What is game of thrones putlocker? how to watch game of thrones putlocker

game of thrones putlocker


A putlocker refers to a website that hosts and indexes content that you can easily stream. Most of the content that the game of thrones putlocker websites hosts are media shows, which include movies, reality TV shows, and other kinds of media.  Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of illegal streaming platforms.

Putlocker websites have increased with the rise in the consumption of content among the people. The widespread or growth of the internet has greatly facilitated the growth of the illegal website that hosts and even index movies. The first-ever site was in the UK, and it started in the year 2001 and grew daily with the number of visitors increasing.

The original putlocker was a success because of several reasons, including the shutdown of Megaupload that offered file storage. 

In the year 2006, when putlocker was at its highest peak, there was a court order that demanded its closure. The reason for this is because several movie companies deemed the site as one of the significant piracy threat companies. However, after the cessation of the website, several putlocker domain sites emerge daily. The new putlocker websites offer you the same service as you can easily watch any movie or series you want.

The best alternative putlocker websites that emerged after the closure of the original site are 123Movies, Popcornflix, SolarMovie, and many more. You can decide which of this putlocker you want to watch Game of Thrones.


Game of Thrones is one of the best TV shows of our time. The TV series is one of the best because of many reasons. One of the reasons why the show is a success is because it tends to take creativity to a whole different level. The plot of the series is so complicated, meaning that each episode will not disappoint you.

Also, the series is slow, meaning the events unfold slowly, thus raising your curiosity. 

There is a lot of power struggle I the series, which is one of the reasons why lots of people love the series. In-Game of Thrones, the power struggle is so real, and they tend to show how this struggle is in real life. Most people enjoy seeing how people struggle for power, and this is the best show that depicts that. If you are a lady, then you probably want to watch the show because it shows how women are rising in power. Also, frustrations in this series seem to never come to an end. There are a lot of bad things that happen which we want to see come to an end, and that is why people love this show. 

Therefore a Game of Thrones putlocker is a site that hosts or indexes another site where you can easily watch the show. The show is only available in a paid network, and if you don’t have an active subscription, then you can have trouble accessing it. The good thing is these putlocker sites have these shows available for free, and the show is also in a higher quality like in the original site.

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To watch Game of Thrones on putlocker, you will first have to decide which putlocker site you will use. It’s crucial to decide on a putlocker site that is reliable by checking the reviews that it has. Some of the most popular Game of Throne sites have issues of crashing because of the number of people accessing them. The other problem that can arise is when the Game of Thrones putlocker site does not have all the episodes of the show.

Therefore deciding on the site you are going to use is one of the steps you will take to ensure you will have an excellent experience. In this article, I will use one of the most popular Game of Throne putlocker that I often use, and that is 123Movies. To access the site, you will need to do a quick search of the site in your browser. The other thing that you need to ensure is you are using the right browser. The right browser to use is either Chrome or Firefox, as the sites have been in a test so many times.

When you are on the 123Movies site, you will then need to search the show, Game of Thrones.

The show will display all the seasons from the first to the latest, and you can choose the season you want to watch. After clicking on the season, there will be a display of the episodes that the season has, and choosing one will automatically start playing. Just as simple as that, you can easily watch Game of Thrones putlocker on this site.   


There are a lot of benefits of using the game of thrones putlocker to watch the TV show. Game of Thrones is only available in HBO, and if you want to watch it, you will need to pay around 15 dollars. The price per month on HBO can be overwhelming for most people, which is why they opt to go for the Game of Thrones putlocker. Therefore the main reason why people be using the Game of Throne putlocker is that they can easily watch the show without having to spend much. Consequently, the fact that the Game of Thrones putlocker allows you to w2atch the show free without paying a cent is what draws many. There is an instance where a TV show can be annoying, and you don’t like it anymore, thus end up canceling it.

There are no bitter disappointments that you will face if you are not self-financing it.

The other benefit of using the Game of Thrones putlocker is that the interface is simple and easy to use. Compared to some streaming sites, you can easily get around the website without going through a lot of trouble. The fact that it’s straight-forward anyone even a newbie to the internet world can easily navigate on the site and start watching. Also, unlike some streaming sites, there is very less commercial that happens to be on televisions.

Most people get annoyed with the fact that there are a bunch of ads that come after a few minutes to your TV.

Commercials often interrupt your show or the kind of movie that you are watching, and this can be a disgusting thing. Using the Game of Throne putlocker, there are no commercials available on this site, thus no interruptions. The other thing about the putlocker is that if you have several download tools, you can easily download the Game of Thrones show and watch it while offline.

This is an advantage because if you don’t have access to the internet all the time, you can easily download and watch while offline. There is a fantastic experience that you get from just using the Game of Thrones putlocker. There are some putlocker that allow you to choose the quality of video you want to watch if they have the video in HD or even Ultra HD. With this, you will be able to get an immensely great experience of watching the movies you want.

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As much as now you can easily enjoy Game of Thrones on your phone, PC or even smart TV there are drawbacks too. The first thing that you can experience is the issue concerning the malware. Most of the Game of Throne putlocker can have hidden malware or even virus that can easily affect your PC. Most of this site is not to be trusted since some hosts want to launch attacks on your computer; therefore, they create malware. Malware and viruses on your phone can be dangerous as they can make your phone to start working differently.

You need to be super cautious when accessing these sites to help minimize the chance that your PC can get affected by the malware.

The other thing is if you are from a country where illegal streaming is not allowed in countries such as the UK, there is a chance you can face unlawful consequences. You can get some repercussions from this illegal streaming as you might get sued for watching the Game of Throne shows illegally.

This cannot be that often, but you need to be very cautious when doing so as there are consequences for that too.

The other drawback is that these sites don’t usually have robust internet server thus can be so slow. If there are a large number of people on that site, then there is a possibility that the site will be languid and you won’t do much. Finally, it personally thinks that it’s morally wrong to do illegal streaming even though the price might be too high. It’s morally wrong because you also don’t want someone else doing the same thing if it was your product.


In some countries, the Game of Thrones putlocker is considered an illegal site, and you cannot access the site. There are a bunch of reasons why the site is illegal in most countries and generally in the world. When you are using the Game of Thrones putlocker to watch the show, you are not stealing the movie rather the right for them to sell you the show. You are violating the copyright infringement law by illegally watching the show.

Therefore, many countries sign the deal to help protect the copyright, and that is why streaming using putlocker illegal. The first-ever putlocker site closed because of the issues it had of violating copyrights, and thus movie studios shut it down. That is the main reason why the Game of Throne putlocker is illegal, and you can get arrested and jailed for using these sites. Therefore it is crucial to ensure you are not violating these in countries that take severe measures on violators.


As we have already seen, there are countries where the Game of Throne putlocker is illegal in some countries. With collaboration with your local internet service providers, the governments ensure that the sites are blocked, and you cannot access them. There are several ways you can use to easily bypass this block that will eventually allow you to access the putlocker site easily.

Firstly you can use a virtual private network that lets you easily hide your IP address and make the ISP think you are in another country.

Hiding your IP address will allow you to easily have access to the site that you want without any problem, and you can now access the content you want. The other way is by using proxies that offer you the same capability. When you install the smart proxies on your PC, they give your computer a different IP address. With a new address on your PC, you can easily bypass the ISP restrictions and easily access the block on Game of Throne. Those are just some of the ways that you can easily bypass the block on this kind of site that is on a block in your country.


Can I watch Game of Thrones for free?

Game of Thrones is an HBO show, and this streaming site charges about $15 per month. However, you can use several putlocker or online streaming sites to watch the show for free if you have internet. 

What is the use of a VPN in streaming?

A virtual private network, as the name suggests, is a network that makes your computer appear virtually in a different location. What a VPN does is it creates a virtual IP address to a place that you want and thus making you ISP think you are in a different local.  In streaming, most countries block streaming sites, and therefore using a VPN will trick your ISP, and you can quickly gain access to the sites.

Why is streaming Game of Thrones illegal?

Not only for Game of Thrones but a whole bunch of movies. Illegal streaming of content without the right permission is illegal as it promotes piracy. Piracy is the act of accessing content without the consent of the owner, thus an unlawful act.

How do you download Game of Thrones?

There are several ways that you can use to download Game of Thrones to your computer by using some tools. There are third party download tools like the internet download manager that allow you to download the movie from a putlocker site.


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