THC Edibles: What Is That and What Brands to Prefer?

THC Edibles

THC is a molecule of cannabinoid that causes high effects by influencing receptors in the human brain and spinal cord. Unlike many drugs, laboratories can find this THC in the blood and urine 12-21 days after the gummy consumption. The remnants of THC edibles can be detected in a person’s hair follicle after three months, though the high effect lasts only a few hours. So, what forms of THC can one find in the market? What brands of THC edibles are worth trusting? Get all the answers here.

Forms of THC Available on the Market

When people want to get high, they buy products with Delta 9 or 8. Eight and ten versions provide milder effects compared to D9. There are four ways to take tetrahydrocannabinol.

  • Topicals

The manufacturers of topicals add hemp or marijuana derivatives. Body lotions, creams, balms, bath salts, and salves are not potent enough to cause psychoactive effects. Nevertheless, they reduce local inflammation and pain. 

  • Inhalation

This method of intake works faster than any other intake method. One can smoke, vapor, dab, or inhale THC.

  • Sublingual products

These goods start working after they come into contact with saliva under a person’s tongue. It can be a strip, a spray, or a lozenge. 

  • Oral items

One should eat this product to get high. Such goods stay in the organism long. A person can choose among edibles, oils, tinctures, and capsules. 

Brands That Sell THC Edibles


Gummies, strips, and candies are the most popular and easy to get products. They are available online. Companies sell them to those who are ready to pay. Delta 9 and Delta 8 chewables are trendy today. They can be hemp or marijuana-derived. According to the Farm Bill, hemp does not belong to cannabinoids, so it can be legally used for recreational and medicinal purposes. This list contains different top-rated brands with a legal amount of THC that is 0.3% of dry weight. 

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D9 Edibles

  • Hometown Hero produces gummies with mango, indica, live rosin, strawberry, and pineapple gummies with 10 mg and 25 mg of the active THC component. 
  • Area 52 gummies contain 5 mg of the active component with fruit flavor.
  • Mr. Hemp Flower 10 mg gummies have watermelon and blue raspberry flavors.
  • Trojan Horse gummies have three flavors and two doses – orange 10 mg gummies, blackberry 7 mg pics, and pineapple 7 mg jellies.

D8 Edibles

  • Area 52 is released in pineapple, green apple, and strawberry flavors. Each gummy contains 25 mg of D8.
  • Finest Labs creates 25 mg chewables with pineapple, strawberry, grape, watermelon, and orange flavors.
  • Binoid sells 25 mg edibles with peach, green apple, or strawberry taste.
  • Neurogan produces 25 mg gummies with a pleasant hempy taste.
  • 3Chi releases 25 mg gummies with black raspberry and watermelon flavors.

The variety of edibles impresses. If a person is afraid to experience severe intolerance, it will be better to split a gummy into two halves and test the edible. Various flavors let people get the desired effect with pleasure. One should start with a milder cannabinoid edible such as D10 or D8.

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