Learning To Group Chat Using Discord Server Folders

discord server folder


If you are a gaming aficionado, then you would know what discord server folder is and probably used it as well. There are certain problems that kind of bug gamers, one of them being able to talk with fellow gamers during play. It also becomes difficult to organize people long enough until you find others to get the game going. Now that the discord app has hit the market, it’s a great solution to your gaming woes. This latest app is on a free platform and can blend with chat apps such as slack, skype, and others. Wherein you can both voice and video chat.

Features of the Discord app

With so many users logging in to play online games, the use of discord app is getting popular by the day. It can help gamers 

  • chat with your fellow players 
  • Where players can congregate
  • Socialize

The discord app is specially made to cater to video game players and works much like the other chat user interface apps like skype, slack, etc. It is an excellent platform for gamers to find each other and coordinate the timings of play and chat while they are playing as well. It now has understood the problems of gamers and come up with a discord server folder. The app supports

  • Video calls
  • Voice chat
  • text

There is a friends list that you can look into and search for playing partners. The app helps you to communicate faster and find people. Others are also searching for fellow players to come together for a game. This app facilitates the meet of other gamers; hence it now works as an organizational and social tool of getting like-minded people together. There is an additional feature of the discord server folder.

What you can do with Discord app

 If you like to play a particular kind of online game, you would be lucky to find gamers showing the same kind of interest using this app can join servers. There is an option of going to both public and private. This way, you can meet a lot of people to hang out with and play the game or socialize as well.

Discord provides gamers the options of

  • semi-public 
  • forum style community platform

Discord servers are not only used for gaming but other things as well, such as

  • anime
  • cryptocurrency
  • self-improvement
  • discuss topics etc.

How is the Discord server folder different?

Discord is the latest app to hit the market, which is made up of the best features of the apps that already exist in the chat option arena. It is user-friendly, which is a big draw among gamers and people alike who have taken to Discord better than other existing apps for the same function and with an added advantage of the discord server folder. The chat app is made in such a way that it is no way going to slow things down when you are gaming and pose a problem because when you are gaming, the prominence will be given to the game, and the chatting would be secondary. This app ensures that no part of the game or chat goes on without any hassle.

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The app is so versatile, has caught the eye of several gaming groups. It is also a great forum to find friends with people who have similar interests to get together for communicating. You could shout out to the friends that you have made during the chatting sessions and get together to plan the video games that you could play together. You can either arrange for private or public meetings using this app.

The discord server can be configured in several ways and help you set roles for the members of your chatting sessions such as

  • administrators
  • moderators
  • a special role for active members of the group you have created for a particular activity could be gaming or anything else like socializing as well.

knowing how to group chat with discord servers

Discord users have the privilege of using more than one chat server. You can use for one game and then, later on, split it to form another group for another game. Now the Discord has made it easier for you to get to make separate streamers as a server. So now you can be part of one or many or even all. It’s your call to choose and pick and make the most of this app. Being a part of a certain clan in the game may require you to make a group. You can go ahead make use of a separate server chat group for that too.

There are times you want to be part of a larger group for a popular game, for that you can get on the bandwagon and get a server for that one as well.

You could be working around with 40 or more servers, now the ones that you regularly use in this whole lineup would take you ages to find. Hence the Discord though well ahead about your problem and came up with another useful feature in their app that will not resolve your issue. It would be the next level of using multiple servers yet be so relaxed by using discord server folder

Discord uses discord server folders are easy to make, and you make them as you would in your android or iOS operating systems. Picking the icons that you want to group them together on top of each other viola, you have got a folder. You can do that to the rest of them which have to be clubbed together. It will be easier for you to search for them each time you want to pick and play.

what you can do with the discord server folders


  • you can color-code them for your reference and provide names and place them in any order you want them to be in
  • you can add or remove any number of icons 
  • you can find them easily
  • you either store on any of your playing device either the desktop or mobile


how discord server folders help

  • you can dismiss all notification for an entire discord server folder (doing it for each streamer would take ages and most of your gaming time away)
  • you could get rid of the unread much more accessible and a smaller task comparatively

Now the gamers can heave a sigh of relief because handling so many servers were proving to be a pain in the neck. With the organization possible with discord server folders. All this is now set in the sidebar, which now may become overcrowded if you have several server folders. The folders can extend in any number of icons you want, and it expands as you make it.

When you create your own server, which is also called the snap, you can invite anybody. You will get a readymade list of people you may know already and check out online who you want to add. The same way you can join official community platforms that are created by the gaming studios or other well-known entities. The voice or text channel you choose for your server will enable you to use different control settings for each.

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How to find friends?

The servers that you have already joined are the most accessible source for you to find your friends to invite for your server. An add button to send a friend request to the person you want to add to your server can be quickly done. You can find friends using their username, which they have used for playing online. You can locate them by typing in their name in the search field or clicking on the photos as well. You can use the DichordTag to send friend requests.

Why are server folders required?

The use of discord server folders has benefitted your CPU and memory usage by providing greater server connection gains to the gamer. The performance of the game is improved as well as there are lesser resolution issues; hence discord users will see a major improvement in their gaming routines. Discord is a free chat application that has many tools that you can use and have hassle-free gaming with your fellow gamers. 

If you want to text another chat room, you need to enter that room for that purpose, which you could do very quickly with the help of slash commands. If you are using the voice channels, then you would want to hop to another channel of another game you can do with disturbing your other gaming buddies. You could use a separate server for this purpose as well. There are thousands of Discord users creating new groups whenever they play. Because you no longer have to worry about getting invites to form groups and begin making new friends in different chat groups and play as you wish.

As a user, you can now

  • set up a discord server
  • no limit to the number of users
  • no limit to the number of channels you can create
  • no limit to the number of servers as well

when you have created your very own Dischord server, you could start by getting your friends in by inviting them. This could happen over voice or text. You can click on the instant invite icon. It is a temporary invitation link. As a user, you would have to copy this link to anyone you want to join the server you have created. For this, the other person has to have a discord account. If they don’t, they will get a prompt saying to create one to join in the fun. The invites will expire in 24 hours as per the default setting, but you want the invite to last you might as well go to the gear icon and change the time limit for the expiration of the invite.

How do discord server folders work?

The user can further break down the servers into channels, which in turn will be smaller spaces for discussions on specific topics that you want to create. Many users don’t like to be part of one big platform wherein you can get lost at times. So with you doing the regrouping, you can make smaller versions of the group and stick to your chatmates that you wish to hang out. You can further segregate them based on text-only or voice channels as per your choice. You could change the whole server into

  • public
  • private
  • or by invite only


The entire point of using Discord would be able to handle multiple servers at one point in time. And be a part of the social interaction with thousands of people. There is no limit imposing on you can be part of a public or private server, and you can switch them at you will all this by clicking on the one that you want to be a member and letting go of the one you don’t want to continue with can be possible with Discord.


  • How many servers can one use when using Discord?

Ans. Any number of servers can be used at any point in time.

  • How to manage so many servers?

Ans. You manage all your servers with the help of the new features of Discord, known as the server folders. These discord server folders will help put together similar streamers and color code them so that it would be easier to select them when needed.

  • Is it possible to create one’s own server

Ans. Yes, you can create your own Discord server and invite all your fellow players to be a part of it.

  • Does the performance of the game improve after using a Discord app?

Ans. The performance of your CPU, as well as the storage space, improves as well as there is no hurdle for your gaming spree because of the Discord app.

  • Is switching from one server to another possible?

Ans. It’s a straightforward task of switching your server to another. All the servers are on the slide bar you can click on one icon that you want to use. And click on to the other icon when you want to switch to the other.


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