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chromebook recovery utility

Chromebook is the laptop that gave you a 360-degree folding experience. It is also very comfortable to use in a tablet because it further supports screen touch accessibility like an android. This has an advanced Chromebook recovery utility OS or Google chrome-based operating system that gives its user access to the fastest screen responding feature. It is the lightest and easy to use OS in comparison to Windows and Mac.

But, every OS slows down on regular use due to the injection of malware or heavy load. Thus, Chromebook also needs formatting for its smooth running and safety from malware. We can try some Chromebook recovery utility methods to keep the running stability of the Operating system.

What Is The Chromebook Recovery Utility?

It is an operating system file of Chromebook that contains all the system and software requirement files for installing inside a Chromebook. It is the same as the recovery software for windows and Mac.

The installation of Chromebook recovery utility is possible in many ways. Users can recover it by custom recovering Compact Disk or by downloading and installing recovery files from the official Chromebook provider website.

The company selling Chromebooks also provides a recovery file from on their website. The method of Recovery differs based on the Chromebook Company of sale.

Why Is It Needed For Chromebook Recovery Utility?

Chromebook recovery utility is necessary due to the following reason:-

  1. Error Notification: – Recovery utility is needed if you got an error message while operating with your OS. You can either try some troubleshooting steps, but if the error message displayed again, it is best to go for recovering the OS for a permanent solution.
  2. Corrupt System: – If the OS show gets corrupted due to the installation of malware and other hacked issue, then the only option that can have your data to go for Recovery.
  3. Slow Down Of OS: – Installing and Uninstalling app makes files regularly on Chromebook; the files, if not get deleted in time, takes some background processing power and slow down the function. At those times, the Chromebook recovery utility can be helpful to get a new start.
  4. Erasing Hard Disk: – If the choice comes of formatting the phone. Then you can keep all your necessary recovery files on any external hard disk to get your data safe and go for erasing the hard drive to deleted unusual files.

Types of Chromebook recovery utility:-

Every Chromebook selling company has different recovery software for recovering the operating system of their system. Dell Chromebook recovery utility, Asus Chromebook recovery utility, etc. are some examples.

Things You Need For Chromebook Recovery Utility:-

You need to have the following things if you are going to recover your Chromebook utility:-

Another PC: – You must have a PC from where you want to download the Chromebook recovery utility file in your PC. You can also download Recovery. The .sh file of you is going to recover Chromebook using Linux.

USB Drive/ SD card: – It is necessary for importing and exporting recovery files from PC to your Chromebook. Note to disconnect all the external connection while installing the system recovery files.

Charge: – While installing the system, recovering projects must check the battery level on your Chromebook. Installing using Linux may take time. So, note to charge your Chromebook for fast Recovery.

Full guide to recover Chromebook:-

Chromebook recovery utility needs the following steps:-

Default backup:-

This method is available in the settings option of Chromebook. Users need to sign to their Chromebook with their Gmail id and go to the factory data reset option. There you will find and the possibility of Backup.

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Click on it and take the complete Backup to your Google Drive. Now, you can reset your Chromebook without losing your data again. So, if you already have a backup available, then Recovery gets easily in Chromebook. The benefit of taking Backup using Google Drive is that you can erase another Chromebook and install the same file inside it the same as your previous Chromebook.

Download New OS:

 This method is preferred when you don’t have the OS installed on your Chromebook. For this, you need to download the original OS using some other PC and install all in your Chromebook to complete the Chromebook recovery utility.

Follow These Steps To Set Up A New OS In Chromebook:-

  1. Go to any other PC and Install Google Chrome browser, now from the go install the Chromebook recovery app.
  2. Open the Recovery app and click on get started. It will now ask you to enter your Chromebook model number for Recovery.
  3. After filling all the necessary details, save the downloaded recovery file in a USB flash drive.
  4. Insert the USB flash drive on your Chromebook. If your Chromebook gets formatted, then it will display you an option to install the Chromebook recovery utility project.
  5. Export the Recovery downloaded file to your Chromebook using your USB Drive.
  6. It takes some time to import all the recovery files and display you a notification that Recovery media is ready to use.
  7. Remove out your USB Drive; Your Chromebook is now prepared to use.

Recovery mode

 This mode of Chromebook recovery utility allows a user to go to the system recovery manager with the help of some keys. It is a hazardous procedure because you will have to operate many drive functions. Any wrong step will corrupt the whole OS of Chromebook.

Follow The Methods Below To Complete Recovery Of Your Chromebook:-

  1. Remove all the externally connected devices like mouse, external hard drive, etc. from your Chromebook.
  2. Forgoing to the recovery mode press and hold Esc+ Refresh key. Now click on the power button for moving to the recovery mode.
  3. If you are using Chromebox, then click on the recovery button directly to navigate to the recovery mode.
  4. For Chromebook tablet, you have to press the volume down and power button at the same time for going to the recovery mode.
  5. On reaching the recovery mode, you will see a popup saying that you have a corrupted device kindly install from that place external sourceless6. Insert USB Drive or SD card on chrome and export all your recovery very files inside Chromebook for fixing your Chromebook recovery utility.
  6. You also get an option to insert recovery file risk to bring back a new Chrome OS.
  7. Don’t let anyone know about your recovery file, Uninstall the recovery file copy present in your SD card.

Using the paperclip method:-

It is also a method for Chromebook recovery utility that uses the recovery button and some keys for recovering Chromebook OS. The Paperclip method goes on changing based on different Chromebook companies.

Follow the steps to use the Paperclip method for recovering your Chromebook:-

  1. Most of the Chromebook recovery button is present on their backside.
  2. Paperclip here doesn’t mean any software. But you have to take a paper clip and push it in the recovery hole. It is present in the backside of the Chromebook so that it gets turned on.
  3. Press control + D at the same time as pushing the recovery button.
  4. The Chromebook will display a red mark on your screen and start booting.
  5. The Chromebook will boot into the recovery mode or developer mode. It will erase all your data in 10 minutes.
  6. Press the space bar now after your process of booting gets completed.
  7. Now press enters key, Chromebook will again start restoring files from the Chromebook reboots.
  8. It is the unique feature of Recovery that is available only in Chromebook
  • Recovery using a Linux computer: – If you are taking the help of Linux computer for Chromebook recovery utility, then you need to download the below file to your computer.
  • Download the from the below link:-
  • Now open the script on your computer and change the $ Sudo Chmod 755, command with your original Chromebook command.
  • Use root privilege command to run the script on Chromebook: – $ Sudo bash
  • Follow the above method to open the recovery command in Chromebook and follow the instruction on the screen to recover your Chromebook. Run the order only if you have enough knowledge to run the script on the command prompt.
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Recovery Of Chromebook Using Power Wash Wipes Method:-

This method of Chromebook recovery utility allows you to wipe all the recovery files using the below steps:-

  • Login to your Chromebook account and go to the Chrome setting.
  • On the search box type, Powerwash and hit the enter button. When the power wash button display on the screen, click on and restart your device.
  • Powerwash helped in erasing all the data after one restart.  Therefore, all your data will get erased.
  • Now go and disable the developer mode from the setting option so that you can install the Chrome OS again in your Chromebook.
  • Now restart the Chromebook again and enable the OS verification feature. Skip all the notification and click on the proceed option. Now go for doing the same step of hard reset and installing the Recovery project using an SD card to install the Chromebook recovery utility on your power washed Chromebook.

Final word:-

Chromebook is one of the faster-operating systems available for doing a lot of PCs stuff. The operating system is the same as that if Android and best for those who are more compatible with using an Android operating system.

The method of installing the Chromebook recovery utility is more relaxed like that of an Android. We also find the same developer mode to change various system features inside Chromebook for getting access to an advanced Operating system.



  1. 1. Why am I not able to unzip the recovery file while recovering the Chromebook?

Chromebook OS system will force stop a recovery file is if you download it from any external website. Try to download and install the recovery files from the official service provider of the company to stop getting such error.

It also is possible that you may not have the recovery image file zipped into the folder. If you don’t have added the recovery image file, then insert it before trying the recovering project.

  1. Why is my Chromebook utility service not working?

It happens when you don’t wipe your drivers on windows or mac. So, first, wipe the system then go for running the recovery tool. If still, it doesn’t work, then download another file of the Chromebook operating system, and this time uses a different USB driver to do it.

  1. Where can we use Chromebook recovery utility?

It is compact in any of the chrome operating systems. It works fine also for Chromebox. The original recovery files get to update itself automatically in the background to make the system more secure from malware and virus.

Chrome OS gets slow when due to load from excess files or updating third-party drivers inside your system. The recovery utility is useful in setting everything up to date like before.

  1. From where can I download Chromebook recovery utility?

You can download the recovery utility from the Google Chrome website that is It has all the recovery project collection of all the Chromebooks available in the world. You have to select the model of your Chromebook and click on the download button to start downloading your recovery file.

Alternatively, you can also download recover utility files separately from Chromebook selling companies like Samsung, Asus, etc. But, it will work individually for one brand of Chromebook. You can also install it from a third party website like a cloud-ready for getting some advanced features.

  1. How to fix Chrome OS is a missing error while importing the recovery file?

If it shows a missing file error, then click on the Esc button and reboots your device. After rebooting again, try to import the recovery project. If still, it doesn’t work and then goes for changing the USB Driver again.

Try to install the driver again on your USB drive to check it’s working. Also, try changing the USB to other ports of Chromebook after it shows a missing error on one USB port. Even if it makes a mistake, then it means that there is some problem with your downloaded recovery file.

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