3 Reasons Your Gaming Pc Builder Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

gaming pc builder

Today, one in five PCs sold is designed for gaming pc builder. In order to meet this demand, the supply is abundant. The consumer portal team carried out an in-depth analysis to establish this comparison. Studies have been collected, read, compared and evaluated to help you find the best product. Do not hesitate to use this comparison before making your purchase. In addition to saving time, you will place a thoughtful order which will avoid the return of an unsuitable product, which also has the advantage of being ecological.

What is a gaming PC?

Consumer computer equipment designed for the use of video games, the PC gamer is a personal computer with superior performance.

Comparable in structure to ordinary workstations, it has powerful components such as a modern graphics card or an ultra-sophisticated multi-core processor.

Dedicated to a clientele passionate about video games, it makes it possible to obtain lifelike visual renderings and of higher quality then those of video game consoles.

The design of the gaming pc builder generally has a futuristic look intended to favorably influence the opinion of the buyer.

Top 7 Gaming PC manufacturers


A Taiwanese company, Acer now occupies one of the most important places among producers of information and communication technology equipment. Present in 160 countries and with nearly 15.5 million PCs shipped worldwide in 2018, the brand seeks to meet the needs of individuals by offering products that meet the new demands linked to the Internet of Things, gaming and virtual reality.


A historic player in the manufacturing of PCs, Hewlett-Packard or HP is a company based in the United States. It was the leader in computer sales in 2018, including the gaming computers that are the subject of this comparison. Addressing both individuals and professionals with an offer ranging from handheld to server, this company was originally a manufacturer of electronic components. Over time, she specialized in the design of computer hardware. Today, it offers a wide range of products 

including printers, software, multimedia or network hardware, etc.


The company created in the United States by Michael Dell, while he was still a student, has become one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of computer hardware. In 2018, it ranked third among sellers of personal computers, including the PCs for gamers studied in this comparison, after HP and Lenovo. In addition to personal computers, the company also designs servers, telecommunications equipment, data backup, and storage systems, as well as software and peripherals such as printers and cameras.


Chinese manufacturer, the brand became known worldwide by buying the personal IT division of IBM. The world’s second-largest personal computer merchant in 2018, the company, created from a team of 11 engineers, has gradually become one of the leaders in the construction of computer devices. In her words, she has ” the widest range of connected devices, from smartphones to data centers “. This equipment includes connected televisions, hard disks, digital tablets or computer servers, in addition to the gaming PCs which are the subject of this comparison.

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Asus is a Taiwanese company that produces computer hardware. The fifth-largest player in the world, in 2018 Asus positioned itself as regards the sale of personal computers including gaming PCs proven in this comparison, just before Acer and after HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Apple. Like other behemoths in information and communication technologies, Asus offers in addition to PCs a wide range of components for IT, from motherboards to network peripherals and cooling systems. The brand also manufactures personal assistants.


A German retailer specializing in gaming pc builder, advanced personal computers and sophisticated office equipment, Megaport is a fairly recent company born on the initiative of its current managing director in the form of a one-person business. At that time, the PCs sold were ” assembled and configured in a 40 m² room “. Today, the company has clients all over Europe, particularly in France, Germany, Italy, and Austria.


“ Leading brand in the IT sector ”, as we can read on the company’s website, MSI (Micro-Star International) is an important player in the PC gaming industry. Since its creation, this Taiwanese company has been awarded several times. It regularly sponsors professional e-sports players. In addition to increasing its notoriety during major video game tournaments, it allows it to confront its research and development teams with real conditions of use in order to constantly improve its machines and to match them as best as possible. customer needs.

How does gaming PC work?

The PC gamer functions as a conventional computer, except it has components that are among the most powerful.

In order to store games, the hard drive is at least 1 TB if it is HDD and 256 MB if it is SSD. It is possible to combine the two types of memory for more performance.

The graphics card generally includes a processor dedicated to the display, ideally with fast memory of the G-DD-R-2 or G-DD-R-3 type. The random access memory (RAM), which stores the data calculated by the computer for quick use, is at least 8 GB, ideally 16 GB.

The internal structure is similar on a laptop computer which integrates into the same housing a screen and a pointing system, such as a touchpad.

Benefits and Areas of application

This solution is also more economical because the games are cheaper than those of the consoles and there is no subscription to pay.

Even if the gaming PC can be used for office automation, it is undeniable that it is first of all designed to be able to calculate and display data very quickly, which makes it possible to operate very resource-intensive applications as it is the case in the world of gaming or virtual reality. The target audience for the manufacturers of these machines is composed of gamers, both players casual, enthusiasts and professionals. These represent most of the authors of the texts studied in this comparison.

What types of gaming PCs are there?

The desktop gaming pc builder

Equipped with high-quality components offered on the cheapest market, it also has the advantage of being modular.

Thus, you can remove or add components on the motherboard as desired such as memory modules, a new processor or an additional graphics card . It is possible to buy your gaming PC from a computer manufacturer who creates a machine designed from A to Z with perfectly integrated elements.

It is also possible to order a machine assembled by a company specializing in the assembly of gaming PCs:

The portable gaming pc builder

The portable gaming PC offers the undeniable advantage of being portable. Although larger and heavier than conventional laptop models, the portable gaming PC has the disadvantage of being more expensive than an equivalent desktop model.

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What should you watch out for when buying a gaming PC?

It is important to be careful to choose your machine according to the games you are going to install there because it is a medium-term investment that can quickly turn into a financial pit.

Indeed, no need to choose a machine too powerful for a game. In terms of design, the weight and size of the gaming The PC should be watched.

Finally, these high capacity machines tend to be noisy, which decreases the comfort of use. On this last point, it is interesting to rely on product testing. In this comparison, the score for the best gaming PC was weighted favoring these criteria.

PC Gaming Alternatives

Video game consoles are the main alternative to gaming PCs. Compared to PC gamers, consoles have the advantage of having exclusives.

For example, a person wanting to play a party game like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be more interested in buying a game console, which will necessarily be the Nintendo Switch in this case. It is moreover on these exclusives that the commercial success of a console is generally based in the face of the tough competition imposed by the gaming PC, which has 3 times more users than game consoles in 2017.

Internet or specialized trade: where should I buy my gaming PC instead?


To buy a gaming PC, you have two solutions: order a machine on the Internet. Or go to a specialized store where you can buy one of the models available on site.

Although specialized stores are an attractive option for purchasing a gaming PC. As you can see and touch the machine or carry out a test yourself, the offer is quite limited.

Compared to the multitude of devices that you can order on the Internet. Purchase in a physical store can thus make you miss a more efficient one. Machine and offered at a more advantageous price.


What is the average budget for a gaming PC?

On average, the budget to provide for a gaming PC is 800 euros. However, you must take into account the use you will make of it. And the type of game that you will install on it to determine more precisely. The amount to be allocated to the purchase of a gaming PC.

What is a mini gaming PC?

The mini-PC gamer is a model of a desktop computer whose elements of the central. The unit have been miniaturized in order to fit in a case much smaller than a conventional tower. This results in a significant gain in space. And weight which may appeal to fans of refined decoration in a living room, an office, etc.

What is the best gaming PC?

The best gaming PC is one that will best meet your needs while remaining inexpensive. You can take into account the important criteria. In the choice of a gaming PC listed in this comparison to decide which model you will buy.

Where to download games for PC gamer?

Platforms specialized in PC video games will offer you a wide choice of products. However, they also sometimes benefit from exclusives. That will force you to buy the game that interests you from a particular merchant.

Is it possible to benefit from delivery within one working day for the purchase of your gaming PC?

The option of delivery within one working day is generally. Indicated in the description of the product and is offered to you during the purchase process. If it is not mentioned, it is because it is not available.

How to order a gaming PC in my country?

To order a gaming PC in your country, you need to go to a platform that makes deliveries near you. You can usually check this in the shipping conditions.

Where to find gaming PCs to buy?

You can buy a gaming PC online, on a general or specialized e-commerce platform. Another solution is to make your purchase in a specialized store.

What is the best gaming PC?

In this comparison, you will find a set of information concerning. The best device available for purchase, the winner of this comparison.

How to build your own gaming PC?

To mount your gaming PC, you will have to purchase the components. That interest you separately, paying attention to the compatibility of these elements with each other. A screwdriver and a few screws are sufficient tools for mounting. Take care not to scratch the motherboard with the screwdriver so as not to place it out of warranty.

Where to buy a gaming PC at the best value for money?

Reconditioning is certainly a way to benefit from the best of PC gaming models. At a very low price compared to an unconditioned device. The downside is that the device has already been used by someone. Who has exchanged it for another: it is not new gaming pc builder.


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