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summertime saga apk

Games have always entertained people of all ages. And as this pandemic rule the globe, you must have become dependent on games to kill your boredom like many! That is natural and evident. Games always refreshed the mind with time. Some of you might have taken out time from your busy schedules previously to play games and thus evolved a plethora of fun, and the games industry thrived.

With the inclusion of many new simulation games, not only did the gaming industry change and expanded but also the options increased for the gamers, which in some ways left them in a dilemma of choice. Summertime Saga APK is one such simulation game that has unnerved the gamers above 18, and it can be said that it will kill your boredom and surely refresh your mind.

Benefits of APK and Summertime saga as an APK

An Android Package Kit or APK, in short, is a package file format that is used by the Android operating system for the installation of mobile apps. Like the .exe files used in PCs for installing software, APK does somewhat a similar function for Android devices. The advantage of using APK is that they are often ahead of time, which gives you early access to many features that are not available otherwise.

In some cases, there is a restriction over apps in some regions where an APK is available. The most important thing is that apps take much time to notify its new update, but an APK does that very fast, and you do not have to wait much. Summertime Saga APK is one such APK, which is the official version for Android gadgets, which enables you to experience the full game without any glitches providing you with fast updates and the advantage of not porting the game from PC to Android device. This is one of the crucial benefits of using an APK.

Why choose Summertime Saga modded APK?

A modded APK means a modified APK of the original APK. Modded APKs have extra features and free access to many other features that are locked as paid in the original APK. Thus, modded APK enables you with additional benefits. Summertime Saga APK is a popular gaming APK with a proper novel-like storyline.

When you start to play the game, never think that you will be able to complete the game within some time as the game takes much time to unlock the items, episodes, and features. Thus, it is better to download the modded APK because the modified version of the APK provides better features and unlocks all the paid features for Android.

Highlights of the game

Name of the application: Summertime Saga Mod APK

  • Publisher: Kompas
  • Version: 0.20.1
  • Size: 742M
  • Category: NSFW
  • MOD Features: All stories unlocked, Cheat menu
  • Requires: Android

Summertime Saga APK is developed and marketed by Kompas. The game lets you wear the shoes of a teenager above 18, who has been abandoned by his father and has to meet and explore different women and venture to many locations while studying at high school, to find out the murderer of the father and fix the financial problems of the house.

The reason behind fixing the age of the protagonist is due to the adult scenes and experiences you as the player has to go through.

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This adult game allows you as a player to enhance your stats, make money, purchase things, date, and find characters who are non-players for sexual encounters.

Summertime Saga MOD APK Overview

In the summertime saga mod APK, you can travel across 30 different locations and meet more than 70 characters who are different from each other. Even you can converse with anybody anywhere you want in your game. But your behavior will ensure how the opposite person will react to you. You can collect various valuables after the completion of the requisite task. Beyond this, the modded APK provides you with some better features like:

  • Active map system
  • Energy and monetary systems
  • Three plots
  • Dating systems
  • Unlocked stories

Features of Summertime Saga APK

For a gamer, it is essential to know the features which the game is providing as features are the parameters that attract gamers. Summertime saga APK has some excellent features that make you fall in love with the game. Not only does it make you addicted to it, but it also refreshes your mind. Some of the essential and prominent features of this game that will arrest the gamers attention are:

A game with a Novel plot

The most exciting feature of summertime saga APK is its storyline, which engages you the player in the game as a teenage boy in high school, residing with a stepmom Debbie and step-sister Jenny. You need to face a rough and challenging situation at the beginning as your father has died and you the protagonist have to shift to live in the suburbs where your ultimate goal is to manage money to pay your fees, clear your father’s debts that he had borrowed from a mysterious mafia gang. Summertime saga APK offers a really long but amazingly wonderful storyline, and you will surely enjoy the game.

Summertime Saga APK Gameplay

If you have experience in playing simulation games, then it is relatively easy, and you will feel familiar with the gameplay. Although it is a game that includes mafia and gangs, you do not need to join them in fights or gunfights like Grand Theft Auto (GTA). It is just that you are an ordinary boy with a very routine lifestyle, bit the consequences that will follow up shall not be expected in any way, and that does not happen to anyone just like that.

Though ordinary life does not mean a boring life as you need to tackle many challenges

and tasks you do not need a sharp brain for it. You can tour over 30 locations in the town and converse with many people who can give you your requirements. It will begin your game as you wake up in a room with a bed, a telescope, a broken computer, and some basic daily stuff. It would help if you buckled up with a part-time job given by your stepmom at Erik’s garden during the summer vacation because she wants you to utilize your holiday and make it worthy by having some income that could help you. Erik is your classmate.

You also need to tolerate the attitude of your step-sister, who often calls you a loser as she always feels uncomfortable whatever be the cause. The map at the top right corner will guide you through the town whenever you tap on it. Even you need to take care of your health and body, and thus, you have to visit the gym frequently so that you can grow strong. There shall be karate classes too, which will make you speedy and steady.

In the meantime when you finish cleaning Erik’s garden,

it would help if you rushed to your school where Principal Smith asked you to visit so that she could show you your answer scripts where you have secured shallow marks. You need to improve your characters to become a graduate and thus have to take some courses to fasten the improvement. In a nutshell, you need to go through a daily schedule, but the exciting fact is that you are a pretty lucky champ, and you will encounter many beautiful girls. They will become great friends and spice up your vacation. After that, numerous interesting stories will continue, and after completing the tasks, you shall earn valuable items and money.


Exclusive gaming modes: CLEAN and CHEATED

Summertime saga APK provides you with two different modes, namely, ‘Clean’ and ‘Cheated.’ These two features act as the keys to the locks, which helps the player to proceed in the game. The ‘Clean’ feature allows to accomplish the entire storyline. This feature includes each and everything that you, as the protagonist of the game, shall come across during the regular life routine. Whereas the ‘Cheated’ part, the second mode which is available on the MOD version entrusts you with unlimited money and bestows you with the power to select and skip things automatically, as you wish.

Admirable Graphics

If you are an ardent fan of comics and animated movies then you will surely fall in love with summertime saga APK game as it is filled with a hell lot of graphics. The use of high-resolution graphics enables you to experience the high definition cartoon-style 2D graphics which are quite amazing. It can be wholly asserted that you will not feel bored with the graphics. But with respect to the visual pleasure that you will get, the audio is not that developed as you will not hear characters talking like in any animated movie, but you will surely hear music played behind the scenes.

Everything Unlocked

Unlocking is a quite fascinating term right now as we see unlocking the lockdown going on in India. Well, the benefit of using modded APK is that you get all the levels that are actually paid or chargeable for free. In summertime saga mod APK you will find all the levels unlocked and you will not have to wait for anything you need. It is such that you can even start a conversation, gossip, or flirt with anyone you want to. To say in a nutshell, you get all locations unlocked, all the characters unlocked, you can talk with anybody you feel like, you get unlimited money as you complete your tasks. 

How to download and install the Summertime Saga MOD APK

To begin with the installation process, you first download the APK from any browser you prefer. You need to search for ‘Summertime Saga MOD APK’ and shall see many sites popping up. Enter any of the sites provided by the search engine and after getting ensured that it is a modded APK, download it. You need to be careful while downloading because there are many sites that do not provide you with the modded APK.

After the completion of the download, you need to INSTALL the game on your mobile or android device. Make sure that you have uninstalled any previous downloads of the summertime saga APK. Now you need to give permission or enable the “Unknown Sources” option from the subunit Security, under Settings. After completing this process open the game and enjoy it!

Final Say

The fascinating storyline has always made summertime saga APK a quite popular game among the players. It a preferred choice for many. The exciting features and upcoming surprises have made the game much more attractive. But one thing that should resonate is that you should be 18 years old or above to play this game.

This game will surely kill your boredom and you can experience dating girls without going out. As the story is a really long one so it is better for you to download the MOD APK which will help you play swiftly.


How to update summertime saga APK?

Do check which will always provide you with the latest updates.

How do you get unlimited money in summertime saga APK?

To get unlimited money in summertime saga you need to press Shift+O and type the command (without quotes) ‘inventory. Money=10000’ or whatever number you want to enter. After that, you need to type exit to exit the console and the money shall be reflected.

Does summertime saga APK have any time limit?

Summertime saga APK has a time limit. Sleeping unnecessarily can skip the whole day and waste a lot of time.

What is the cheat mode?

Cheat mode is a very important option found in the game settings on the continue game or start a new game screen. This allows you to control whether players will have access to the Creative menu in the game that helps you to skip or select anything you want and have. 

What is Jenny’s computer password?

The password of Jenny’s computer is the name of her favorite toy as written in her diary, “Bad Monster”.


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