How to set a password to protect an Excel file

password protect excel

A password can prevent others from harming you. Nonetheless, it is better to password protect excel that you never store quite sensitive information in an Excel spreadsheet. Exactly why? For a straightforward reason, Excel passwords can easily be cracked. It is because Excel uses it.

If you must use Excel to save sensitive info, then it certainly is more advisable to utilize the version of Excel, which is Excel 2010 or Excel 2013. The old Excel’s release, the easier it. It doesn’t even matter how complicated or long it, anything might be deciphered.

It is possible to avoid unauthorized users by password-protecting that your Excel workbook. Now you set a password to launching the Excel workbook file once you’re managing a recorder whose information is a satisfactorily sensitive and painful temperament. It is only a particular set in which the corporation should have accessibility to it.

When you place the password demanded to start up the Excel workbook,

this password must be supplied by you to those people who want access as a way to make it feasible for them to open up the workbook file.

Now you specify a password for changing the Excel workbook whenever you are dealing with a spreadsheet whose information needs to be viewable and printed by distinct users. But, not one of whom is authorized to make improvements to any of the entries.

By way of example, you may assign a password before distributing it companywide. All the indicated changes are merged along with soon right after the workbook’s experienced a complete editing and review cycle to get altering an Excel workbook.

So, here in this guide, we are going to discuss how to set the password to protect an excel file. Here we start:

How to set a password to protect an Excel file?

Password protect an essential feature of excel. You can certainly use it to your advantage. For that, you have to know the procedures of doing it correctly. Here is how you can do that:

Protect The Entire Sheet

One of those earliest and most straightforward methods is to protect the entire sheet or workbook. To perform this in Microsoft Excel 2007, first Visit the Review tab, then click on Protect Sheet or Guard Workbook.

Choose your options and type in the desired password, when a window password protect excel appears. Your password may be a thing random that no one could ever suspect (such as 45pQ93S21! ). As a way to consider your password, use a password manager application like LastPass, which is entirely secure.

Next, protect your entire workbook.

To do this, just simply click the file, then conserve. After the file-save window appears, type on your document name then decides on the instrument’s decline down menu. From that menu, then pick out General possibilities.

It may make it possible for you to protect your workbook and avert anybody else. Only at that point, you have two layers of security: one at the sheet level and something in the workbook level.

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Now you wish to open which protected Excel file. Then you are going to see a display just such as the one under asking for your password.

Publish the password

The very first move is always to assign password. You may work at any document, however rather than a working paper, you can imply a workbook because of the intentions, only if. To assign a password, do the subsequent.

– In the File menu, then select Save. Back in Excel 2007, just simply click on the off-ice button and then pick.

– Below the identify and kind controllers, simply just click on options. (should you have mastered the backstage spot, you are going to bypass this measure further )

– From the resulting Save dialog, Click on the Equipment Dropdown (into the remaining Preserve button) and select General Selections.

– From the sequential conversation, you may place two passwords: You to start up the workbook plus you to alter the workbook. High-level options enable you to place collateral choices.

– Input both passwords and then click okay.

– Affirm the password (s) and click on Okay.

– Simply Just click on Conserve.

Remember to be aware that the password secure and sound in case.

See The Password Location If It is Safe

Putting a password is self-explanatory; even they can not start the document when an individual does not recognize the password. That provides a good deal of management should you perform a straightforward task of procuring passwords to you.

In regards to the consumer that stocks a password, you can’t ever do such a thing Clearly, but that is an entirely various issue. Don’t forget a particular password simply prevents out users; an individual who understands this password may alter the information in and get used to all of the data.

That is precisely where the password will come from;

you automatically let up the workbook to start and see the exact information while juggling authorization to alter whatever only by delegating the particular password. An individual that knows that this password saves adjustments and can see and change data.

By simply clicking on the selection, An individual that will not recognize the password may start and look at the information. However, it is read-only. Also, the workbook won’t permit an individual to preserve modifications — the form of, although The user may alter information.

It is the bargain: An individual minus the password alter may view, and preserve modifications, in the event an individual can enter in. The user can not spare the alterations for the workbook. The person can rescue the book by working with a title, which circumvents the entire approach.

Additional security Alternatives

Excel also allows one to employ more personalized security choices for your file if needed. It is critical to understand those other options do so that you may make the proper password protect excel safety for the project. Beneath Protect Document, You’re Discover several added features that may prove useful:

– Mark as Closing: This will indicate the file as done, which lets other individuals know they need not make any alterations. It will perhaps not secure the data from a password, but therefore, it doesn’t provide any collateral.

– Protect the latest Sheet: This can guard the currently selected worksheet with a password so people can’t create any changes. It is a handy option if there is only one sheet from the workbook which you need to protect if people may see the advice and that also you don’t mind.

You may see that there surely is also a choice to complete this by”workbook Construction,”

which shields data throughout the workbook from fluctuations unless folks have the password.

– Limit accessibility: This is an intriguing option used by organizations by which IT has generated security templates that essentially lock Excel records to just certain people or ranks. Where a few folks ought to have the ability to get into the document, but perhaps not everybody else, it is convenient in larger businesses.

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– Insert an electronic Signature: This simply verifies the file since the original version, which is useful when it’s not changed. It helps documents from being spied on when you ship them.

Entering the password in Excel document

If you have secured your workbook from alterations together with all the password, Modify solution in the General Options dialog box. Then, once you make an effort to start up the workbook.

Then, Excel immediately shows the sender dialog box at which you need to correctly replicate the password delegated for altering the document, click the read-only button to start it as a read-only document.

When furnishing the password to start a secure file,

if you type the incorrect password, Excel displays the dialog box enabling you to are aware of the password that you entered is wrong. You’re returned into the Password dialog box, in which you could attempt out re-entering the password in the Password text box After you simply click okay to clear the awake.

After you provide you with the appropriate password, Excel immediately password protect excel closes the Password dialog box, and you are free to edit the workbook in any way you need (except if, of course, specific cell ranges or worksheets have been protected).

In case you are unable to successfully replicate the password, you are then able to click the Read Only command button. It opens a replica of the workbook document into that you can not store changes unless you utilize the File Save As command and also then rename the workbook and locate the copy at another folder.

When you simply click on the Read button, Excel opens the file with an [readonly ] indicator because it appears on the Excel title bar appended into the file name.

In case you then attempt and save changes together with the Save button on the Quick Access toolbar or Document  Save control,

the program displays an alert dialog box, indicating that the file is read-only so you need to save a copy by renaming the document from the Save As dialog box.

As soon as you just simply click okay to clean the notify dialog box, Excel displays the Save As dialogue box, in which you can save yourself the copy. Be aware that this program instantly gets rid of the password that its contents can be modified by you almost any method you prefer to get changing from the copy.

You may assign passwords for modifying files as assigning them because a workbook against modification doesn’t block you from launching the paper and rescuing a variant As command.

Appointing a password assures you that you’ll always have a complete original of this dictionary from which you may start and store copy, even when you will never be able to keep in mind the password itself.

Important considerations

You will find three things to Stay in mind before you start password shielding all your workbooks:

– Anybody with all a password to directly modify the paper may also eliminate the password security. Use this specific option sensibly; be more careful who you give the password.

– Casual users won’t possess the knowledge to crack your password,

but anyone could purchase password cracking software. Your ideal protection against this type of tampering (or blatant theft) is always to assign. A ridiculously extensive password of random personalities.

– Doing so won’t conquer specialized applications. However, it is going to slow down it along with then delay might trigger. The would-be cracker to place your workbook. About the flip side, it guaranteed to annoy your users. Assessing the two needs can be a tiny high-wire act. For a lot more on this particular subject, read robust Accounts practical or debatable.

– If you neglect your password, you can’t enter your workbook and create improvements. However, you can purchase the password-cracking program.

The password protection of excel is a great feature, and it’s simple to employ. Simply don’t confuse it and also, from all means, do not depend solely to secure vulnerable info.


A password is always a great security option to consider. We tend to work with our essential documents in excel. So, we must protect those files. Therefore, setting up the password for an excel file is essential.

In this article, we briefly discussed how to set a password to protect an excel file. Do read them patiently and use them to your benefits.



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