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Hotstar commonly known by Hotstar + Disney plus in India is under the control of Novi Digital Entertainment. It is among the most-watched premium video streaming services in India. It is popularly known for streaming cricket matches like IPL, world cup, etc. Hotstar app download apk has more than 300 Million active users. It runs television series, popular movies, and web series from around the world.

Hotstar is a paid service whose subscription charges vary from country to country. To start watching videos, you just need to search on the Google Hotstar app download it and install it on your phone. As Hotstar is now owned by Disney so, all movies produced by Disney are now available for watching in Hotstar.

Features of Hotstar .apk:-

After collaborating with Disney, the interface, along with the features, has changed a lot inside Hotstar. They also have changed the subscription and pricing for using the Hotstar app. Some of the more common features available inside Hotstar app is the following:-

  • Favourite movies:– It carries the list of all-time favourite movies. But you need to purchase a subscription plan to watch this show on Hotstar. But, It is surprising to see that all these favourite movies are still available on another website for free. So you don’t need to search for Hotstar app download Apk for watching only favourite movie shows on Hotstar.
  • Latest movies:- Your search for Hotstar app download Apk will be useful if you are taking a subscription to watch the latest movies on Hotstar. Hotstar streams all the newest movie releases in HD formats just after few days of the movie release. 
  • Live news:-

Hotstar also streams to provide Live news channels for watching in it’s portal. Favourite news channels in India like Aaj Tak, ABP News, and NDTV get streamed inside the app. You can enjoy watching these channels if you have a Hotstar premium account.

  • Favourite shows:– It consists of the most popular TV reality shows of all genres. Most popular TV shows streamed on Hotstar are Dance plus, Master Chef, Big boss, etc. You can enjoy watching them anytime with your choice. You can also watch them on the same as running the shows live on other TV channels.
  • Best for a kid:- This section has the list of movies and short videos for the entertainment of kids. Favourite cartoon and anime series are available in this section for watching. Most of the cartoon show is available in a dubbed version for watching. You can enjoy Hostar even in your regional language.
  • Sports:- It consists of a live sports streaming channel. Hostarcis quite popular for running love cricket, World cup, and IPL leagues in India. You can also enjoy watching football, volleyball and Olympics sports in this section.

Subscription plan for Hotstar

Hotstar has three premium plans available for its users as follows:-

  • VIP plan: – In Hotstar VIP plan user will unlock most of the movies and us series dubbed in Hindi. This plan provides the benefit of streaming all the videos available from India. It charges you $5 per year.
  • Premium plan: – In this plan users can benefit from watching all the videos, including Bollywood, Hollywood, and another video from all around the world in the available language. They can manage content, even in English. This plan will not show any ads inside the app. It has monthly as well as a yearly subscription plan. The monthly plan charges you $4.30 per month, and similarly, you have to pay Rs 1499 for taking the annual subscription plan.
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How to download the latest version of Hotstar .apk.

The latest version of Hotstar is available on Google Play store as well as along the third party website. 

Follow the below steps to download Hotstar app latest version:-

From play store:-

  • All the app available in the Google play store is of the latest version. Open your Google play store and search for Hoststar in the above search box. You will get the app on the top with Disney plus Hotstar wrote on it.
  • Check the ownership details. If the app shows Novi Digital written below it, then it is the original version of the app. You don’t need to search for the Hotstar app download Apk file after following this step.
  • Click on the Install to download the app. The size of the app will be nearby 20 MB.
  • After downloading your application will install your phone automatically. 
  • Now navigate to the menu and touch on the app icon of Hotstar to start using video streaming benefits.

From Third-party website:-

  • You can also find the latest version of the Hotstar app on the app streaming website. Open Google and search for a Hotstar app download Apk in the search box.
  • You will get a list of websites. Click on any of the websites and check if the app is available there or not.
  • You will also find a download button for downloading the .apk file. Click on download to save the .apk file on your phone.
  • After the file gets downloaded, navigate to your file manager and search for the Hotstar app download Apk file.

  • Most of the downloaded .apk gets stored in the same folder of the browser app. For example:- if you are searching Hotstar app download Apk file from the Chrome Browser, then the file will get saved into the download folder.
  • Similarly, if you download the app from the UC browser, then the file gets saved in the UC download folder. You don’t have to search for a Hotstar app download Apk file on the internal storage.
  • The entire website updates the uploaded of the Apk file. If the file was uploaded a few weeks ago, then it means that it is the latest version of the app.

Download Hotstar from the official website:-

  • Instead of search for Hotstar app download Apk on google. Another way to download the latest version of the Hotstar app is by opening the official website
  • Scroll down to the page of the website. You will find the link to the latest version of the mobile app to download.

Download the latest version of Hotstar on Android TV.

  • Open the downloader app on your Android TV. The icon of the downloader app has a yellow color with an arrow pointing in a downward direction.
  • On opening the downloader app, it will ask to enter the download link of your app in the box.
  • Go to Google and search for a Hotstar app download Apk. You will get the list of popular app streaming websites. 

  • Go to any of the websites and copy the .apk download link. Note that the download link file of your .apk will end with a .apk link.
  • As android TV download allow you to copy and paste the link. So you need to convert the link into a short link so that you can easily type it in the download box.
  • Go to website and paste your copied downloaded link on the short URL website. Now click on generate a link to create a temporary connection of your downloading file.
  • Your link is short enough to type in the download box of your android TV. After typing the shorten URL link, click on the download button to download Hotstar app on your Android TV.
  • Now go to developer mode and turn it on. It will allow you to install apps from unknown sources inside your TV.
  • After downloading the Hotstar app will install automatically. Open the app to enjoy watching TV shows on your android.
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Download latest version of Hotstar app on Bluestalk:-

The problem with using an older version of Bkuestalk is that some of the new versions of the app don’t run easily. So, we must upgrade your Bluestalk emulator to the latest version before going to download Hotstar’s latest version .apk file.

  • Open your blues talk and login to play store with your Google account.
  • Now search for the Hotstar app download Apk in the same way you did it for Android phones.
  • Click on install to download and run the app on Blustalk.
  • An alternative way to run Hotstar app on blues talk is by opening the app file directly on your PC.

Download Hotstar from app market ( Third-party app )

It is also an alternative way to download Hotstar from another app market other than Playstore. In this method, you don’t need to search for a Hotstar app download Apk on Google or in any other search engine.

You may be thinking that our phone already provides us with play stores and browsers like Google chrome. So what is the need for mentioning this step? The answer is straightforward. You know that if you have rooted your phone and installed any third-party your phone then sometimes your phone can’t access Google app products like Playstore, Google Chrome, and other Google play services as it is against the policy. At those times, these steps can help to download Hotstar app on your phone.

Follow the below steps to install the app from the APK market.

  • You need to have any of the app market app installed on your phone. If you don’t have then kindly install it. 
  • Some .apk market uploads their file after virus scanning in their dashboard. So, you can get a safe file if you download the Hotstar app by this method.
  • Search for Hotstar app download Apk on its a search box. You can also search for only Hotstar on the back.

  • It will show you the app icon and release date if the app displays any nearby release date that means that it has uploaded the latest version of the Hotstar app.
  • Click on the Install app option, and your file will start downloading. After your download gets successful, your .apk file will get stored inside the app folder on your file manager.
  • Open file manager and search for the downloaded Hostar app file. Now click on install to install the app from your phone.
  • If your app shows an install option after your download gets finished, then you can also install it directly without going to the file manager.


  • How to use the Hotstar app on your android phone?

Hotstar is very simple to use as all other video streaming app. First, download the app, and then create an account on the app. You need an email id and mobile number to create an account. You can also login to the Hotstar app of you has a Facebook account. After login, you can access all the videos after taking the subscription.

  • Are Hotstar and Disney plus are the same app?

Yes, both the app is the same. The name of the Hotstar app has changed to Disney plus Hotstar after the Collaboration of Disney with Hotstar. Now, Hotstar is under the control of Disney Company, so to evaluate the market, it has set the mixed name to gain identity among the audience in India.

  • Is it possible to download a Hotstar app other than the play store?

Yes, you can also download the Hotstar app from any Apk streaming website. For this, you need to search on the Google Hotstar app download apk file. You will now get a list of websites that have uploaded the Hotsapp .apk file. Go to any of the websites to download the Hotstar app.

  • Can I install a Hotstar app on PC?

Yes, you can also install a Hotstar app on your PC. Being a popular app it is available for use in all the versions of devices. You can download Hotstar by the app store general on your PC. You can also install the app in the same way as that on Android with the help of Bluestalk. Search on google Hotstar app download .apk file and run the app on Bluestalk. The most natural way to stream video is to watch videos from by login to your account.

  • How to purchase Premium membership in Hotstar?

After login, click on any video on Hotstar. It will ask you to take a subscription. Choose the subscription plan of your choice. Now go to the payment page and pay the amount using Debit or credit card to purchase a premium membership plan. You will receive mail as well as SMS after completing your payment from Hotstar.

  • Can I cancel my Hotstar subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Hotstar subscription at any time depending on your choice. For withdrawing your subscription goes to manage subscription option from the menu and click on cancel button to end your subscription. Note that once purchased, you will not get any refund for canceling your subscription.


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