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We all love to play games. Some people like me aren’t hardcore gamer yet sometimes play a few lightweight games. For those people, my real game offers many excellent PC games that are only a few MBs. Isn’t that cool? Today I am about to share a few beautiful games that are published by my real games.

I’m sure some of these games will be glued to you for hours and hours.

City Racing

You get your vehicle, and you show up in another and huge city; you need the cash, and how you’ll win it is by participating in illicit races and winning them.

You’ll exploit the minimap situated in the lower-left corner of the screen, where you’ll see where the carports, races, and the police are, indeed, the police, since you’ll participate in illicit races and they’ll attempt to get you if you avoid them you’ll gain cash and focuses as well.

In the carports, you’ll have the option to paint, tune, and update your vehicle, purchasing new motors, transmissions, or wheels that will help you in the races.

If the police are tailing you, you’ll have the option to sidestep them driving quicker than them or changing the shade of your vehicle in one of the carports in the city.

The illustrations of the game are excellent as you can check to take a gander at the screen captures; the sound is acceptable as well, even though the speed sensations are not equivalent to we’d like them to be.

It’s thoroughly free, and it’s not hard to utilize, what settles on City Racing an intriguing decision if you need to have a great time with the expectation of complimentary driving vehicles and pushing the pedal to the metal.

Racing Moto

Racing Moto is an arcade driving game where players need to drive a bike at the max throttle on a parkway brimming with traffic, avoiding trucks, squad cars, transports, and a wide range of different vehicles.


Ongoing interaction in Racing Moto is straightforward: the cruiser speeds straight ahead constant, however pushing down on the screen will cause it to go a lot quicker. This will get you the two focuses and cash, and you can utilize it to purchase new cruisers to drive.


To move the bike from side to side, you need to tilt the gadget to one side or right, attempting to evade all the vehicles in your manner. If you hit one … game over.


Toward the start, you have a Harley Davidson cruiser. However, as you get more understanding and excellent scores, you’ll have the option to purchase new bicycles. You won’t discover a lot of playable contrast between one cruiser and the following, yet the bicycles’ appearance changes a great deal.


Dashing Moto is a straightforward and activity pressed a hustling game that, regardless of whether it doesn’t have a ton to it, permits you to appreciate games that are quick and exceptionally fun.

Alien Shooter 2

Alien Shooter is an Android rendition of the great isometric view shooter on Windows, where you play one of only a handful of scarcely any overcomers of a monstrous alien attack. To endure, you need to confront several exotic animals.


Alien Shooter interactivity is necessary: you control your character’s development with your left thumb while shooting and propelling projectiles with your correct thumb. Your firearm points consequently, which means you need to stress over squeezing the shoot button.

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Right now, Alien Shooter Free, you can play in full history mode, where you need to attempt to discover an answer for the attack. In the middle of missions, you can purchase new weapons, overhaul your hardware, and purchase unique items like projectiles and medical aid packs.


Alien Shooter Free is an excellent port of the excellent Windows a game that, despite not having extraordinary illustrations, is hugely engaging gratitude to the tremendous measure of blood and the adversaries you continually observe on-screen. To put it plainly, it’s a magnificent title with a ton of substance.

Arcade Race: Crash

It is a 3D hustling game in unadulterated Mario Kart style where players drive a carriage through various settings like seashores, towns, deserts, and even wildernesses.

Arcade Race:

The crash is straightforward: your surrey is continually quickening, and your point is to attempt to accept the turns just as you can by tilting your gadget the correct way. You can likewise contact the screen to stop or converse; however, you presumably won’t need to do that over and over again.

Although it’s conceivable to win a race by carrying on reasonably, Beach Buggy Racing likewise has heaps of catalysts you can find a good pace for your adversaries. You can shoot rockets or engine oil at them, in addition to other things, or you can guard yourself with shields and turbos.

As regular for this sort of game, you can redo your vehicles and even win new ones. With everything taken into account, there are 12 race tracks in the game.

Arcade Race: Crash is a phenomenal 3D hustling game in all regards, and offers an intriguing option for players searching for something like Mario Kart.

Bubble Shooter Classic

Bubble Shooter is a riddle game with comparable mechanics to Puzzle Bubble, in which your goal is to shoot shaded balls from the base of the screen to cause the ones in the highest point of the screen to detonate by connecting three of a similar shading.

The game accompanies more than 300 distinct levels in which the balls are masterminded in various examples that are progressively increasingly hard to settle. Furthermore, there is a riddle mode wherein you have a set number of balls to make all the rest vanish.

Graphically, Bubble Shooter an awesome game. It’s vivid appearance is charmingly innocent – a game that the two kids and videogame devotees the same will appreciate.

Bubble Shooter is an engaging riddle game that is amusing to play and accompanies enough levels to save you before your Android gadget for quite a long time and hours.

Super Cow

Super Cow is an enjoyment stage game intended for youngsters, yet addictive for all ages.

Right now, the player controls a clever cow whose goal is to secure all the animals in the ranch from abhorrent Professor Duriarti’s arrangements to clone them.

To accomplish his goal, Super Cow must cross a perpetual scene of backwoods and homesteads, gathering coins and different items en the route and annihilating the creatures made by Professor Duriarti.

Because of fantastic illustrations, simplicity of play, and its regard for the stage game class, there is no uncertainty that Super Cow guarantees long stretches of amusement.

It is safe to say that you are set up to stop the malicious educator’s arrangements to clone the homestead?

Billiard Masters

Billiard Masters is a pool game for Android that permits you to play against individuals from everywhere throughout the world thusly based internet games to discover who the best player is.

Ongoing interaction in 8 Ball Pool is fundamentally the same as some other pool game. Utilize your finger to point the prompt, and swipe it forward to hit the ball toward the path that you need. From that point, you have to attempt to beat your rival by adhering to the comparing rules – hit the striped or strong balls.

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At the point when you dominate matches, you likewise procure coins. You can utilize those coins to purchase various updates for your sign. To start with, we’re discussing things like signals made out of plain wood, however soon you can add new components to up your match-ups’ style.

Billiard Masters is a pool game with strong ongoing interaction, where you can play against your Facebook companions or arbitrary rivals on the web. The game additionally has astounding, all around made illustrations.

Big Farm

Big Farm is an enjoyment web-based game where you need to develop to deliver on your own ranch and raise a realm with your business, planting the best harvests at each time, keeping your animals sound and solid, and regarding your laborers consistently.

At the point when you start this experience, just your loved ones will purchase your item, so you need to ensure that the little you sell are of acceptable quality. To do this you’ll require cash to improve your offices, which you can just procure by winning faithful customers.

Other than updating your offices, you’ll additionally need to put resources into your creatures and stables, where you can store all the domesticated animals to deliver meat and different merchandise. In the event that you put away your cash well and procure your gather before it turns sour, with the time you’ll make a prosperous ranch that makes you rich.

You’ll need to focus on how you maintain your business on the off chance that you would prefer not to wind up losing customers and seeing everything be lost. To put it plainly, Big Farm offers an enjoyment approach to play agent and rancher, regardless of whether it is simply allegorically.

Superbike Racers

Superbike Rider is a dashing game where you can drive a powerful motorbike on an interstate that is loaded with traffic. The objective is clearly to go the extent that you can while you evade a lot of snags and different vehicles.

You can pick two control modes, either utilizing the touch screen or the accelerometer. Regardless of what you pick, the game feels really great. It likewise has an isometric point of view that offers an ideal perspective out and about, letting you see the vehicles you need to maintain a strategic distance from ahead of time.

You don’t have to get any coins in Superbike Rider. Rather, you get cash toward the finish of each game. Which you can later use to open new circuits and motorbikes.

Superbike Rider is a straightforward and engaging hustling game. It isn’t especially unique, yet it has incredible illustrations and an addictive ongoing interaction.

Deadly Race

Deadly Race is a basic dashing game where the players can pick one of the numerous. Accessible travels and begins hustling against different PC controlled adversaries.

Furthermore, the main game mode is the typical course. So you won’t have a ton of questions while picking an interactivity mode.

Deadly Race is a basic race game, without a ton of stories. That will let you drive brisk races against your PC with no more prominent entanglements. Than those of picking a vehicle and a circuit. Direct activity and a convenient solution to speed.



I hope you will really like our mentioned games. If you’re like our games don’t forget to comment below.  If you have any other better recommendations for my real games. Please Share with us.



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