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In today’s society, computers are one of the essential tools for any job, and in any field, you can think. Computers have grown in popularity, and I bet there is no field that you can happen to miss them. The reason why this tool is so crucial components of computer in today’s market is that it’s very accurate, fast, and tends to accomplish a lot of things. There are tasks back in the days that would take a lot of time to complete them simply, and yet today, it’s a matter of minutes. For example, back in the days, it was hard for one to complete significant math calculations as they took a lot of time.

Jobs like data entry will require you to assign a lot of people to help you get the work done at a specified time. All these improvements are because of a computer. Therefore, what is a computer? A computer refers to an electronic device that stores data or processes it according to the specific instructions you give it. What makes a computer is two things that are the hardware and software. The two elements work hand in hand to ensure that you can make accurate information regarding the data. In this article, we will discuss seven simple secrets to improve the components that make this device fast and even more precise.


The first secret of totally rocking the components of your computer is considering a good motherboard. It’s no secret that a motherboard is one of the crucial things that your computer will need for an excellent performance. A motherboard is an essential component of a computer as it holds together all the other components of a computer. Therefore, you mustn’t use a cheap motherboard as it will undoubtedly slow down the way your computer performs.

Many people tend to neglect the fact that a good motherboard is not that important and therefore end up buying cheap motherboards.

The main benefit of a good motherboard is that it offers you an improved performance. A motherboard with speed and processing power can get a lot done, especially if you are a gamer. The other thing that is of benefit with a good motherboard is it ensures stability and reliability. The performance of different computer components will be top-notch as the computer will be very stable. The computers with cheaper motherboards components of computer  tend to crush easily because the motherboard is not stable; therefore, it will not be that reliable. Finally, the secret to a good motherboard is that it assures you with the ability to upgrade the system easily. You can decide to do away with a component that you feel is slowing down your system and replace it with another one easily.


The central processing unit of your components of computer is the brain of a computer, and this component dramatically determines how your computer runs. The CPU often sends the signals to all the other components of the computer, thus controlling them when you input a command. Therefore this component of a computer works on a list of instructions to ensure a computer performs the things it’s asked to do.

To totally rock your computer, it’s essential to consider upgrading your CPU as a faster CPU will ensure that the instructions relay faster. A CPU with many cores means that the computer can multitask and do a lot of things simultaneously. Here is a secret; if you are a gamer or you often use your computer, usually it’s essential to consider getting a computer with more cores. A CPU with two CPUs is a dual-core, while a computer with four CPUs is a quad-core. More CPUs mean more task handling. Gamers need to have CPUs with cores around seven or even eight, as they will increase the processor speed. With increased processor speed, the CPU will be able to fetch, decode, execute, and store the data it process so smoothly. Therefore to rock your computer, it is vital to get a CPU with more cores.


The third secret I would suggest that will totally rock your computer components is changing the power supply system. The power supply system is so vital in how your computer functions, and if it’s not working correctly, then it can raise issues. The power supply system unit converts AC to DC, and it helps in supplying power to the computer. This unit is responsible for pulling the required amount of electricity and converting it.

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Several issues occur if a power supply system starts to fail. Some of the problems that arise include:

your computer will begin to crash regularly, which will start affecting your work rate. Also, if you happen to have crashes, it’s easy to lose some of the critical things that you are working on. Also, there will be some extra noise that will start coming from your computer, and I bet no one wants this. Random blue screen crashes will even begin to occur, thus affecting your whole system. You will need to check on your system to ensure that it functions right to avoid the problems that will come from a failing power supply. You can change your power supply system and get a more powerful one, which will easily get the job done in maintaining a steady power supply.  


This is the real secret to rocking the components of your computer. Most systems use the hard disk to store the data on the computer or even some software like the operating system. The hard disk uses a type of mechanism that enables it to store information or even read the data. The mechanism that the system uses is a mechanical arm that has a read/write head that moves around reading the data from the location in the storage platter.

The problem with this component of a computer is that it’s slow, especially if the operating system is there it tends to start the computer slowly.

When the hard disk also starts filling up, it begins even to slow down, which is a problem to your work rate. The secret to rocking this component is changing the storage format; you use the hard disk to using a solid-state drive. The solid-state disk works differently compared to hard disks as they work similar to a memory stick but are more sophisticated. In solid-state disks, there are no moving parts to write or read the information; instead, the data storage in microchips. This form of storage is what makes the computer faster compared to one where the arm continually moves. Therefore to totally rock your components of the computer, it’s no brainer that you need to change to an SSD.


Random-access memory or RAM, in short, refers to the type of memory in a computer that you can access randomly. This is an integral component of a computer that you need to upgrade for your other components to rock totally. This component is where the computer stores data that it is actively using at the moment. You need to upgrade your RAM if you want to totally rock this component, and the things that you need to consider when upgrading are simple. Firstly you need to understand the different types of memory available. The two types of memory are the DRAM, which means a Dynamic Random Access Memory.

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The other kind of RAM is the SRAM which is the Static Random Access Memory. The DRAM refers to the memory that needs to refresh continuously, or it will lose the contents. The static ram refers to one that does not need to be updated, and it’s so fast when compared to DRAM. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right type of memory, which will enable your computer to work more quickly. The other thing is to ensure that the memory has a bigger space as it will be fast because it will be holding more memory while it’s actively in use. 


A powerful graphics card with a more significant memory is among the kind of component that you should not ignore. A graphics card use is mainly to process images that can then display on your monitor. This component is essential as it determines the kind of image that shows on your screen. The advantages of a powerful graphics card are that you will start seeing improved overall system performance.

The card usually takes a lot of load from the CPU because it will tend to do all the graphic related works, thus increased speed in the performance. Therefore, if you want to rock the components of your computer, it’s vital to get a powerful graphics card or even a high-end one as it will offer you an ideal job on your PC. If you are a gamer, this is the component of the computer that you should ensure you work on firstly. In gaming, a good graphics card will provide a better gaming experience. The powerful graphics card can be a little expensive, but they offer you better performance.   


As we said earlier, a computer is mainly two things that are the hardware and software. An operating system is a software, and it’s essential to choose the right type of operating system that you will use to ensure that the components of your computer work to their maximum. 

Firstly we need to discuss what an operating system is. An operating system is a software that manages the computer hardware, software while providing a universal service for the computer programs. This software is the core center of a computer that keeps all the things in a system together. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when deciding the type of operating system you need to use on your computer.

The things that you should consider include; the stability and robustness of the operating system. This is the critical thing that you need to consider when deciding on the OS. The other factors include the memory leaks, memory management, costa and support and also shared memory. All these are some of the factors that will help you to figure out the best operating system that you should have on your computer. Finding the right OS is a big secret to totally rocking your components of a computer.


In this article, we have discussed the many secrets that you will need to rock your components of a computer. The significant components like RAM, motherboard, power supply, and others need a little upgrade to have them totally rocking. Since I have shared this, it’s no secret anymore, but the enhancements we have seen can be a significant improvement in how your computer functions. Therefore, if you want to rock your component of a computer, just follow the guide above and you will have the ultimate computer.


  1. What are the major computer components?

The primary computer components of the computer are six. These components include the motherboard, RAM, storage drive, video card, and a power supply unit. All these systems work hand in hand to ensure that the information on the computer correctly relays.

  1. Can the power supply unit make the computer crash?

Yes. When you experience a failure in the power supply unit, you can start experiencing some issues. The most common problem is that your computer will begin crashing often. Also, you will see the blue screen crashes and extra noise that will start coming from the computer case.

  1. Will my computer work fast by improving the RAM?

There are a bunch of factors that you will need to consider to have a fast working computer. The issues will include computer storage, the motherboard, and even the video card. Increasing the Ram is also one of the things that will significantly improve how fast your computer performs.

  1. Why should I upgrade my computer components?

Upgrading the components of a computer is crucial as it will increase how your computer performs. The major components of the computer are the ones that determine how fast or slow the computer is. Therefore, upgrading the components will ensure that your computer is fast and more reliable.


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