Best 3 player games

3 player games

Have you ever thought of an instance where you wished that all three friends could compete in one game? I know you have had this kind of thought, and you been wondering the best 3 player games you can explore.

3 player games are on the rise these days as many people have become accustomed to two players and they want more now. Having three players on one game makes the game more challenging and enjoyable. I prefer playing these games with my drinking buddies or even my kids, as it is more enjoyable than one player or two. In this article, we will highlight some of the best 3 player games that you need to try with your buddies and feel the real competition that you can get from it.


Fish Eat Fish is one of the best 3 player games and also among one of the most popular 3 player games. The game offers the players the ability to choose how many people you want to play. There is an option for a single-player, two-player, and three-player. After selecting the number of players, the players will have to choose if their fish is either a boy or girl and then customize the color of the fish.

The Fish Eat Fish game starts simple where your fish is in an ocean with different kinds of marine life. The primary mission of Fish Eat Fish is to raise your little fish to a big fish, and you will do this by eating the small fish. Therefore, you will be at the ocean looking for small fish that you can eat, and if you meet a big fish, then you need to run.  A big fish will eat you up, and the game will be over, which means you will need to start the adventure again. It’s an impressive 3 player game that you and other games will find enjoyable. 


Big Birds Racing is another 3-player game that is so awesome on the gameplay that will glue you to your device. The game is exciting and thrilling as you have to go to a competition between ostriches. This kind of competition is meant to test your skills and agility of your bird. Up to four Ostriches can participate in this race; therefore, you can invite four of your friends and see who is good at their skills. You have an option of one-player where the computer controls the other Ostrich. After selecting the gamers, you can then start your race and see who will win many of the races. The game is so thrilling, and you will have a good time playing it. 


Gravity Guy is another 3-player game that you will want to try out. The game is thrilling and incredible as the players share and spend some of the incredible tasks besides you. You have the option of selecting up to three players, which elevates the fun as you do better tasks. The game’s mission is to ensure that you reach the end at a very top position with your Gravity boy. There are different kinds of gravity boys in space, so you have to control yours carefully to reach the top spot. There are platforms meant to knock you down, and it’s great that you always collect bonuses, and if you happen to fall, you die with no time and its game over.


Sumo Slam is one of the toughest 3 player games that you can find out. The sport is hilarious as the members are in a category of fat and obese people and you must be one of them. There are matches that you will go of being pushed on the Japanese mountains. You need to be very careful about the people that fall as they can come back and try to push you off the mountains, and you will be dead. It’s an exciting game that will keep you laughing all day, and playing with friends can be even more fascinating.

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The other 3 player game that I would highly recommend you to try is the AZ Tank Trouble 4. The game involves two players who are in the tank, one driving it and the other shooting the enemies. You need to pay attention to the enemies as you can never know when you can get hit by a bullet in the tank. All the players in the gameplay a very critical role in ensuring you kill your enemies before they kill you. The last tank that remains in the field is the winner of the game and will receive a point. When you have other friends controlling the tank and you all playing together, it’s what makes the game epic. 


This game is an adventure game with dinosaurs, and all of your friends need to work as a team to win the game. When starting to play this game, you have to ensure that none of your three friends from the game get hurt, which means you need to be very careful. This will allow you to be able to collect maximum points and also collecting diamonds in the game gives you a better chance of winning. It’s a very epic game, and you all must work hand in hand to ensure you win.


Have you wished there was a summer game that can be played by three characters? Well, here is the Summer Sports Stars, which gives you the ability to play with your friends. The game is fantastic, and there is a nice vibe to it, which makes it so great. The remarkable thing about the game is that it’s Nickelodeon so that you will meet the characters. However, here the characters are small like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many more characters.

There are several sports that you have to practice here but first, you need to throw your character in the middle of the aim. There is a second summer sport which is horse riding and it is total fun as you will throw your rope for the horse to move faster. These is a third sport which is a 100m swim and here you will need to swim with your characters as well as you can. The thing that makes it an epic 3 player game is the many obstacles that you need to escape and if you are not careful you will be stopped and the game will be over.

There is a fourth sample, which is a 100 dash where your character will have to walk on high wood legs, which is difficult and annoying. With this game, you are sure to have total fun if you happen to be competing with your friend’s baby characters, and it’s epic.


If you are a Micky Mouse fan, then there is a high chance that you will enjoy this game so much. In this game, Mickey, together with his friends, are going nuts, and you need to get alongside them in this awesome challenge.

The thing about the game that makes it is great is the fact that the game is one of the funniest, which is about pillow fights. It’s one of the best activities that you can do, and you and your friends are probably going to have a blast. It’s a 3-player game, and each of the players must get a character and start the challenge when it’s their turn. There is a limited amount of time; therefore, each character has a set of times available for them. I highly recommend anyone who has had a pillow fight or never had one as this game will make you happy.

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We all know how the Ludo version game is funny, but in King Ludo, everything is more entertaining and more incredible. The special game offers you the ability to use your mouse in order to think about the next move while rolling the dice. This is important as it ensures that you do the right thing as soon as possible.

The good thing about the game is it’s not only a 3-player game as it can even hold up to four players. You will be rolling dices and see if you can be able to get the tokens out of the house. You can only be able to get one out if you score 6. The player that reaches every single token from all four back to its house wins the game. The 3-player game is so exciting and a lot of fun if you love Ludo.


Another 3-player game that I highly recommend anyone to get is the Sumo Party, which is a fascinating game. This is one of the latest games that you can try and ask your dear friends to join you in the game. The game’s mission is to get a lot of points, and this can be done so by winning many Sumo battles. You can do this by throwing some Sumo fighters out of the ring or helping them be fast. If you have other friends that you would like them to join in the game, then you will have a good time.


If you want a super fun adventure game, then this is the kind of game that I will highly recommend you get. The thing about Volex Tanks 3D is the realism of the image and the characters in the game, which is fascinating. It’s a 3-player game meaning you can ask your friends to play with you and see who ends up winning the game. The mission of the game is so simple as you have to eliminate all the other enemies in driving the tanks. Here you also get the ability to show your skills and abilities, which is fantastic.


MixUps is another 3-player game that is so interesting, and you need to try it out. The game allows you to mix up characters from Boomerang from Looney Tunes to get a new and crazy persona of a character. You will need to choose the mode that you want to play the game and then select the player that will start first. You can mix up the characters from the head, legs body, and you will get the character you want. The game is exciting if you are familiar with Boomerang and Looney Tunes.


This is a hilarious game if you get to think about it as you are ensuring that the Princess eats as many hotdogs as possible. The players can choose their favorite Princess, which can be 3 Players and compete. You will be using the different kinds of controls on your keyboard, which you will press, thus making sure the Princess successfully eats many hotdogs as possible.


To conclude, we have highlighted some of the best 3-player games that you can get and compete with your friends. In the article, we also highlight some of the gameplay, which gives you an insight into what the game is about. You can try the games out and see which of the games is good for you, but all the above games are so awesome.


What are the best 3-player games?

The best 3-player games in 2020 include; AZ, AZ Tank Trouble 4, Fish Eat Fish, Summer Sports Stars, and many more. You can also try King Ludo, Volex Tanks 3D, and MixUps, which have become popular these days.

How do you play 3-player games?

Playing these games in a 3-player mode requires you to have at least three players. While at this mode, you can then all start competing on whatever mission that you are supposed to be playing. 

What happens if you lose in 3-player games?

When you lose or fail at a level, you will be eliminated, and the other players will continue playing. Therefore, it’s essential that you ensure you are very careful when playing not to lose. 

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