Mobile No Tracker With Exact Location

mobile no tracker with exact location

Did you lose your cell phone and want to get it back? Do you have kids, and you need to know where they are when they are not home? Has your phone been stolen, and you want to erase all your personal information? In the following article, we will tell you what tools exist to solve all these problems. There are some mobile no tracker with exact location can help you.

Most modern telephones have a chip connected to a GPS satellite (a global positioning system used to determine an object’s position anywhere in the world). This feature allows you to find its location using the services and tools of different companies. If yours does not have it, you can buy one at any business office of your local mobile phone operator. So, let’s know more about mobile no tracker with exact location.


Mobile no tracker with exact location 


Step 1

Flexispy is a tool that allows you to track your lost or misplaced cell phone using GPS technology. You can also install this application on your children’s mobile phone or employees to know their latest movements and know where they are at all times. 

This software marks their routes and locations on a map, and you can also check the calls they received or made, files sent, text messages, use of social networks, and listen or record calls from their surroundings. Of course, the good thing is never free, and if you want to get Flexispy services, you will have to pay the US $ 68 to use the most basic plan.

Step 2

If your iPhone stole or lost somewhere, the best tool to recover or block it and protect your information is Apple’s “Find My Iphone.”All you have to do is log in from or download the application from the apple website. If you activate the “Lost mode,”in addition to seeing your device’s exact location, you can find the last movements and tours you did with it. 

If you wish, you can lock the phone and display a message on the initial screen so that the person who finds it calls you at the phone number you indicate and cannot see the rest of the information inside. As soon as you start “Find My iPhone,”It will activate the “Activation Lock”function. And no one will be able to access the cell phone data without first entering your Apple ID and or download the application from the Manzanita website. 

If you activate the “Lost mode,”in addition to seeing your device’s exact location, you can find the last movements and tours you did with it. If you wish, you can lock the phone and display a message on the initial screen so that the person who finds it calls you at the phone number you indicate and cannot see the rest of the information inside. 

As soon as you start “Find My iPhone,”it will activate the “Activation Lock”function, and no one will be able to access the cell phone data without first entering your Apple ID and password. If your phone stole and you cannot find it, you can also initiate the “remote erase”so that the device returns to its factory settings and there are no traces of your personal information.

Step 3

If you have a cell phone with Windows operating system and an account associated with “Microsoft Accounts,”you can use the tracking service offered by the Windows Phone page to find your lost or stolen phone. It is a free service that will allow you to lock, erase, ring the device or locate it on a map. 

Like many other apps, it will tell you the last location where the device was registered. If you go to that point and your phone is not there, you should consider blocking it and deleting your personal information so that no one can access that data. 

You can also include a message to display on the lock screen. All you have to do is sign in to your Microsoft account (formerly “Windows Live ID”) to access all of these features.

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Step 4

For mobile phone users with the Android operating system, there is a free application that it can use to track the device’s location: “Android Device Manager.”This tool allows you to track lost or stolen cell phones and can download from the “Play Store”or the company’s website. 

When you start the program, you will ask to enter your Google account username and password to track your phone and show the last location on a map. In addition to the details about the previous connection, you will have the possibility to lock the phone. 

Make it ring to find it when you are in the last place that is registered, and also include a message to be displayed on the home screen (in case a Good Samaritan does. find). If the device is missing, you can also erase all your information.


Apps of Mobile no tracker with exact location


This app is with a name similar to the previous one. This application for iOS and Android also focuses its communication strategy on security. It offers to families by always keeping its members informed about the location of each one of them. All with the idea of ​​avoiding calls and messages like “Where are you?”or “Have you arrived safely?”

For those most reluctant to share personal data, registration is more demanding than Safe365, since in addition to the mobile phone. It is necessary to provide an email. But, once the user has registered, the operation is practically the same in the two applications. 

The user must configure their groups and invite their members to install the app by sending a code. The main difference is that Life360 base on the unlimited creation of circles. 

So it is possible to create different groups for family, friends, or co-workers and establish various settings for each of them (for example, some can be simple chat groups, as in WhatsApp, while in others it is already allowed to share the location).

For automatic notifications, these safe zones also configure, which are called “places”here and have a radius of between 76 meters and 3.2 kilometers. 

However, for each circle, It can add only two places for free, and from the third one. It is already necessary to contract one of the payment plans. One month for 3.17 euros or one year for 26.52 euros. Both options with a seven-day free trial. This Plus version includes access to a history where it is possible to consult the locations of Life360. It contacts during the previous 30 days.

Additionally, this application’s developers offer the Life360 Driver Protect version, which integrates the functions of Life360 Plus plus others. Specially designed to share information about users who are driving. And which is useful for emergency warnings in the event of accidents. This service costs 5.49 euros per month or 54.96 per year (in both cases, with a seven-day free trial).



Available for iOS and Android, MyFamily does not ask for any personal data to formalize the registration. Which facilitates and speeds up the configuration of the network of users. That will share their location and movement history. Just create a group, give it a name and invite the people you want. Add them by sending a code, as with Life360.

You can know where each user is almost in real-time. As long as that person selects that their location is updated every sixty seconds. An option only available in the Premium Edition of this app. Which costs 17.99 euros per year. In the free version, this tracking reduces to a maximum of 5 minutes.

It is an application with an excellent design. Its distinguishing features include its “Child Mode,”functionality. That the administrator network activates on minors’ devices to add a greater degree of security. 

Thanks to this option, making a “forced call”to the minor’s phone. It allows the adult to know what is happening in the place where the receiver is. Since the communication establishes without having to accept it picking up. 

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All the sound recorded by that device hear. With the free version of MyFamily, these calls have a maximum duration of 30 seconds. While with the paid edition, this time extends up to 10 minutes. And It can also make video calls.

The previous ones enable the creation of security zones to receive automatic notifications. When someone arrives at these places or leaves them. Which, in this case, covers a radius of between 150 meters and 1 kilometer. 

But, also, for unusual situations, this app includes “the panic button.”When pressed, all group members will receive a signal materialized in a very loud beep. That turns off automatically after ten seconds.



From its name, it is clear that this application for iOS and Android devices emphasizes the smallest of the house’s safety. To register, it is necessary to specify an email address. 

From there, it is possible to configure groups through invitations to those people with whom you want to share the location, whose update interval can configure, free of charge, up to every sixty seconds.

Like the rest of the views above, KidControl offers the possibility of creating safe places. In this case, with a radius of between 108 meters and 5 kilometers. It allows you to configure up to two zones for free, but from the third one, it is necessary to go to the Premium version, for which you have to pay a single payment of 4.99 euros.

This Premium edition, which eliminates advertising, gives one of the distinguishing features of this application: the Black Box. It is a function to know where other people are even if they do not have an Internet connection. Besides, with this paid version, it is possible to view the location history up to two weeks ago.


FAQ of Mobile no tracker with exact location

  1. How to locate a cell phone number on Google Maps? 

Steps to track the cell phone with Android on Google Maps visit the page to enter the Find My Device service. You can also join the Google search engine “Find my phone.”It will direct you to a page where you find a list of the teams associated with your Google account. 

  1. How to know where my partner is for free? 

How to know where your partner is? Google Maps is a free and very efficient application for locating your partner at any time. It is a complete program with which you can not only know where your partner finds. Thanks to the GPS or Wi-Fi connection of the cell phone. But you can also have a record of sent messages. 

  1. How to know the location of a person by Messenger? 

There will be an icon of a clock within the conversation. That shows a counter how long the location has shared. 

  1. Why do I not find a person on Facebook? 

It is possible that the person you are looking for has limited privacy settings or has blocked you. Sometimes people forget that they have modified their configuration. If you still find one of your friends, ask for you to consult your privacy settings.


Conclusion of Mobile no tracker with exact location

Finally, there is a free and straightforward option to finding your mobile phone’s whereabouts: Google. The North American company has developed a system so that anyone enters the phrase “find my phone”. In their search engine can find their device. And activate a locator alarm. For this application to work, it is necessary to have logged into one of the company’s services. Like Gmail, Youtube, Drive, etc.

That will cause the Google program to access a database of registered equipment. And show you the exact location of your equipment on its map. This powerful tool is only available for phones with the Android operating system.


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