Intel Optane memory

intel optane memory

Every processed data in a PC or laptop has to pass thorough RAM for giving an output intel optane memory. The programming speed of the device depends upon the type of hardware you are using on your PC. Using SSD types of devices are very fast in comparison to hard disk-based devices.

But, if you want to increase you’re processing and decrease your load on hardware, buying Intel Optane memory can be the best choice for you. It is external hardware that you have to install on your laptop. After inserting it, you can feel the change in speed.

It is capable of handling all the processed data by itself without sending them to RAM. If you install new software, then it may take a little more processing time in the beginning. After some reboot, Optane memory will increase its processing speed by storing the temporarily processed memory units.

What is Optane memory?

Optane memory is a modern type of memory for a computer that can accelerate the function of a system (PC & Laptop). It works on the SSD level to improve the data processing speed inside a laptop. It creates a short link between the CPU and memory storage device to show its performance.

The rate is much better in SSD based devices in comparison to Hard disk. Various computer brands like HP, Lenovo, etc., sell this product separately, depending upon the requirement. It is nothing more than a memory module. If your device is getting slower, you can manage to improve its performance using Intel Optane memory.

Requirements for running Intel Optane memory:-


Your PC or laptop must meet the below requirements to run an Intel Optane memory:-

  • Intel 7 processor:- Your laptop must support the latest intel seven processors or above to run Optane memory. Even if the lower version support M2 slot in the hardware, but it will not keep running the Optane memory. 
  • G1 motherboard:- The laptop model should have the G1 motherboard. This version of the motherboard is present in Intel 6 and 7 processor.
  • M2 expansion slot:- It is a place where you need the fit the Optane memory; if your PC does not have an M2 space, then you can’t run Optane memory. If it does have, then you are lucky to try the memory and enjoy the processing compatibility.
  • Primary boot device:- All the intel Optane memory run only in prior boot devices. If your hardware supports the fast boot system, then it is sure that you can run Optane memory on your PC. But, using external boot devices like USB jump does not support running octane memory.
  • Operating system: you need Windows 10 or above to run your Optane memory. Your device must be supported to the hard drive, SSHD, or SATA SSD to manage all the functions.

Working principle of Optane memories:-

It uses a new type of memory that is capable of creating memory media in memory management software. The new kind of memory media can be 3D Xpoint. Intel RST is an example of Optane memory.

It can merge the memory inside the PC to the processing unit to provide fast data exchange. All the data get stored in a virtual device to overcome the PC load. It can speed up the booting time and save the file in just one click. But, the condition is that Intel Optane memory function only with

Intel’s 7th-Generation Core-I processor. It works only when your system has feature fit Optane chip in the M.2 slot of your motherboard. It boosts up additional speed to SSD based devices and increases the speed to some extent in the HDD based system. It does not replace the original DRAM from the system but works to increase the frequency of input and output commands.

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Benefits of using Intel Optane memory:-

You can get the following advantages of using Optane memory to your PC:-

  • Ease of Operating:- Every operation inside the computer takes place with the help of certain processing units. You need an excellent processer to get a smooth and fast running experience on each click. These processors need some memory to run the program. On a regular computer, all the program functions get transferred to RAM for processing units. But, if you have to install Intel Optane memory, then all the data get store in the form of Optane companies. These can decrease the load on your RAM, and thus, your speed began to increase.
  • High processing speed:- The processing speed began to boost up after you do all the hardware and software inside your PC. You will have to go through any lag problem even if you are doing multiple tasks simultaneously. It is an excellent gift for HHD-based devices because it can boost your PC’s performance to another level.
  • Economical: If you want to boost your hardware devices’ speed, buying Intel Optane memory can be the best option. It is more economical than preferring dual-drive system. It also can be the best alternative for small SSD and large hard disk-based media storage devices. If you are using SSD, then it makes the booting process even faster. But, SSD based devices can’t feel the change like that of hardware devices.
  • Background processing:-

Normally, when we navigate to any online or offline tab, the processing speed goes on decreasing. It is a fact that a system can’t handle multiple works on the PC at the same rate. Therefore, the processor gives preference to go the current window rather than providing a high processing scale for the tabs running in the background. But, Intel Optane’s memory can prefetch your email and another website to load even in the background. It acts as a partner with the RAM and manages to keep everything balanced in your system. Thus, background images do not need to refresh again and again while browsing. It can continue the loading process even if you are not using the app. 

  • Gamers:- The gamers who were using HDD based storage devices usually face lag problems while playing games. Running big games slow down the SSD processing units as the graphics of the game take more space to run the game. But, referring Intel Optane’s memory will help them to solve their issue. It can accelerate the normal speed of your PC and give a smooth gameplay experience. If Optane recalls launched with the module of 16GB or 32 GB sizes, then it can manage to handle the load of any type of game. All the temporarily processed data get stored inside the Optane units and won’t disappear even if you shut down your PC. It works the same as your RAM inside the computer.
  • Easy to install:-

You have to do a quick modification inside the hardware if you do not have an M2. Slot inside your laptop. Similarly, if you have an M2 space, then the installation process becomes more manageable. You only have to fit the memory module inside the slot and connect it go the software to complete the installation.

How to install Intel Optane memory to your laptop:-

Follow the below steps to install Optane memory inside your laptop memory module:- 

  • Computer with M.2 connectors:- 
    • First, find the M.2 connector on your system. You can identify a connector very easily because it has a label of SSD written on it.
    • Use a small screwdriver to standoff the hole near the connector. You will see an M.2 slot to fix your Intel Optane memory.
    • Install the module on the given space and fix it again with the screw by rotating it in a clockwise direction.
  • Without M.2 computers:- 

    • If you do not get any slot for fixing the free memory, then you have to install it externally by installing a module inside the PCIe carrier card. 
    • Take a module near the M.2 connector and insert it inside the memory module. Go to the module down part and tight your screw to fix it in one place.
    • Now insert the PCIe carrier card on the extension slot and tighten it with a screwdriver.

Software installation guide:-

You must install the software utility software to detect your newly fixed Optane hardware memory. You have to download the set-up of Intel RST software for detecting your new hardware setup. Follow the steps below to go it:-

  • Go to the support website of your computer or laptop provider and download the Intel Rapid storage technology, driver. Suppose you are using an HP laptop, then search for RST driver HP in Google and navigate to their official website to download it.
  • Download the Run setupRST.exe file from the website. After installing the set up as an administrator, install all the default drivers for running Intel Optane memory.
  • Launch your RST software after installation and tab on Intel Optane memory to get the status of your installed Optane memory.

  • If you have correctly fixed the memory with proper knowledge, then it will detect it very soon, and you can start speeding up your system by clicking on the enable button.
  • It will restart your system in safe mode, and your laptop is now ready to go fast with your newly installed Intel Optane memory
  • You will all the data and processing default in the same software.

Final words:-

Intel Optane memory is an optional device for boosting the speed of your computer. If your device supports all the above requirements and is still facing some issues, you can prefer to buy it online. It is the best hardware to complete your work as much faster in hard-disk and SSD devices.



  • How is Intel Optane different from the cache storage system?

Intel Optane works on the principle of 3D Xpoint technology. It is 16 and 32GB memory modules that are more than 1000 times faster than the old NAND technologies. It does not work with the cache storage method as it takes some time to process the command. It works by signaling the input and submitting the output and does not go through complicated processes. It is faster than cache storage because they use some RAM space to process some functions, but it saves ram space and processes the problem by itself.

  • What is the difference between Intel Optane ready and enable?

Intel Optane ready: The computer has the feature of using available memory, but not yet implemented and prepared to use. We can fix the Optane memory inside it as it meets all the requirements to run an Intel Optane memory. Intel open enable:- This type of computer or laptop already gives an option allowed memory inside it from the time of manufacture. The user does not need to take a screwdriver to find the M2 slot for fixing it.

  • How to check if your system supports the Intel Optane system or not?

The first method to check is to search for your device details online. The different website provides specific information about the feature of a laptop on their website. Studying about the part on the official website of the laptop provider will also let you confirm it. Another way to find is by opening the RST details on your PC. In the RST section, you get a clear cut idea about running an Open memory.

  • How to disable intel Optane memory in PC?

You have to install BIOS version 02.06 or above in your PC to do it. Now go to the available memory and software drivers. You have to follow the onscreen instructions to find the disable option. First, go and disable the intel RST application and then do the same to disable the BIOS file to stop using Open memory.

  • How much time does it take for Intel to come to improve the speed of the system after installing?

You can see the result within three boot cycles. It usually takes very little time to boot the system after you enable the Optane memory. You can know the difference after playing high graphic games and performing multiple works simultaneously on your PC.

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