Best free Anime websites to watch online legally

best free anime websites

Still don’t know which are the best pages to watch Anime for free online? Take it easy. You’ve just come to the right place! In this post, we will share some of the best free anime websites with you so you can see your favorite series. New anime series are constantly coming out in the different seasons of the year. We can find many websites that offer us to see chapters recently broadcast in Japan on the Internet.

Some sites are quick to upload every one of the Animes subtitled in English, and have very good quality. Next, we will show you the best free anime websites.

What are the best free Anime websites?

Here we mention a list of the best websites to watch Anime that you can use at any time to play your favorite anime series without wasting time or money.


AnimeTosho is the best page to watch Anime for free. If you want to download full Anime, this is your only option. The web interface is very simple, but its usefulness is perfect.


Hitokin is a page that, despite being accessible for all types of computers and tablets, its main task is to offer Anime, manga, and movies on mobile devices.


Animefenix has a very striking page. This website brings you the most popular Anime of the moment and the best news to keep you updated at all times. Now, you can enjoy all current Anime!


It is one of the few updated pages day by day, but there is better news, it is completely free. This anime page is highly recommended for those in a hurry to see a new chapter quickly. In some respects, it is better than AnimeFLV.


JKanime is a website that has a lot of news about anime series. It is even played by uploading very recent movies that have not yet been published anywhere else on the Internet.

Anime online sub

As the name indicates, Anime Online Sub focuses most of its content on anime series subtitled in Spanish and Latin Spanish. They also feature Asian movies: Japanese, Chinese and Korean. They also offer OVAs. Although they do not offer much content, it is of great quality.


UnderAnime is better known for its application than for the web version of the platform. The Android version of the web’s main advantage is that we will not have to deal with ads or pop-ups. And all the contents are within reach of a few clicks.


Animeblix is ​​considered one of the best pages to watch anime series in Spanish. Unlike the vast majority of alternatives, this website has a player that enables the playback of the chapters within the website itself.

That means that we do not have to access other dubious pages with many advertising and pop-up windows.


AnimeYT, together with AnimeFLV and Crunchyroll, are the best websites to watch Anime for free. Nowadays, AnimeYT has been forced to introduce advertising spaces in the links when viewing content on the page so that the project can stay alive.

It is not the best alternative if we want to see many episodes, but it is one of the complete anime pages. You have most of the manganite titles of Asian origin.


AnimeFLV is a classic. This website remains current and always brings us the new seasons of each new series that appears. Each Anime has a summary that will help us understand the history of the series.

Besides, we can find older series since it has a large number of series. You will have a bar of the Anime in broadcast and the mainframe of the latest episodes uploaded to the web on the left.

What anime websites are you going to use to watch Anime in English?

It doesn’t matter what your favorite option is to watch Anime in English. We hope that all these websites to watch Anime are very useful to you and have given you some suggestions if you have had some difficulties finding good websites to watch your favorite Anime.

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Suppose you want to enjoy and have a good time enjoying your favorite anime series and movies while delving into the Japanese world, access any of the web pages listed in this post. Thanks to these alternatives, you will be able to discover for yourself which is the best page to watch Anime without paying. You will not regret using them!


The American company Netflix is ​​a platform that offers audiovisual content distribution services through its website or application available for multiple devices and operating systems.

Can you watch anime on Netflix? Although its content is quite varied, you will find an extensive catalog of movies and anime series of different genres. Among the most popular on this platform are Naruto, Death Note, The Knights of the Zodiac: The Lost Canvas, One-Punch Man, the classic Mazinger Z, and many more series.

And in case you want to see movies, there is something for everyone; Some of the titles available are Your Name, Godzilla, Modest Heroes, Marnie’s Remembrance, Gantz: O, Violet Evergarden, and the recent Ni No Kuni.

This platform works with monthly subscriptions, and its price may vary depending on the country where you register. If you still do not have your account, you can do it quickly from its official website, entering your personal and payment information. Once you confirm your subscription, you can download the application to your iPhone or Android device and log in with your data to start enjoying its content.

This website can download some titles available on the platform to your device to view them later, even if you do not have an internet connection.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the newer streaming platforms. However, it has gained popularity. Its wide variety of programming it puts in its subscriber’s hands. By paying for your monthly subscription, you will have access to as much content as you want to see, even anime series and movies!

You can find anime of all genres, romantic thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, and even family dramas. However, it does not yet have many of your favorite Japanese shows. You will have at your disposal titles such as Banana fish, the romantic movie Your Name.

When you already have your Amazon Prime Video membership, you can download the free application. From the Google or Apple stores on your mobile device. And log in with your data to start enjoying the Japanese animation of your choice.


Crunchyroll is probably the best and most popular website created specifically for those who want to watch Anime. It offers a free version with no expiration date so that you can follow everything on your smartphone or in your favorite web browser.

Besides, there is also the premium version, with higher video quality and without ads. So, you can always be up to date with the latest episodes of your favorite Anime since the platform offers you thousands of episodes of endless styles. This application offers content with licenses. It is completely legal, and a positive point since the user will be contributing with the creators.

You’ll find some of the biggest classics on Crunchyroll, like Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, and Hunter x Hunter. Yes, even in the free version. If you want to know more, you have to go to the website, where you can subscribe to the premium version, with which you will have access to all the episodes one hour after they are broadcast in Japan.

CONtv + Comics

Another of the best websites to watch Anime is CONtv. A really broad platform that offers you an immense amount of content for free. The only downside is, you will have to deal with the free version ads, but you can remove them by paying for the premium version.

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It offers you a very good selection of Anime and movies and geek content for you to watch, but most of its content is subtitled only in English. It is compatible with Chromecast. You can enter their website from the browser of your choice by clicking here.


Hidive websites to watch Anime. It is another service that fits perfectly well among the best websites for watching Anime. Unfortunately, selecting what can be seen without paying is quite limited, and in many cases, you can watch only the first episode at no charge.

However, as a paid service, it is very good, as you have access to a rather surprising selection of Anime. You can watch any episode while it is broadcast on Japanese television.


We know that this article is about the best websites to watch Anime. But we could not stop recommending a website to read manga legally and in Spanish.

Manga Plus is the official manga reading website for Shueisha’s Shonen Jump magazine. The site is quite recent and, initially, it was available only in English. But after a few months, it enabled all its content in various languages. And weekly updates its catalogs in this language. The idea of ​​this site is that you stop looking for manga on illegal portals.

Here you can search by genre, in alphabetical order, by the most recent update.

FAQ of best free anime websites

  1. Does Amazon Prime Video best website to watch anime?

We have this platform that offers many options for you, including Anime in its catalog and original movies and series. It has an app that goes with it, so you can easily see everything anywhere.

As expected, it is a paid service, and it does not have a free version, but it does have a free trial period with which you can see if it is worth subscribing. Here you will find Anime like Dororo, Inuyashiki, Re: CREATORS, Shingeki no Kyojin, and Steins; Gate.

If you are interested in this incredible platform developed by one of the largest e-commerce websites today, follow this link to see the best Anime of the moment.

  1. Which is the best free anime website to watch free?

The Crunchyroll platform has been in action for more than a couple of years now and is considered the ideal payment platform for anime lovers. But it also has series that you can watch completely free. The application is available for cell phones, tablets, consoles, and apple tv.

You will be able to see the most relevant Anime of the moment, and now, it also has new original series that have been premiering. One of the enormous benefits of this page is that you can see the chapters at the time of their official broadcast in Japan.

  1. Where can I watch free anime movie in 2021?

Some free websites to watch anime

  • com.
  • to.
  • io.
  • Chia-Anime.
  • Tubi TV.
  1. Is 9anime legal?

9anime is legal

It is a unique opportunity for fans to watch Anime online with the latest and updated content. They have more than 50,000 episodes that you can play at any time.


If you feel like this article, leave us a comment telling us on which page you watch Anime and recommend other ways to enjoy this incredible world that we are so passionate about.

One type of multimedia material that is very popular today and whose fame has not stopped growing everywhere are Anime, the famous Japanese cartoons. There are many websites and apps for watching Anime, most of which allow you to watch them in the best possible video quality. This article will talk about some of the best and most popular websites where you can legally watch Anime.

Leave us in the comments what you think, if we have helped you find the ideal place to see your favorite Anime, or if we have forgotten your favorite place.


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