How To Stop Mosquito Bites From Itching

how to stop mosquito bites from itching

They may be tiny, but mosquitoes can drive us crazy. Between the buzzing and the itching caused by their bites, mosquitoes make life difficult for many people. Why do they sting? How to stop mosquito bites from itching? What are the ways to avoid them? Focus on flying enemy number one on summer evenings.

Despite your best efforts to protect children from mosquito bites, some of them still got bitten. And there, it is the beginning of the infernal itching which incites the children to scratch themselves so hard that they sometimes even end up injuring themselves. So, let’s know how to stop mosquito bites from itching.


How to stop mosquito bites from itching?

At the time of the bite, the victim of a mosquito is usually unaware of the action taking place on his skin. It is only once the insect is full and flies away that an inflammatory reaction appears in the stung area. It is a light-colored blister that often itches immediately. The swelling from the mosquito bite then turns to redness. 

Mosquito preferences how to stop mosquito bites from itching

Popular beliefs have long suggested that It only attracted mosquitoes to people with sweet blood. It would be the reason why some people are more often victims of mosquitoes than others. In reality, it is not that simple. If mosquitoes like to eat sweets, it is above all the exhaled carbon dioxide that attracts them. The more carbon dioxide a person exhales, the more likely they are to get stung. Then, according to a Japanese study, it is true that individuals belonging to blood group O are more likely to be bitten because their blood secretes more carbohydrates.

Symptoms of a mosquito bite

The main symptom of a mosquito bite is undoubtedly the itch. That usually appears quickly after the edge, but sometimes it does not start until after 48 hours.

Why does a mosquito bite itch?

At the time of the bite, our body perceives the mosquito’s saliva as a foreign substance. It then releases histamine, a molecule secreted by the body to defend itself. It is the release of histamine that causes the blood vessels to dilate, thus forming the skin’s swelling. Usually, a mosquito bite is not severe. The pimple goes away on its own after a few days without leaving a trace. 

Health risks: focus on tiger mosquito bites

Since the mosquito feeds on blood, it can become a vector for viruses. Thus, it can transmit some diseases via a bite.

The tiger mosquito, native to South-East Asia and the Indian Ocean, can carry diseases such as chikungunya and the dengue virus, potentially dangerous in people at risk, already weakened by other diseases or whose immune system weakens. 

How to recognize the tiger mosquito?

It’s effortless. This mosquito owes its name to its tabby appearance. The human’s body becomes striped in black and white. Moreover, it is up to five times smaller than other mosquitoes. 

Mosquito bite: how to relieve it naturally?


A natural antihistamine, plantain is recognized for its calming properties. Its leaves often use to soothe mosquito bites, as they have the power to neutralize the venom’s action. To relieve the itching caused by a mosquito bite, rub a few leaves between your hands to bring out a substance called “juice”, and put the plate on the skin.

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Lavender essential oil

If it is to use with care? Because like all essential oils, Lavender extract not recommend for all subjects (young children in particular) ?. This essential oil often uses in the event of a mosquito bite. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, a few drops on the affected area are enough to soothe the bite’s symptoms.

At Cocooncenter, find many creams for mosquito bites made from lavender essential oil, such as the soothing mosquito cream five out of five. For babies over three months, there are useful complexes such as PranaBB Roller Stings Bio. 

The vinegar

It is the acetic acid present in vinegar that makes it an excellent antiseptic. However, this product is irritating, so it is best to avoid using it pure. If you want to relieve mosquito bites, it is possible to apply a compress soaked beforehand in a water/vinegar mixture. 

Baking soda

Baking soda has the power to stop the development of inflammation caused by insect bites. It can use as a paste by mixing it with a few drops of water in a spoon or a lotion. For this second option, it suffices to stir three tablespoons of baking soda in a glass of water, then soaks a compress with the resulting solution. 

How do you prevent mosquito bites?

Preventive means

When you are regularly targeted by mosquitoes, finding a way to avoid being covered in pimples and spending your night’s scratching is a priority for many. If you want to guard against small flying insects’ attacks, there are several types of repellents.

The sprays

It can diffuse them on clothing or even the skin, depending on the product. Very often, spry contain synthetic molecules recognized for their effectiveness in repelling insects. Some of these substances, such as DEET, can be harmful to health if overdosed and are not suitable for children. It is therefore advisable to learn well about the precautions for the use of spray products.


How to stop mosquito bites from itching in children?

Disinfect the insect bite

The first step in your “anti-itch”journey: cleanse. Indeed, as soon as it bites, we invite you to wash the bite to avoid any risk of infection. For this, a little water and Marseille soap are more than enough. 

Warning:  If the bite is around the eye, mouth, lips, or in a crease and there is edema, consult a doctor or pediatrician as soon as possible.

Use the powers of hot and cold to soothe mosquito bites.

If the child has just a bite, then first apply heat as close as possible to the taste, for example, using a cloth soaked in hot water (or use a heating stick) to neutralize them as much as possible—reactions (itching and swelling) to this sting.

If the child suffered from a mosquito bite several minutes ago and the inflammation has set in, apply an ice cube to the area.

Cut the child’s fingernails to prevent scratching too hard.

Without being able to attach the handcuffs to them to prevent them from scratching, you can, however, overcome their desire to relieve themselves to the point of blood by cutting the nails flush with children who are stung to limit the damage as much as possible. 

Use the soothing benefits of individual plants.

And yes, you know it, nature is well made and contains elements capable of soothing our ills! So to help you soothe mosquito bites in children, we have selected three incredible natural ingredients : 

The aloe vera

The magnetic properties of aloe vera well establish! Indeed, this plant has the power to soothe, heal, calm, relaxed and restore the skin (especially if a child has scratched a lot) like no other plant.

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Our advice: if the child has eczema, do a test first and apply a little aloe on healthy skin. 


Cut a few mint leaves, knead them in your hands and rub against the sting to soothe. If you don’t have mint, you can also bet on a common weed: plantain. 

Banana peel

And finally, unsuspected and yet beneficial: the banana peel. Rich in sugars, the inner part of the peel is sure to relieve the itchy areas. So do not hesitate to rub it on the bites of your little bits of cabbage to soothe them.



An alternative to vinegar?

While vinegar is well-known for soothing itchiness, the natural acids in lemon juice work just as well. Using a cotton ball soaked in the juice, apply to the bite to calm the itching immediately. 

Apply a healing and antibacterial cream

Indeed, whether it is the use of antihistamine ointment or corticosteroid-based ointments (particularly effective in reducing itching and swelling following the inflammatory reaction), these are only to be applied on recommendations. Medical.

If essential oils and homeopathy are also useful in soothing mosquito bites in children, their use must be validated by the children’s parents or even prescribed if necessary.

A magic remedy in the bathroom

Finally, if you run out of miracle cures, run into your bathroom and pull out your toothpaste. Spread a little on the bite. It will refresh and soothe the child’s skin a little.

FAQ of  how to stop mosquito bites from itching

  1. Does vinegar repel mosquitoes?

Here are some tips for using vinegar as a repellant. By placing a glass of vinegar on the edge of the window, you are sure to scare away mosquitoes. At night, we are usually perfect prey for mosquitoes. We, therefore, recommend brushing the footboards with vinegar water.

  1. Why do mosquitoes only come out at night? 

Smells better perceived in the evening

This mosquito makes proteins that transport odor molecules to odor receptors. However, according to the researchers, the production peak of these proteins is maximum at dusk and during the night.

  1. Why do mosquito bites itch more at night?

 If mosquito bumps swell and itch, it’s because of the mosquito’s saliva and our immune system. When it bites, the female mosquito injects saliva and an anti-coagulant. By triggering an immune response, it is responsible for the itch. 

  1. Why am I getting stung?

 Bites scratch because our body detects mosquito saliva and defends itself against this foreign body. The more the same mosquito species bite us, the more our immune system gets used to the saliva, and the less the effects of the bite feel.

  1. Why are mosquito bites swollen?

 Mosquito saliva contains proteins and allergens. Some people are susceptible to it and have an allergic reaction. Swelling and redness at the bite may then appear. 

  1. Why does it feel good to scratch?

 What causes itching (pruritus) is related to the skin’s irritants and released in the outer layers. This skin reaction occurs in response to various situations, ranging from an insect bite to diseases such as eczema or psoriasis.

  1. Where do mosquitoes sleep?

Depending on the species, these roosts can locate near the sea, at high altitudes (but rarely above 1500 meters), in areas devoid of vegetation or very shady areas, in freshwater, or polluted, or sometimes brackish.

  1. Can aphids bite?

Polyphagous, these black aphids can attack various plants that they bite to pump the sap. These attacks can lead to wilting and dieback of colonized planets, and the devastation is considerable, especially on sugar beet crops.

  1. What insect stung by leaving its sting?

Hymenoptera is an insect characterized by having a double pair of membranous wings and a body divided into three parts (head, trunk, and abdomen). They have a nasty device at the posterior end of their core, accompanied by a stinger allowing them to sting.


Conclusion of  how to stop mosquito bites from itching.

However, in some people, a more severe allergic reaction may occur. Other symptoms then appear, such as hives, swelling of the throat, or difficulty breathing. In this situation, it is advisable to take advice from a doctor. 

In rarer situations, the bite can be the cause of illness. The associated symptoms are generally fever, headache, physical pain, severe fatigue. If these symptoms appear, a medical consultation also recommends. 


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