Waze vs Google maps- Choose the right GPS navigation app  

Waze vs Google maps


So, if you are going somewhere, what path would you choose. Will you choose the fastest route? Or the way with many obstructions? You are going to choose the quickest path with the lowest obstacles. So that you can go to your destination smoothly. And in today’s world, GPS navigation systems made that easier. Even in unknown places, you won’t lose your path. GPS navigation systems help you with that. And there are many GPS navigation apps available for your phone or your laptop. Some apps are better than others. But Waze and google maps are perfect competition for each other. Because both of these apps offer cool features. So, in this article, you will learn all about Waze vs google maps. And that will help you choose the best GPS navigation app for you. 

GPS navigation system

Before we start our journey of Waze vs google maps we need to know about the GPS navigation system. So what is this thing? How does the GPS navigation system work? When was it invented? We will talk about all of these. 

The full form of GPS is the Global Positioning System. It was a project by the US government. And the US government owns that. It is a satellite-based radio navigation system. And that means it uses the satellite to give you your location. 

Us department of defense started this project in 1973. And the first prototype satellite was launched in 1978 for this program. This project needed 24 fully operational satellites to do a perfect job. And all of 24 satellites were in its position in 1993. In the beginning, it was only used for military purposes. And that means civilians were not allowed to use GPS. But President Ronald Reagan ordered the US Department of Defense to allow civilians to use it. Hence, we got the chance to use GPS technology in the 1980s. But the GPS we use today is not the same old GPS from 1973. GPS has been developed over time. The US Congress upheld the upgrade effort of GPS in 2000. And it is known as GPS III. 

However, not only has the USA GPS but also many other countries now have that technology. And these can enhance the accuracy of your location. For example, GLONASS, NavIC, QZSS, and many more.

Roger L. Easton, Ivan A. Getting, Bradford Parkinson, invented this fantastic technology. Once navigation was very hard. But now GPS has made that so easy. Even 13 years old can operate a GPS navigation app.


Navigation then and navigation now.

In the past, thousands of lives were lost just for navigation problems. And not many people can navigate their way. Because they did not have the technology. Hence, many died, many lost in their way and never came back to their family. Navigation is important. And in war, navigation is a must. There must not be any mistakes in navigation. Because a simple mistake can take your life in a war. 


If you dig deep into history, then you will see how the navigation saved many lives. On the other hand, how some mistakes in navigation can cost thousands of lives. In world war two, many battles were won. And one of the main reasons is good navigation. In the battle of Grayhound, the whole battle was won with good navigation. If the navigator could not find the submarines, then thousands of lives would have ended. On the other hand, wrong navigation can take troops into the heart of the enemies. And that might’ve killed many lives. 


But now, every mobile phone has a GPS navigation system. Which is the most advanced navigation system in the world. Your car has a GPS navigation system. Even you can buy a GPS machine. Hence, you can know your location anytime you want. You will never lose your way home. 



The navigation system is so much updated in today’s world. And you can find the fasted way to your destination with a touch of your finger. 




Waze is a GPS navigation app. And it is available for both IOS, Android. It is an advanced GPS navigation app. But Google purchased this app in 2013. Then Google developed it separately. Waze is a community-based GPS navigation app. And this app has cool crowd-sourced social networking features. 


It is a community-based GPS navigation app. Hence, drivers can warn their fellows about accidents, speed traps, hazards, road closures, and police activity. And they can alert each other about issues that can cause the change of your route. Waze allows you to listen to your favorite music from Spotify. And this app also shows the cheap gas stations. You can use this app on your car display. 


One of the best features of this app is you can share rides. That means you can take a person with the same destination. Hence you can earn some extra money. And you will not be alone on your journey. 


Google maps


Google map is a standard navigation app. And it provides navigation for anyone. This app helps you navigate in many modes. For example, if you are walking or biking or using a car. In every case, you can use google maps.


Google maps show different pieces of information about your location. It shows local shops, businesses, and landmarks. Also, it shows schools, colleges, and many educational institutions. You can be a local guide. And help others to see the beautiful places around you. Google maps allow you to rate a location. Hence you can see the ratings and reviews of a place before you go there. 


Google supports Google maps. Hence you can find more services. For example, Google Assistant, real-time turn by turn directions, and many more. 


Both google maps and Waze are fantastic apps. But there are some differences between them. Let’s find out those differences in the next topic. And discuss Waze vs google maps.


Waze vs Google maps


Both Waze and google maps are cool apps for navigation. And the primary purpose of these two is the same. And that is to find the easiest and fastest way for the user. But there are still some differences between these two fantastic apps. Here is Waze vs google maps for you:


  • Waze is focused on driving. It will help you navigate smoothly when you are driving. But it will not be helpful when you are walking or using public transport. On the other hand, google maps give the same importance in every sector. And that means you can use it while walking, driving, and while using public transport. 
  • Waze is a live app. It uses live community-driven crowd-sourced information. And that enable this app to have real-time road conditions from drivers. But google maps is a data-based service. It approaches the local community information and directions.
  • You can use google maps, both online and offline. And google maps will help you with turn-by-turn direction even in offline mode. On the other hand, you can not use Waze without a data connection.
  • Waze includes cheap gas stations. But it does not include local businesses and shops. One the other hand, google maps include local businesses, landmarks, shops, gas stations, and educational institutions. 
  • Google maps has a basic and traditional navigation interface. And it includes many pieces of information. But Waze has a 3D graphics. Also, it has a minimal interface with different customization options. 


More about Waze vs Google maps


The things we talked about on the previous point were the fundamental differences. There are more to Waze vs google maps. And here are some of those.


  • Google maps offer you voice navigation. And that includes driving, biking, and walking. Also, it offers live location sharing. Waze also offers voice navigation. And you can choose the voice you want. Even you can use celebrity voices. Also, you can record command in your own voice. 
  • Waze gives you warnings when you are going too fast. But google maps don’t do that. On the other hand google maps let drivers know which lane they should use. 
  • Both of these apps offer available parking locations.
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Which app finds the fastest way for you?


Comparison is one thing. But the real-life experience is totally different. And how quickly an app can get you to your destination defines which app is better. Waze gives you live news of the roads and traffic. And waze users can alert their fellows about accidents and traffic. Also, waze show information about police activities on road. And Waze shows you alternative ways to a destination. Waze monitors the speed of your vehicle. Hence it prevents you from getting tickets. Waze shows your traffic on road. Hence you can avoid traffic. 


One the other hand Google Maps gets you to your destination in time. Also, it alerts you about traffic jams. But google maps warning are not as helpful as Waze’s. Because Waze has a community that google maps doesn’t have. Though google maps has a more informative map. But Waze doesn’t have that. So while using google maps you can find your desired services easily. But waze helps you to get to your destination effortlessly.


Waze is for drivers who want to live reports of traffic jams, police activity, and accidents. And find the easiest, safest, and fastest way to their destination. On the other hand google maps is for drivers, paddlers, and public transport users. In short, you can use google maps in every way. And google maps helps you find local shops and businesses. Now it is up to you what you need. On Waze vs google maps, it’s you who decides which one wins. 


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers of Waze vs Google maps


First Question: What is a GPS navigation app?


Answer: GPS means Global Positioning System. It was a project of the defense department of the United States. But later it was available for civilians. And now one can use it for free. Every device with a GPS can use it. And GPS navigation apps allow us to use GPS on our phones and cars. Also, these apps offer much more interesting features.


Second Question: When was GPS invented?


Answer: GPS was invented in 1973. Roger L. Easton, Ivan A. Getting, and Bradford Parkinson invented it. 


Third question: How does it work?


Answer: There are 24 satellites out in the space for accurate positioning. It’s a radio navigation system based on satellite. GPS is monitored by the United States government. And they use those 24 satellites for this radio navigation system. Hence we get to know our location within 5 meters accuracy. 


Fourth Question: Waze vs google maps, which one is better?


Answer: There is no telling which one is better. Because both of them are fantastic apps. And both of those apps offer some cool features. So it is up to you what you need. In the battle of Waze vs google maps, it is you who decides which one is better. Hence, you know the answer. You just need to know what you want. 


Conclusion of Waze vs Google maps


Navigation is important in our life. For example, if we want to go somewhere we can not think of going there without GPS. And GPS has changed our life dramatically. Now we can go to places. And explore the wonders of the world. And enjoy our lives. GPS navigation apps help us in our everyday lives. Google maps and Waze both are fantastic GPS navigation apps. And both of them offer some cool feathers. Funny thing is Google owns them both. But these two were developed differently. Hence there are many differences between these two. This article “Waze vs google maps” will make you understand which one you need. And you will choose which one wins in the battle of Waze vs google maps. And then you can get to your destinations in the fastest way. 


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