Rod Stewart Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Rod Stewart Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rod Stewart has a high-yielding net worth, estimated to be $300 million. Rod Stewart is a well-known name in the music industry. He has established a successful career as a singer and songwriter.

Today we will discover Rod Stewart’s net worth, personal life, and career. So, if you are a fan of  Rod Stewart, stay tuned till the end.

Key Points of Rod Stewart Net Worth

Real Name Roderick David
Nickname Rod Stewart
Net Worth $300 million
Annual Revenue $25 million
Monthly Income $2 million
Date of Birth January 10, 1945
Place of Birth London, England
Age 79 Years
Nationality British
Profession Singer, Song-Writer
Gender Male
Marital Status Married
Children Seven

Who is Rod Stewart?

Rod Stewart is a famous singer and songwriter who has accumulated vast wealth throughout his career. His passion for music made him one of the wealthiest singers. As a British singer, he has earned much name and fame with his melodies and heart-touching lyrics.

Rod Stewart achieved success in the late 1960s and the early 1970s. Seeing his passion and talent, Rod has received numerous opportunities to showcase his capability. Thus, he has become the best-selling vocalist worldwide.

What is Rod Stewart Net Worth?

As of 2024, Rod Stewart’s net worth is estimated to be $300 million, which made them one of the wealthiest magnets in the glamorous world. Beyond his lucrative net worth, Rod has accumulated plenty of accolades, including cars, houses, mansions, properties, and many more.

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Rod Stewart Net Worth

According to our research, Rod’s annual revenue is approximately $25 million. In addition, he generates nearly $2 million per month from multiple enterprises. Having several endeavours, Rod has garnered a significant amount throughout his career.

The Growth of Rod Stewart Net Worth

2024 $300 million
2023 $280 million
2022 $260 million
2021 $240 million
2020 $220 million

Early Life and Education

Rod’s maiden name is Roderick David, born on January 10, 1945, in London, England. His father, Robert Joseph Stewart, was of British descent, and his mother, Elsie Rebecca Gilbart, was of Scottish descent. In his childhood, he was a good soccer player. In the 1960s, Rod Steward developed his interest in music as he learned piano and harmonica.

When Rod Stewart was 15 years old, he dropped out of school to pursue his sports career. As a sports enthusiast, he wanted to become a professional soccer player. However, he ended up becoming a successful singer.

Personal Life

The British singer Rod Stewart, married thrice throughout his life. In 1979, he married Alana Hamilton and became the father of two children, Sean and Kimberly. The couple parted their way in 1989.

After their divorce, Rod Stewart remarried Rachel Hunter, a renowned model. They married in 1990 and welcomed two children. However, they parted away in 2006.

Rod Stewart again married Penny Lancaster in 2017 and welcomed two children, Aiden and Alastair. In addition, he has another daughter with his ex-girlfriend Kelly Emberg. Rod Stewart is the father of seven children.

Professional Life

In his teenage years, Rod Stewart wanted to make a career in sports. He started doing some odd jobs before embarking on his music career. After discovering his interest in music, he started liking American songs, including their rhythms and style. In 1963, Rod Stewart became one of the members of ”The Dimensions”, an R&B group in London.

Rod Stewart Net Worth

After joining the group, Rod collaborated with many singers and released his debut album. Through this, he developed his skills and confidence. In 1966, Rod Stewart joined the Jeff Beck Group and released two albums, the most popular albums globally. After attaining recognition worldwide, Rod Stewart started his solo career.

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Though Rod Stewart started with groups initially, his solo career brought him good fortune and immense popularity. In 1969, Rod released his fourth solo album ”An Old Raincoat Won’t Ever Let You Down”, which was one of his best works. After attaining the massive success of his first album, Rod Stewart never retraced his steps from music.

Here is a list of Rod Stewart’s hit songs:

  • Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright)
  • Maggie May
  • Some Guys Have All the Luck
  • I Don’t Want to Talk About It
  • Every Picture Tells a Story
  • My Heart Can’t Tell You No
  • Every Picture Tells a Story
  • Infatuation
  • Passion

Rod Stewart’s Achievements

As an established and prominent singer, Rod Stewart has received numerous nominations and awards over the span of his career. He has received honours from many reputed people. In 1995, Rod Steward received Grammy awards for his album ”Unplugged…and Seated”.

Furthermore, Rod Stewart received the Brit Awards in 1993 for his vital role in the music industry. With his outstanding performance, he won the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame title in 1994. In addition, Rod received the ASCAP Founders Award in 2011.

Apart from these, Rod Stewart has made a massive fanbase. Our research shows that he has almost 1.3 million followers on Instagram, almost 4.9 million followers on Facebook, and nearly 526k followers on Twitter. His massive fanbase portrays Rod Stewart’s popularity.

FAQ about Rod Stewart net worth

What is Rod Stewart net worth?

As of 2024, Rod Stewart owns a lucrative net worth estimated at $300 million.

What is the primary source of Rod Stewart net worth?

The primary source of Rod Stewart net worth is his music career.

How many children does Rod Stewart have?

Rod Stewart has seven children in total.

What is the nationality of Rod Stewart?

Rod Stewart’s nationality is British.

What is Rod Stewart’s current age?

As of 2024, Rod Stewart’s current age is 79 years.

Final Thoughts

Rod Stewart is an iconic figure in the music industry who has accumulated a significant net worth. His passion, talent, and determination earned him a massive net worth and recognition. His net worth reflects his luxurious lifestyle and dedication to music.

As a music enthusiast, Rod Stewart has left an incredible mark in the music industry. He has sold over 200 million songs worldwide. Moreover, his journey to success is impressive and appreciative to others.

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