July 2022 but broke up around mid-2023. Alex is currently single.

Alex Eubank on social media

As we all know, Alex Eubank started his career on social media. His journey to stardom started on TikTok and later conjugated by other social media platforms like YouTube.

To cement his career in fitness and achieve higher goals, he created his TikTok account and started posting his fitness videos. He managed to get the attention of people and soon gathered many followers on TikTok. Currently, he has 2.7 million followers and 17.9 million views on TikTok.

He joined YouTube on December 25, 2015. Currently, he has 1.14 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel. To date, he has uploaded 821 videos and received 281,759,710 views in total. The most popular video on his YouTube channel is- “WHAT I WISH I KNEW WHEN I STARTED LIFTING!!”. It has 2.3 million views.

Alex joined Twitter in July 2022. He has 18.8K followers on this micro-blogging site. He is also active on Twitch with 62.2K followers and has 2.7 Million followers on Instagram.

Alex creates and shares fitness and lifestyle content. He also shares his journey and experience with his fans and followers.

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Here are the details about all his social media channels.


Alex Eubank net worth

Alex Eubank has created many income streams in a short span. He started earning from his TikTok and YouTube channels but later erected many other avenues to supplement his income.

As you know, Alex is a fitness trainer, social media content creator, model, and entrepreneur. He has several streams of steady income. Alex also makes a good deal of money from his modeling career. He has many endorsement deals under his belt. His online store, selling merch and programs also brings in money.

Currently, his net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million.

Interesting facts about Alex Eubank

  • Alex Eubank is an animal lover. He loves cats and dogs.
  • He likes traveling to new places.
  • His favorite food is Chicken Chili.
  • His favorite colors are blue and black.
  • He likes cricket and ludo.
  • He loves listening to music.
  • He is very close to his parents. Whenever he is low or stressed, he calls his mother.
  • Needless to say, protein comprises the majority of his diet. He takes protein cereal and protein bars regularly.
  • His unhappiness and low self-esteem drove him towards this fitness journey. He attained his desired body form with hard work and dedication. It boosted his self-esteem.
  • Alex Eubank weight and height are 174 lbs (79 Kg) and 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm or 1.75 m), respectively.
  • Alex posted his first post on Instagram on December 7, 2016.
  • His real hair color is brown. He likes to color it blonde.
  • He loves carrying his hair long.
  • Losing weight and staying fit are Alex’s top priorities.
  • He posts many vlog-style fitness videos on his YouTube Channel.
  • Famous personalities like Bradley Martyn, Lance Stewart, etc., have appeared on his YouTube videos.
  • He has a mixed ethnicity.
  • His supplement stack includes testosterone booster, BCAAs, whey protein, HMB, EAAs, creatine, carnitine, MOAB, fat burner, multivitamin, and Vitamin D.

Final thoughts

Gone are the days when social media was a mere photo album. Today, it is not just a medium to share photos and videos with the world but also a place to share talent. It is a launch pad for many artists, musicians, actors, and models, and Alex Eubank used it to launch his career.

From disliking his body to becoming a world-famous fitness model, Alex Eubank’s journey has been phenomenal. His fans want his physique and personality, and he helps them achieve their fitness goals through his informative, educative, and motivational videos on his social media channels.

We hope we have provided you with all the information about Alex Eubank, such as Alex Eubank height, weight, age, family, relationship, net worth, etc., you were looking for. We hope you enjoyed reading this piece of information about your favorite social media star.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who is Alex Eubank?

Alex Eubank is a renowned fitness model, social media star, digital content creator, and entrepreneur.

2. Why is Alex Eubank famous?

Alex Eubank is famous for his chiseled body and Greek God looks. He rose to fame after posting his pictures and videos on various social media platforms.

3. How old is Alex Eubank?

As of 2023, Alex Eubank is 23 years old.

4. Where does Alex Eubank live?

Alex Eubank lives in Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America.

5. What is Alex Eubank height?

Alex Eubank height is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm or 1.75m).

6. What is Alex Eubank’s weight?

Alex Eubank weighs 174 lbs (79 kg).

7. What is Alex Eubank’s net worth?

Alex Eubank’s net worth is $2.5 million.

8. Who is Alex Eubank’s girlfriend?

Alex Eubank dated Hailey Backos and Abigail White (2022 to mid-2023). Currently, he is single.

9. What is Alex Eubank’s nickname?

Alex Eubank is also known as the Greek God, owing to his chiseled body and looks.

10. Who are Alex Eubank’s parents?

Not much is known about Alex Eubank’s parents. All the world knows is that his father is a businessman and his mother is a homemaker. He is very close to his parents and owes his success to them.

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