Reviewing the Riley Reid Fleshlight

Riley Reid Fleshlight

One sign of an established adult celebrity, in the adult entertainment industry, is having your own Fleshlight sleeve in the Fleshlight Girls collection. A plethora of adult starlets has achieved this status, among who the seductive Riley Reid. So, today, let’s discuss one of the best-selling Fleshlight sleeves on the market – the Riley Reid fleshlight and what makes it so good. The popular sleeve option has been on the market since 2016 and since then has more than a handful of satisfied users. 

With four different chambers that have unique interior textures, this fleshlight will provide one-of-a-kind ribbed sensations and tightness that will channel the actress’ own movements.

Now let’s get down to the details.

What are Fleshlights?

As with Band-aids and adhesive bandages, the fleshlight has become a household brand synonymous with any artificial vaginas. All Fleshlights are artificial vaginas, however, note that not all artificial vaginas are fleshlights – so make sure to get the real deal.

The luxurious male masturbators are sturdy and substantial, without being overly heavy on the user’s hands. Generally, they have the classic flashlight shape with an internal interchangeable sleeve made from thermoplastic elastomers which mimic the softness of human skin. On the bottom, the Fleshlight’s cap is used to adjust the tightness of the sleeve, making way for various suction levels, while the top cap is used to protect the sleeves from dirt and dust collection.

In the Riley Reid fleshlight review, it was mentioned that the Fleshlight was created by a no-nonsense policeman named Steve Shubin, whose wife’s sensitive pregnancy meant they couldn’t have sex, so naturally he created the first “discrete sperm collection device” as an alternative to the five knuckle shuffle. By mixing and matching various materials and designs, it took Steve a lot of trial and error to perfectly imitate the enveloping sensations of a vagina. 

Originally, the Fleshlight sleeves were Designed to mimic the look and feel of a vulva, mouth, and anus, with respective sleeves available in various skin colors, however later on additional sleeves with unique internal sensations were produced. As the brand’s popularity grew, a new collection emerged – Fleshlight Girls. These fleshlights are made using plaster cast molds of female adult entertainers’ vaginas, somewhat of a status symbol in the porn industry.

Meet the muse

To anyone who says that they’ve never heard of Riley Reid, let me be the first to tell them they’re lying. Not only is she one of the most popular porn actresses in the game, but she has also received generous praise for her work. Focusing on high-budget productions she is a master at the hardcore niches, building her repertoire since 2011 when she burst into the porn scene.

With a cornucopia of scenes in various niches, the petite entertainer has been proving her dedication to providing pleasure to her audience, since the ripe age of 19. Riley is a triple threat, providing beauty, brains, and a ravenous sexual appetite that cannot be tamed by even the best-endowed males.
After establishing herself as a lead entertainer in the industry through a series of high-value scenes, as well as multiple accolades, the dimple-cheeked beauty debuted the Riley Reid Fleshlight in 2016, providing unique sensations to anyone who fantasizes about having sex with her. The fleshlight comes with Riley’s two signature textures – the Utopia and the Euphoria which are vaginal and anal sleeves respectively.

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Today we’ll discuss the Utopia sleeve

Riley Reid Utopia sleeve

The Riley Reid Fleshlight Utopia sleeve is the orifice that is modeled to feature the petite actress’ stimulating vagina. If you are curious how sex with a pornstar would feel, look no further than the Fleshlight Girl sleeves, which are modeled by different entertainers you can choose from. The Utopia orifice has unique internal textures which are divided into 4 sections for varying ribbed sensations and tightness that grips every millimeter of your shaft.

Upon opening the sleek packaging, you can immediately see the opalescent plastic body and opening of the fleshlight, which is designed to closely resemble the look and feel of Riley’s vulva and pink labia. 

Inside the sleeve, there is a range of pleasure pockets, while the inner coiled design features additional details that amp up the orgasmic sensation while masturbating. The four chambers offer evenly distributed sensations throughout the whole of the penis, while the bumps and ridges amplify the strokes for the wearer to bring about quicker orgasms.

The first ribbed chamber can be accessed immediately upon insertion of the penis, about half an inch inside the Utopia. It’s a smaller chamber compared to the next two, however, the three-ribbed texture is a great starting point, for both experienced users and newbies. 

Moving deeper, the ribbed chamber leads to two nodule-pattern chambers with tapering diameters as you go, one is 1.2 and the other is 1 inch. The first nodule chamber houses circular rows of larger bumps, that provide gentle stimulation to the tip and shaft, and with the addition of lubricant represent the second course of the Riley Reed meal. 


At 4 inches deep, a tight pyramid-shaped constricting ring transitions into the second nodule chamber, which is perfect for fast-stroking action due to the equidistant rings of smaller nodules. Tapering into the last chamber, the stacked ribbed texture can be felt by the more sizable users, providing targeted tip stimulation with each twist.

How does the Riley Reid Fleshlight perform?

Providing unique sensations and skin-like softness, the best way to get the most out of this artificial vagina is by using a good water-based lube. This helps ease the slide as well as improve the sensations of the already amazing sex toy. The Utopia sleeve’s internal coiled design provides 360 degrees of stimulation that will make you convulse with pleasure with each use, regardless of your penis size. 

As you enter Riley’s Utopia, you’re immediately greeted by the familiar warmness of a vagina. The better the thrusts, the more your penis remains in the second chamber – so the bumps provide an all-around caressing sensation to your shaft, while stimulating the head to amplify the blood flow in your penis.

Pumping your way into the third chamber you will be quivering with pleasure! The smaller nodules and diagonal ridges follow the coiled design – meaning the suction in the third chamber feels exactly like someone is giving you a blowjob. The tapered diameter provides additional tightness, so you are getting the full sloppy-toppy package. 

For those fortunate enough to experience the unique tightness of the fourth chamber, I am sure you are already addicted to it. The intense ribbed stimulation feels amazing against the tip of the penis, providing pulsating sensations towards blissful milking. 

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If you are looking for unique internal sensations that combine the best parts of vaginal sex and blowjobs, consider Utopia as your next purchase.

The only downside

What makes the fleshlights so unique is their handheld design and internal skin-like sleeve. While the sex toys are well-crafted and high quality, most models, along with the Riley Reid Fleshlight have internal sleeves made from SuperSkin. This material is a super-secret patented blend of body-safe mineral oils and rubber polymers, which are phthalate-free and skin-safe, and aim to imitate the real-life sensations of human skin. So, while the blend remains secret, one thing is for certain – the material is porous. 

But what does this mean?

This means that the material is more likely to collect bacteria and mold if not taken cleaned off properly and stored away from other porous materials, to avoid ruining or oil seepage. So, despite the sensational feel of the SuperSkin and its eerie similarity to human skin – there is one downside – the cleanup and care. However, there is no need for panic – not only is cleansing as easy as masturbating but knowing that taking care of your sex toy will extend its lifespan and keep you safe, is rewarding in itself. 

Moving on we will discuss post-orgasm clean-up and care.

Cleansing and storage

The aesthetically-pleasing outer shell of the Riley Reid Fleshlight is made from a sturdy plastic material, so you can wash it under the sink or wipe it with an antibacterial wipe to remove any impurities or bodily fluids. As I mentioned above, the inner Utopia sleeve is made from a porous phthalate-free material called Super Skin, so properly washing the sleeve up after every single use is key!
Using soap and lukewarm water, or a dedicated antibacterial toy cleaner, work up a nice lather inside of the sleeve with your fingers, then rinse and repeat one more time, to make sure that you have gotten into every nook and cranny of the sleeve. Fleshlight reviews mention that the addition of restoring powder helps maintain the Utopia’s freshness for longer.

This might sound like a lot of work, but as a result, your Utopia sleeve will last you for years on end, keeping your body safe all the while. So, to avoid bacteria collection, mildew and mold make sure to properly wash up after each use and store the Riley Reid Utopia cap-on in a dedicated space away from other porous sex toys you might own.


The Riley Reid fleshlight is one of the best-selling and most popular Fleshlight choices on the market, and rightfully so. Channeling the vagina of one of the most celebrated porn actresses in the hardcore industry – Riley Reid Utopia provides combined sensations of tightness, suction, and different textures, bringing users of all girths and sizes to climax. The two ribbed chambers on the top and bottom and two nodule chambers in the middle are symmetrically placed inside the sleeve to accommodate penises of all lengths, while the tapering diameters offer snug suction – making the Utopia a one-stop-shop towards explosive orgasms. While the SuperSkin is the ideal texture to imitate the inner walls of the vagina, the material is porous and requires dedication and proper clean-up after each use. Combining the exhilarating sensations of vaginal sex and blowjob suction, you won’t be disappointed by the Utopia performance – just make sure to use lots of water-based lube!



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