Bollywood movies download sites- Download you favorite Bollywood movies

Bollywood movies download sites

Introduction of Bollywood movies downloads sites.

In today’s world cinemas and movies is one of the best ways to spend your leisure. And people love Bollywood movies download sites. Hundreds of movies are released every month. And people love these movies. And some movies make billions of dollars.

The movie industry is one of the biggest industries right now. And Bollywood is the largest film producing industry in the world. Every year Bollywood produces tons of movies. And it keeps its viewers entertained. Bollywood movies have a huge fan following in not only India but worldwide. Hence, we can notice a significant impact on society. 

But if you want to enjoy Bollywood movies on your phone and laptop. Then you have to download these movies. In this article, we will talk about the Bollywood movie download sites. And how you can get your desired movies. 


Film Industry

The film industry is made of many things. For example, production companies, film studios, film festivals, film production, and many more. Nowadays people love to spend their free time watching movies. And that’s why the film industry has become one of the largest and wealthiest industries in the world. For example, in the year 2018, the net worth of the global box office was around 41.7 billion dollars. 


There are many film industries all over the world. And among them, Hollywood is the oldest. And it is the largest film industry in terms of box office revenue. But the south Indian film industry, Bollywood, is the largest in terms of films produced each year. Bollywood has more than thousands of movies each year.


The film industry has a significant impact on society. Because millions of people follow films wholeheartedly, and they can do anything for their idols. People love film stars. And they can cross the world for them. There are tons of stories about crazy things that fans did for their model. And a film star can change the world with their work. Hence, we can see how the film industry can change the world. 


A brief history of Bollywood

Bollywood is the south Indian film industry. It is based in Mumbai, formally known as Bombay. Bollywood was named after Bombay. But then the name Bombay was changed to Mumbai. 


India has many film industries. For example, Tollywood, Bollywood, Telegu film industry, Tamil film industry, and many more. Bollywood is the Hindi language film industry. But this film industry is so huge. Hence sometimes people refer Bollywood to the whole Indian film industry. 


Bollywood was formally known as Hindi cinema. The first films of Bollywood were made in 1899. Harischandra Sakharam Bhatawdekar directed and produced these two films. The name of these two films were “the wrestlers” and “the man and his monkey.” The first color film of Bollywood was made in 1937. And Kisan Kanya was the first color film of Bollywood. And the next color film was made in the following year. It was a version of “Mother India.” 


The Golden age of Bollywood was from the late 1940s to the early 1960s. Film historians from India named this “The Golden Era of Hindi cinema.” And some of the superstars from this period are still remembered by many. For example, Dilip Kumar, Guru Dutt, Raj Kapoor, Mehboob Khan, and many more. And these actors are the legends of the Hindi film industry. 


The name Bollywood was announced in the 1970s. And in the following years, Bollywood started having some masala films. And that led Bollywood to have some blockbusters. Bollywood got actors like Amitabh Bacchan, Rishi Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, and many more. And Bollywood started having different genres of films. For example, action, romance, comedy, drama, and many more. 

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Films of Bollywood

Bollywood produces the largest number of films each year. And there is no comparison with this film industry. Thousands of movies are released each year. And Bollywood has a record of selling tickets. According to the 2001 tickets sell, Bollywood sold an estimated 3.6 billion tokens. On the other hand, Hollywood sold only 2.6 billion tickets worldwide.


Bollywood is famous for its masala films. And this genre is a mixture of many different genres. For example, action, romance, drama, melodrama, and comedy. And this genre features many musical numbers. As a result, this genre usually falls under the musical film. And Bollywood has been producing the largest number of films in this genre. Masala films have the market since the 1970s. Different film directors and producers became interested in making masala films in the late 1970s. And masala films started having a huge box office success. Hence, Bollywood had its first blockbusters.


Bollywood films have changed dramatically since the beginning. From the silent films to the movie with multiple songs, Bollywood has changed. First color films Kisan Kanya, a version of mother India, pioneer the now Bollywood industry. From the 1940s to the 1960s, Bollywood passed its golden era. And tons of legendary films were made in this period—for example, Pyaasa, kangas ka Phool, Awaara, Aan, and many more. And the movie “mother India” was so good. As a result, it was nominated for the academy award for best foreign-language film. But it was lost by a single vote. And it was the guest film to get selected from India. 


Films like Mughal-e-Azam were made in this era. And it is still considered a true masterpiece. 

Today’s films of Bollywood


Most of the films of Bollywood are masala films. But some of the films are from different genres. For example, drama, action, comedy, and many more. But all these films make tons of money at the box office. And some movies even cross 1000 crore rupees. People are mad about Bollywood movies. And if it’s an SRK film or Salman khan film, then it will be a blockbuster for sure. 


Shah Rukh Khan’s film “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” celebrated its 1000 weeks in cinemas. Hence you can imagine the craze of Bollywood films. And Bollywood has many superstars. And their movies cross 100 crores easily within few weeks of the release. 


If we take a closer look at the box office, then we will find some of the best Bollywood movies. According to the box office Dangal, the 2016 Bollywood film is the highest-grossing Bollywood film till now. And it made a considerable number of 2024 core rupees worldwide. Amir khan acted in this film. Then the second-highest-grossing film is “Bajrangi Bhaijaan.” Salman Khan acted in this film. This film managed to cross 900 crores at the box office. And to be exact, it earned 969.06 crore rupees worldwide. And the list goes on. More films crossed 500 crores at the box office. For example, Kabir Sing, PK, Sultan, secret superstar, Sanju, Padmavati, and many more. 


People are crazy about Bollywood films. A fan walked a thousand miles to meet his idol, Shah Rukh Khan. Another crazy fan paddled his bicycle to meet Akshay Kumar. Hence, we can understand how Bollywood has an impact on society. The heart of fashion in India. 


Bollywood movies download sites


Bollywood movies are fun to watch. And it is so enjoyable that you could watch it multiple times. So what will you do if you want to watch it on your phone? And what if you can not go to the cinema hall? And what will you do if you do not have enough money? 


The answer is easy. And that is, download the movie. But where can you download it from? That is why you need Bollywood movies download sites. But which are the Bollywood movies download sites? And are these Bollywood movies download sites trustworthy? 


There are plenty of Bollywood movies download sites available on the Internet. And among them some places are right. There are many ways of downloading Bollywood films. And we are going to discuss it.

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You can go to google. And type “movie name index”. ( type your desired movie name on the ‘movie name’ part.) Then if you are lucky you will get an index for your desired movie. But if this doesn’t work there are many Bollywood movies download sites. 


123movies, movie minions, movies are some of the famous movie down sites. These are trustworthy Bollywood movies download sites. You can go to these sites. And search for your desired movie. And if you find the movie then click the download button. Then the download will start. And that’s how you can get your desired movie. 


Official Bollywood movies download sites


Bollywood movies are so famous. As a result, Indians upgraded their movie distribution. Hence you can find movie streaming apps. And there are many Bollywood movie streaming apps in the market. Netflix is a massive platform for movie lovers. And Indians made think kind of apps. For example, Zee5, Amazone Prime, Netflix, and many more. 


You can create an account in these apps. Then you need to get a subscription. And pay a fixed amount of money to watch movies. These apps have tons of movies. And the best part is these apps bring you the newest films. Hence you can easily find the movie you want to watch. 


Hence you can find all these Bollywood movies download sites on the internet. And after installing it on your phone you can enjoy Bollywood movies. The best part about these apps is that these apps come with many features. For example, you can use Amazon prime on your phone, laptop, and on your smart tv. On the other hand, Zee5 allows you to watch different channels of Zee company. And you can also enjoy Hollywood movies on these apps. These are official apps. Hence you don’t need to worry about virus or malware.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers of Bollywood movies download sites


First Question: When was Bollywood started its journey?


Answer: Bollywood is the Hindi movie industry in India. And it started its journey in the early 20th century. In the beginning, some silent films were made by pioneers of Bollywood movies. And now Bollywood produces the largest number of movies each year. 


Second question: Which is the highest-grossing Bollywood film?


Answer: Dangal is the highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time. And it earned a massive amount of 2024 crore rupees. And no other films crossed even 1000 crore rupees. The second highest grossing film earned an amount of 969.09 crore rupees.


Third Question: Are Bollywood movies download sites safe?


Answer: Yes. You can trust these sites. Bollywood movies download sites are safe to use. Every day thousands of people use these sites to download movies. Hence it is okay for you to use these sites. And there will be no problem with a security breach. 


Fourth Question: Can my device get infected by using Bollywood movies download sites?


Answer: You can not trust every site. But the trustworthy sites are okay to use. These are virus free sites. Hence there is no way these sites can infect your mobile phone or laptop. Though you will face some adjustments. But that will not be a problem.


Conclusion of Bollywood movies download sites


Films and movies are one of the most famous ways of spending leisure time. And people love to watch movies. Hollywood might be the oldest film industry. But Bollywood produces the largest number of movies each year. And Bollywood gives you masala films. It is a mixture of many genres. For example, comedy, romance, action, and many more. Though Bollywood gives you movies of different genres. But masala films are the signature of Bollywood. So how can you enjoy Bollywood films on your mobile device or laptop. You need to download these movies. That is why you need Bollywood movies to download sites. And we talked about these sites. And how you can use these. Once you learn to download movies from these sites. Then you can enjoy your favorite Bollywood movies anytime, anywhere. 

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