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road rash online

Vehicular combat racing video games have achieved enormous popularity among the games. And road rash online is one of them. Racing games are trending nowadays, which are loved by countless players from all over the planet. Road rash is an innovative fusion of motor racing. The game allows players to join in an illegal street race where all drivers are fighting against each other. They compete with the speed and with their fists. The game initially came into the market in 1991.

The significant difference between road rash online and any other+ arcade or sim racers is the presence of hand-to-hand combat. By utilizing some buttons, you can overpower against your opponents. You, as a player, can punch them with a push of the button, and with another switch of combination, you can even do leg kick.

The game has features like melee weapons like clubs and chains.

Players need to continually manage their stamina meter because of making the game more challenging and unpredictable. The regular presence of car traffics, roadside animals like cows, deer, and trees make the game more challenging to play. Your bikes also have a damage meter that signifies the performance of the bike. It is not a game of the cinematic single-player campaign with a story. The players need to complete five stages to increase difficulty modes that enhance track length and opponent.

The developers, Electronic Arts, launched several sequels after the successful release of this game and enabled the road rush franchise to carry to its sixth release in 2000. 

Mentionable Pros and Cons of Road Rash Online


  • Motorcycle upgrades.
  • Memorable soundtrack.
  • Melee combat on motorcycles.


  • Unimpressive 2D graphics.
  • Crude and violent content. 

System Requirements for Road Rash Online

Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

Processor: Intel Pentium 3 / AMD Athlon MP.

Graphics: AMD Rage 128 Ultra 16 MB or NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE.

System Memory: 32 MB RAM.

Storage: 50 MB Hard drive space.

DirectX 8 Compatible Graphics Card.

PC Compatible.

How to Install Road Rash Online

  • Click on the Download button.
  • Download “Road Rash” Installer. It supports presumable downloads.
  • Open the installer and click next. Choose the directory where to install.
  • Download the full version of the game in your preferred directory.
  • Open the Game and enjoy the racing world.

How to Run Road Rash Online On Windows

  • Download and Extract the zip file of Road Rash.
  • Open the “Game Files” folder.
  • Double click on RoadRash.exe and install the game.
  • Copy and paste the RoadRash.bat from the Game Files folder to the game installation directory.
  • Launce the game using RoadRash.exe or desktop shortcut if you created one.
  • Finally, play the game and enjoy it! 

Snippets of Road Rash Online


  • Electronic Arts,
  • Peakstar Software (AMI),
  • Monkey Do Production.
  • Probe Software,
  • Buzz Puppet Production and,
  • The Code Monkeys.


  • Electronic Arts,
  • S. Gold and,
  • Ocean Software.
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  • Carl Mey and,
  • Keith McCurdy.

Producer: Randy Breen.


  • Randy Breen,
  • Dan Geisler,
  • Walter Stein and,
  • Lori Washbon.


  • Dan Geisler,
  • Walter Stein,
  • Carl Mey,
  • Randy Dillon,
  • Dan Hewitt,
  • David Stokes and,
  • Emmanuel Berriet.


  • Arthur Koch,
  • Peggy Brennan,
  • Connie Braat and,
  • Jeff Smith.


  • Rob Hubbard,
  • Jason A.S. Whitely,
  • Don Veca and,
  • Greg Michel.

Series: Road Rash.


  • Microsoft Windows.,
  • Amiga,
  • Master System,
  • Game Gear,
  • Game Boy,
  • 3DO and,
  • PlayStation,

Release Date: September 1991.


  • Racing and,
  • Vehicular Combat.


  • Single Player
  • Multi-Player.


Development and Releases

When EA decided to start developing video games in house, Road Rash Online was one of the first titles they started. By the way, EA previously outsourced video game to external studios, and primarily focused on PC games because of the effects of the video games crash of 1983. EA, electronic arts, basically concentrate on genres that are determined to be strategically called sports and racing titles. At first, they started development on an NES title called Mario Andretti Racing, and the company hired Dan Geisler as a programmer.

Electronic arts also hired technical director Carl Mey who had been bankrupted, and he has been given his first significant project for making a “banked road” effect for the game. Mey then realized that the NES was able to road scaling effects, and banking would be beyond the console’s ability.

Producer and designer Randy Breen involved with Indianapolis 500: The Simulation. And then he was influenced by the difficulty and tedium of that title to make a racing game with more usability and entertainment value. However, the game required to be re-pitched twice to ignore the cancellation, and the team has been given an extra six months to improvise the game.

Features of Road Rash Online

  • Everything is allowed. Kick and punch your opponent instead of only passing them.
  • I rarely miss car traffic, wild animals, and trees. And navigate exotic tracks in California locales.
  • Stock your stamina and bike damages while fighting to the victory.
  • Retro 3D visuals.
  • Exclusive modest system requirements.
  • Less MB required from HDD space such as 5 MB.
  • 100% FREE!

The gameplay of Road Rash Online

Usually, the game takes place in California Locals like San Francisco, the Sierra Nevada, Napa Valley, and the Pacific Coast Highway. The player may brake, accelerate, and attack opponent racers during the race. You, as a player, can punch at the nearest runner while crossing each other with a default input.

Some neighboring racers wield weapons such as clubs and chains, and it can be taken and used by the player if the opponent racer is attacked as they are holding the gun out to strike. You can eject yourself while your bike gets crashed into an obstacle such as cows, deer, cars, and trees. And you may feel a lack of stamina because of fighting with other players.

The weak sign will be shown in the bottom left corner of the screen.

You can run back automatically toward their bike even though the player can change their course and ignore incoming traffic with a directional button. Your opponents can do this too. By the way, you can see the stamina of the nearest racer is visible in the bottom right corner of the screen. It varies versions to versions as the color of the opponents’ stamina meter changes as it decreases.

The player starts the game with $1000. If a player wins a race, a cash prize will be added to the player’s balance. You can go through a bike shop between runs where you can purchase a bike with the money you have earned. You can find the bike shop from the main menu in the 32-bit version. Some of the bikes in the 32-bit versions are well equipped with a series of nitrous oxide charges.

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This can provide a burst of speed if the player fast taps the acceleration input button twice.

Mainly road rash online is a single-player, but it allows two players too to play against each other. There are two distinct modes of single-player gameplay in the 32-bit versions. The central campaign is “Big Game Mode” and a stripped-down “Thrash Mode.” With these modes, a player can race on any given track at any circumstance. You, as a player, will take on the identity of one of a selected character with different statistics in the Big Game Mode.

Player Controls of Road Rash Online

  • Arrow Keys – for Up, Down, Left, and Right.
  • Enter Key – for Start, Pause, Menu Selection, Skip the intro, Inventory.
  • Ctrl – “A” Gamepad Button (Usually Jump or Change Weapon)
  • Space – “B” Button (Jump, Fire, Menu Select).
  • Left Shift – “C” Button (Item Select)
  • F12 – to toggle mouse capture and release when using a mouse as a controller.

Legacy of Road Rash Online

Two sequels on the Genesis follow road Rash, and that is Road Rash 2 and Road Rash 3. The Genesis titles gained critical and commercial success of their predecessor, and the installments make for later consoles. They were met with mixed receptions and fail to recreate the success of the Genesis versions.

Electronic Arts tried to capitalize on road rash’s success by purposing its game engine and mix with combat. There was a spiritual successor to the Road Rash series. The sequel, Road Redemption, wad developed by lan Fisch and released in 2017.


Road Rash 3 – The Sequel

Sequels are not as popular as the original one. By the way, road rash 3 is a repackaged version of the same game that electronic arts have been selling to Genesis owners for the last four years. Road rash 3 revisits Electronic Arts venerable blend of racing, thrashing, packing in visual and gameplay variety to dazzle veteran rashers.

As it is the latest version of road rash, you can strike out to achieve the world, racing on seven tracks in such countries as Brazil, Japan, and Kenya to rake in bucks and buy new bikes. Instead of saving, you can now upgrade its suspension, performance, protection and tries for a much possible as lower the price. You, as a rasher, may carry as many weapons as you can collect.

Pro Tips for Road Rash 3:

Listen to the honks as they are aware of you of oncoming traffic. Brawl with your opponent at the first start to snatch a weapon early on. You can kick your opponent racer in turns to clear them off the course. Experienced rasher riders should upgrade suspension and performance as soon as possible.

Road rash 3 features fifteen types of bikes in various classes and four types of upgrades for each of them. Road rash has eight weapons, and you will be able to hold on the weapon between the races. One thing to remember that you should never reset the game; otherwise, you will lose all the weapons.

The players need to pass different levels. They need to get on one of the first three places to go through the next round.

In that edition, Electronic Arts improvise the graphic quality as well as digitalized the sprites. By the way, their first two games were developed on “cartoony” sprites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we encounter while decide to play a road rash online game. However, you do no to have to be panic. I will try my best to give you the answers. Here they are.

Is the Road Rash game is available?

This classic game is back with a new name and mdash called Road Redemption. It is available online to play for gamers.

What is road rash injury?

Road rash is a collective term for skin type injury because of abrasion with road surfaces. Sometimes it happens as a consequence of cycling and motorcycling accidents. The name is applied to both a fresh wound and also to the scaring tissue left by an old injury.

Which is the best road rash game?

The PC version is the best for the Road Rash game. Sega Genesis for Road Rash 3 and The PlayStation are the top 2. PlayStation is close to 3rd with RR 3D.

How many levels are there in Road Rash?

There are a total of five levels and five courses on the road rash. All the California locales are The City, The Peninsula, Pacific Coast Highway, Sierra Nevada, and Napa Valley. The roads are multi-lane with a divided road section.

How many levels does road rash 3 have?

Road rash 3 makes the player in control of a motorcycle racer, and you, as a player, must finish in either third place or higher in a series of five roads out of seven.

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