Facebook Ad vs Boosted Post: What’s the Difference

Boosted Post

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to grow your business. Instead of waiting
for organic traffic to provide results, you can get in front of prospects now. Facebook advertising lets you select between two primary choices. You can either run a
Facebook ad or a boosted post.

Each advertising choice fulfills different objectives. Both help with the overall goal of
driving traffic to your business.

Want to know which Facebook ads you should run? We’ll talk about the difference
between a Facebook ad vs boosted post.

What Is a Boosted Post?

It takes an existing post and helps it reach more people. Boosted posts
help your Facebook Page gain engagement.

Some people will share the post with friends and return to your Facebook Page often.
Returning visitors can turn into customers.

It takes less time to set up. You only need to identify your audience,
budget, and your ad’s duration.

What Is a Facebook Ad?

A Facebook ad takes more effort to create than a boosted post. You can input more

information about your audience and set objectives to have better targeted ads.

You can measure success based on clicks, conversions, or other events. You will have
to set up a Facebook pixel on your website to track conversions.

Facebook lets you target custom and lookalike audiences. You can upload a CSV file of
your email list to Facebook and display ads to those people.

A lookalike audience consists of people similar to your email subscribers. After
uploading your CSV file, Facebook will match you up with people similar to the ones in
your file.

Facebook Ad VS Boosted Post

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A Facebook ad and each come with their perks. Boosted posts take less
time to set up. If you want to rush onto the scene and get data, a boosted post will help.

You can test Facebook advertising and Boosted Post monitor how your post performs. You can get a
boosted post set up in a few minutes.

Facebook ads take more time to set up. However, they give you better targeting
capabilities and data.

Facebook ads are more effective than it. Some people forgo Facebook ads
because of the learning curve.

You’ll have to review the data for both ad types. Reviewing data lets you see how much
Facebook ads cost.

Tracking costs helps you optimize Facebook ads. You can turn off underperforming ads
and focus on high converting audiences.

Get Help with Your Facebook Ads

Many business owners debate setting up a Facebook ad vs boosted post. Facebook ads

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