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hotstar mod apk

Are you looking for some interactive way to spend your spare time wisely? Then, it would help if you tried Hotstar mod apk where you can watch a lot of movies, dramas, serials, live matches, and so many more things. You can use Hotstar mod apk in your android phone without spending any money.  In this article, we will provide you brief information about Hotstar mod apk.

In 2015, a video streaming service known as Hotstar started in India, which is owned by Novi digital entertainment. This is the best platform where you can watch various types of movies, news channels, live shows, cricket, kabaddi, and so many other things. Also, it provides you with options to choose any language from 17 different languages. No one can deny that Hotstar can be considered as India’s largest video streaming site.

  • Premium membership of Hotstar: –

Hotstar offers you two types of membership. If you want to watch Disney and Hotstar VIP subscription, then you have to spend 399 Rupees for a year, and you can enjoy domestic sports events with this subscription. On the other hand, the price of a Hotstar premium is about 12.99 Canadian dollars. By using this membership, you can watch various international events such as Showtime.

  • Let’s introduce about Hotstar mod apk: –

The Hotstar mod apk is the new and modified version of the original Hotstar app, which comes with many new features. Hotstar mod apk is available in three different countries i.e., India, Canada, and the United States. This Hotstar mod apk can be used in eight languages.

Hotstar mod apk basic information: –

  • Version: – 11.6.9
  • The small size of 19.31 MB
  • More than 10lakh downloaders
  • Optimization of app
  • Option to move a file in SD card
  • Live and premium channels
  • Live sports
  • News channels
  • High video quality


  • Features: –

The Hotstar app is one of the best platforms to watch live cricket matches. In this section of the article, we will discuss some exciting features of Hotstar mod apk, which makes it unique.

  • Video quality: –

Generally, there are three different videos mode available to watch live matches or videos, high, medium, and low.  If you want to save your data, then you should use short or medium quality mode. The Hotstar mod apk automatically changes the video mode to keep the consumption of the internet.

  • News channels: –

In the Hotstar mod apk, a separate section is given for news channels. This section provides many news channels at a place so that you can search for your favorite news channel easily.  You can browse and watch live news on Hotstar mod apk.

  • Various languages: –

Language is the only way of expressing your thoughts. So, variability in the language is provided in Hotstar mod apk so that different sections of society can understand them in their regional language. The language that you can find on this apk is: – Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, and others.

  • Movies: –

Hotstar mod apk provides you a platform where you can watch a lot of movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood.

  • Ad-free: –

Ad-free is one of the unique features of Hotstar mod apk. This feature allows you to watch your favorite shows without any disturbance. But you can use this feature only when you are a premium member. So, switch to a premium member today and enjoy your memorable movies and shows.

  • VIP mode: –

You can become a premium member of Hotstar mod apk by registration. By subscribing to the premium feature of Hotstar mod apk, you can enjoy various contents ad-free in high video quality. You can subscribe to Hotstar mod apk monthly or annually.

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How to install Hotstar mod apk?

After knowing the features of Hotstar mod apk, you want to install this once in your android device. If you’re going to install the Hotstar mod apk latest version download, then just use these given steps.

  • You can download the Hotstar mod apk from the link that is available on Google Chrome or other browsers.
  • Ensure that your device has some free space to download this file.
  • On clicking on the download button, you asked to give some permission such as access to contacts, media, etc.  You should use some security settings to prevent data threats.
  • It can download this file by enabling the option ‘ download from unknown sources’.
  • You can check your downloaded file in the file manager. Then tap on the file and install it.
  • It will take some time to install the Hotstar mod apk.
  • Now, you can sign up if you are a new member or sign in if you are an existing user.

So, in this way you can install Hotstar mod apk and use it for free on your device.

List of TV channel on Hotstar mod apk: –

  • Star Vijay
  • Stay Suvarna
  • Star plus
  • Star Bharat
  • HBO
  • Nat Geo
  • Star World
  • Fox Life
  • Star Maa
  • Star sports
  • Asianet
  • Star jalsha

In this article, we give you full details about Hotstar mod apk like how to use it and its features. If you have any doubts than are free to contact us. Thanks for reading our article. Have a nice day!

We are sure that your experience with Hotstar mod apk will be amazing. This is the only platform where you can access various classic and regional TV serials and live to broadcast of matches. By using Hotstar mod apk you can watch blockbuster movies, Bollywood as well as Hollywood.

Some blockbuster movies are: –

  • Games of thrones
  • Prison break
  • Avengers and so on

The Hotstar mod apk provides you access to the latest TV serials such as movies, web series, and many more.

Advantages of Hotstar mod apk: –

There are Several advantages of Hotstar mod apk in comparison of other similar app.

No ads: –

No one can deny that ads are the main trouble during watching movies because it breaks continuity as well as interest. If you want to watch your favorite movies without any ads then try Hotstar mod apk which will allow you to watch movies interestingly. The Hotstar premium Disney+ Apk is the best platform for ads free movies or serials.

Live contents: –

There is no other competitive of apk in the sports and live content in the market. This is the exclusive app that provides you an opportunity to watch live matches without any cost.  Apart from using apk, you can watch various sports channels.

Download the files: –

Are you worried about what to do when you have no internet connection? Then, use apk which allows you to download many videos. You can watch these downloaded videos anywhere without the consumption of data. These download videos act as a partner when you are traveling.

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Don’t need to login: –

The interesting thing about modifying the version of Hotstar mod apk is that you don’t need to use any credentials for login. You can use this app without filling any login details.

User-friendly and high video quality: –

The apk is the only source where you can watch high-quality videos and these videos are user friendly because it is very simple to use. So, you shouldn’t worry about the quality of videos and enjoy the images with high resolution.

Disadvantages: –

Here are some disadvantages of Hotstar apk mentioned –

In the above section of our article, we give you brief details about the pros of apk. Apart from excellent features and advantages, there are some cons about apk. There is only one thing about this file that sometimes it’s lag in your android device. But you can fix this problem by removing the extra files from your device so that there should be proper space for the functioning of apk.

  • FAQs: –

Here some Frequently Asked Questions are given to understand the apk more efficiently.

What is apk?

It is the modified version of the original Hotstar app which specially created to help the customers so that they can enjoy all premium content without any cost. This is also known as MOD version because this is created after modifying the original Hotstar app

What type of videos is available on apk?

There is a huge collection of different genre videos on apk in free. By using app you can enjoy unlimited live sports such as football, cricket, kabbadi, and many other leagues. It can be considered as the best platform for movies and news channels.  Don’t need to worry if there are any children in your home, because the apk allows you to watch many kid entrainments channels. Is it safe to use apk?

You don’t need to worry about your privacy when you are using the apk. This is tested by millions of users that it is safe to your device and there is no threat of private data leakage. So, in this way, we can say that apk is 100% safe and there is no risk to use this app.

Who is the owner of Hotstar mod apk?

The apk is owned by Novi digital entertainment with its head office in Mumbai.


What the requirements are for install Hotstar mod apk in the device?

The size of the apk is about 20MB. The basic requirements for using apk are that your android device should be of 4.0 or above version. If you want to use app without any troubles then there should be free space in your device up to 2GB.

Is the screenshot option available in Hotstar mod apk?

Yes, you can take screenshots of any content from the app easily. Your screenshot will be stored in your phone storage automatically.

How to update app?

One thing that you should keep in mind that you can’t update app from google play. There will be a notification that this app needs an update. You can update this app by tapping that option and enjoys the latest features of apk.

How to use apk?

Apk is very simple and easy to use. It means that everyone can use this app. In this section of the article we provide you some steps about how to use apk, follow them for proper working pf apk:-

  • Open the app from your android device by clicking on the thumbnail of apk.
  • On clicking the thumbnails, you will enter the app and choose your language from the various languages that are provided by the park.

After login, you can watch various videos and channels on this platform.

Final verdict: –

There is no doubt that the apk that is modifying the version of the original Hotstar app is awesome for your android device.  This is the best platform where you can enjoy a huge collection of movies, channels, and live matches of various leagues or tournaments. Due to its popularity, this app is downloaded by millions of users. 

Disney apk is also an interesting thing to use. In this article, we provide a link so that you can install a apk easily. If we talk about the features of apk then no one can deny that it is the only app that posses a pretty collection of various features. In the markets, many apps have some security issues, but apk is 100 %safe to use and user friendly.

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