App Cloner Premium Apk v2.0.0 Download full version 2020

app cloner premium apk

App Cloner Premium apk v2.0.0

App cloner premium apk v2.0.0 is an android application package. It is premium and unique in its entirety. Moreover, it can clone your already existing application multiple times more than any other available cloning android apps in the market.

App Cloner is the best app that can create true clones. These premium clones are independent of the original apps and work simultaneously. Besides, you can customize your app icon by changing size, color, rotation, flipping, adding text, etc.

App cloner premium apk is easily installable and is very secure to all other cloning apps available in the marketplace. Furthermore, the app cloner will give your cloned apps protection with features like password protection, incognito mode, hiding android ID, mock locations, etc. This premium version 2.0.0 supports 20 clones. You can increase the number of clones by simply supporting or giving small donations for development. App cloner premium will also help you extend your business to a new horizon with special features for business users.

Features of App Cloner Premium apk v2.0.0

With App Cloner premium v.2.0.0 in addition to all other apps, you can clone many premium apps like Messenger, Gmail, Fake GPS, Bukalapak, GBWhatsapp, YoWhatsApp, VK, Parallel Space, etc.

You can also save and share cloned apps. Moreover, you can clone watch apps and replace launcher apps. Besides, you can hide your Bluetooth MAC address, Android ID, Wifi MAC address, IMEI/IMSI.

App cloner premium apk is offering new features options for privacy, Media Navigation, Storage, Networking, Notifications, and Android TV. Let us dig out more for you!

Premium privacy and security features

Now you do not need any other app to protect your private data. App Cloner premium apk is giving your cloned app protection in many ways. It is a password-protected app with a premium feature of Stealth Mode. In addition to this, we have a new modified feature of fake calculator app for you. The app looks like an ordinary calculator.

However, when you put the right number to access you will discover your cloning world. Premium version also offers Secret dialer code is the number of digits prefixed by *#*# and followed by #*#* that you enter in your phone dialer. When you make a call on this number will launch the app cloner premium apk.

This works in stealth mode i.e. you will not find the icon when the stealth mode is enabled unless you dial this. The app cloner app will keep your data separate. You can disable access to the contacts, calendar, call log and clipboard of your original phone. Both are separate worlds in the same universe and here no one interferes with the other. Even more, you have an incognito mode for cloned apps inside the app cloner premium apk.

In the premium version, you can also change or generate Android ID, IMEI/IMSI, Wifi and Bluetooth MAC automatically. You can also hide your mobile operator and Wi-Fi information. You can grant or deny the permissions according to your will. Moreover, Mock location and fake time zone is also the part of the App Cloner Premium apk. Now, you can also disable LogCat logging, share actions, device admins& accessibility services. You can disable auto-fill & clipboard access for your privacy.

User-friendly Premium Display Features

App Cloner Premium apk v2.0.0 has a versatile display environment. You can change your status, navigation and toolbar colors as you like with a wide range of color options. Premium display features also offer you dark mode as well as invert color mode. You can change your rotation locks. Moreover, you can modify views and replace text on the screen.

You can change the display size, fonts, and language, as you prefer. If you want to keep the screen on a premium feature is also there for you. Other premium features are flip screen, multi-window, picture-in-picture support, aspect ratio, hide the notch and reveal password fields. In-app live chat is also a new feature for your interaction with the community.

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You can allow screenshots, text selection, screen savers, and support RTL. You can also secure your phone storage by using OBB expansion files, External storage, and a disabling picture or media access.

Premium Media Control

You can allow or disable media in the app cloner premium apk. They can mute the volume at the start. You can control volume when the app cloner is even in the foreground. App Cloner Premium apk allows you to play audio or video along with other apps running.

Chrome cast button is there to enable or disable. You can control your mic and camera as well for the clone apps. You can show on the secondary display, disable haptic feedback and can capture audio playback in-app cloner premium apk.

Google Map Support

App cloner premium automatically enables google maps support in clones. Moreover, the app cloner premium also allows you to generate your own Google Maps API key. You can navigate into the settings to see more options.

Navigation Option

The app introduces a separate navigation option tab. In the App Cloner app, you can control different operations using all the available buttons, sensors or touchpads available on your android device. In the navigation option, you can assign any action for any keys.

For example, Fingerprint long-tap, Volume up key, Volume down key, Volume up and down key combined action can open, close, minimize and hide, or kill an app. Navigation options have key mapper, Kiosk mode, popup blocker and even you can block activities.

Launching option

With launching options of app cloner premium apk, you can add internal activities as launcher icons, remove widgets, disable auto-start and background services. Moreover, you can also disable app defaults, make app persistent, and disable wake locks.

The launcher has also an option of fake battery level and you can request to ignore the battery optimizations. You can initiate or end applications for S-pen, headphone or other power events. You can also launch app with an NFC tag. App cloner gives you complete liberty to control everything you encounter in your app by yourself.

Networking options

App cloner comes with premium network options. You can disable all networking options available and can re-enable later. They can enable or disable mobile data, background data when the screen is off. I can disable networking automatically when disconnected from any VPN. Moreover, the SOCKS proxy option is there for you to route the app’s network traffic.

SOCKS proxy prevents applications from discovering your nearby location using an IP address. SOCKS proxy in the app cloner premium apk use SOCKS5 compatible proxy server. Never use free and HTTP or SOCK4 proxies as they are not much reliable or slow. We prefer SOCKS5 for app cloner premium apk. The networking option shows IP information and you can disable clear-text networking.

Notification option

You can set your notification methods in the notification option. In the app cloner, you can filter desirable and undesirable notifications. You can choose a specific time for the notifications. During that time duration, your app will remain silent. Further, you can control the notification sounds i.e. either loud, silent or on vibration.

You can choose the color and lightning of your notification. Furthermore, you prioritize the notifications. You can also add notification dots to your app icons as you love them. In the notification options menu, you can also filter and change toast location, time and transparency. While using app cloner premium apk you can also snooze notifications and can set time out duration.

Premium Android TV and Wear OS option

After installing app cloner premium apk, you will be surprised to see that it is compatible with Android TV and Wear OS. Your premium app cloner can change the Android TV banner image. App cloner premium apk also provides a joystick pointer for incompatible apps.

Besides, you can use a TV version on mobile devices. Moreover, you can remove as well as make watch application in the app cloner premium apk.

Automation Option

In the automation option tab, you can set the brightness on start, activate Do not Disturb, and control WiFi, Bluetooth, and auto-rotate. Other options like Auto-press buttons, flashlight blink while the app is open and setting of clipboard data on start is available here.

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These automation options will make your life easier as you do not need to go out of the app cloner premium. It will reduce your time of navigation. Moreover, you will feel like you are using a completely different device. This is what cloning means, total independence.

Developer Option

This tab is for android developers to debug, modify, analyze, infer or learn anything they want. In the developer option, you can change the app version, app name, and even code. You can also hide the developer mode. There is a logcat viewer to make debugging easier for the developers. Moreover, you can target SDK, Android version & build props using app cloner premium apk. You will find many other custom permissions to help you further.


Before downloading and installing App Cloner premium apk keep in mind, it is not possible to clone every app. Some apps can crash or show an error. Most of the apps depending on Google play services, Google Play games, Google drive backup, in-app purchase or Google login shows incompatibility. Below mentioned apps cannot be cloned using app cloner premium apk:

  • WeChat
  • Viber
  • Snapchat
  • LINE
  • Trello
  • Pokemon GO
  • Skype for Business
  • WhatsApp except for GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp
  • Most Microsoft apps except Skype and LinkedIn
  • Google Apps except for YouTube, Chrome, Gmail
  • AliExpress
  • eBay
  • Evernote
  • Dana
  • Grab
  • GCash
  • Lazada
  • OVO
  • Kodi
  • OneDrive

Some antivirus and malware apps may show a warning for cloned apps but there is nothing worry about. Moreover, enable App Cloner Install Service will automate the installation process. After installation and purchasing of the app cloner premium apk, the purchase is valid for full one year. App Cloner premium apk does not renew itself automatically.

Installation Process

To install the App Cloner Premium apk v2.0.0 outside of Google Play you need to enable ‘unknown source’. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Setting > Security
  • Check the option “Unknown sources”
  • Tap OK on the prompt message.
  • Select “Trust” if prompted.

Download full version 2020 of App Cloner Premium apk v2.0.0 and enjoy the full features. The premium version supports 20 clones.

App Cloner Purchase using Google Play Store

You can also purchase App Cloner Premium Apk using Google Play Store. All you need is to download the ‘App Cloner Premium & Add-ons’ app from Play Store and the App Cloner premium apk 2.0.0 from its official websites app one after the other.

App Cloner will merge the purchases automatically. Keeping one thing in mind, purchase the app from the same google account if you are a previous version user of App Cloner. Else, it will not validate. To check the previous account used for purchase you can verify it by visiting


You like App Cloner and want to support our development or you use App Cloner commercially for business. Support us with your donations. We have five categories of Donation:

Small Donation

A small donation of USD 10 on the Google play store or USD 9 on Paypal will give you 30 extra clones. In addition to this, you will have the following extra options; Fake camera, GPS joystick, Fake date.

Hide screen mirroring, Allow in multi-account apps, File access monitor, Host blocker, Trust all certificates, Make Web Views debuggable and Block activities containing ‘ad’

Medium Donation:

Medium donation of USD 30 on Google Play Store or USD 27 on PayPal can increase clones up to 50. In addition to this, you will have extra accessible data directory, FTP Server data directory, Host mapper.

You can also override preferences, provide Stetho support, will sign as a system app and Shared user ID.

Large Donation

In a Large donation of USD 50 on the Google Play store or USD 45 on Paypal, we offer you 100 extra clones. We provide you database editor and process name.

Huge Donation

Huge donation of USD 100 on Google Play Store or USD 90 on Paypal and you will have 1000 clones. Moreover, you will have a custom certificate and custom package name.

Giant Donation

Giant donation of USD 300 on Google Play Store or USD 270 on Paypal gives you access to 5000 clones. You will have a custom certificate and custom package name.


App is the best app for multi-account users. To know more about new up-gradation and advancement in you App Cloner premium apk follow us at twitter @AppCloner.

For any further support related to App Cloner Premium apk, you can feel free to write us on [email protected].


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